RFSQ Appendix C Response Form 17 Dec 2013

RFSQ Appendix C Response Form 17 Dec 2013




COMPLETING THIS FORM: Read section 4.3 of the RFSQ before completing this form. Use additional space as needed when completing it. References to other documents should be minimized. The references should be clear and the documents referred to attached to this Response.

TO:Housing Service Corporation (on behalf of the Agency for Co-operative Housing)

Attention: Rosabelle V. Gonzales, Manager, Procurement and Compliance

RE:Request for Supplier Qualifications

Reference No.:RFSQ #18-231-10

Description:Property Management Services for Housing Co-operatives in Ontario

Closing Date:22 March 2018

Closing Time:2:00 p.m. Easter Daylight Time


Company Name
Telephone No.
Facsimile No.
Name of Primary Contact
Name of Secondary Contact
E-mail Address of Primary Contact
E-mail Address of Secondary Contact
Company Website Address


The undersigned hereby provides its qualifications and information with the intent of pre-qualifying to becoming a Vendor of Record on the terms stated in the RFSQ (including the Appendices), subject to any alternatives and limitations contained in this Response.

Terms defined in the RFSQ, including in the Appendices, have the same meaning when used in this Response.


  1. Is your company incorporated?

Yes No

Date of incorporation:

  1. Does your company carry or is it willing and able to obtain the minimum required insurance stipulated in the Management Services Agreement?

Yes No

  1. Does your company currently manage at least 200 residential units altogether for at least four different clients?

Yes No

  1. If the answer to the previous question was “No,” is your company currently managing at least 100 residential units altogether for at least two different non-profit housing co-operatives and do you have principals who have managed to date at least 200 residential units altogether for at least four different clients?

Yes No


  1. What year did your company begin business?
  1. How long has your company provided multi-residential property-management services for third parties?
  1. Is your company engaged in any legal action involving a housing co-operative in Ontario?

Yes No


  1. Is your company able to deliver services in French?

Yes No

Please explain:

  1. Number of third-party clients for whom your company currently provides residential property management services:
  1. Number of residential properties your company currently manages for third parties:
  1. Total residential units your company currently manages for third parties:
  1. Complete the following table:

Type of Housing / Primary Market for Company’s Services?
(Y/N) / Secondary Market for Company’s Services?
(Y/N) / Number of Properties Now Managed / Total Residential Units Now Managed
Non-Profit Co-operative Housing
Private Non-Profit Housing
Municipal Non-Profit Housing
Private Rental (own properties)
Private Rental (third party)
Other (specify):
  1. Attach to this Response Form as Exhibit 1 a list of your company’s current third-party clients.

Indicate in a column next to each client

  • type of ownership of property
  • number of residential units
  • years continuously managed to date without interruption.

Use the following codes for type of ownership:

  • CH for non-profit co-operative housing
  • NP for private non-profit housing
  • MU for municipal non-profit housing
  • PR for private multi-residential rental
  • CO for condominiums or equity (ownership) co-operatives
  • OT for other and provide an explanation
  1. Attach to this Response Form as Exhibit 2 a list of all non-profit housing co operatives for which your company or a predecessor company has provided property-management services in the past ten years. Show the name of the co operative and the years during which the company provided property-management services, e.g., 2008-2010.
  1. Provide a summary of your company’s business operations.
  1. How many people are employed in your company’s property-management operations (express in fulltime equivalents)?
  1. Provide names, length of service with your company and a brief summary of the qualifications and experience of your key personnel, including senior managers, property-management staff and accounting staff.


Complete the sections below.

  1. Summary: Provide a summary of your company’s understanding of the objectives and requirements of this RFSQ and explain why you believe your company is qualified to perform the Services.
  1. Property management approach: Describe your company’s overall property-management approach; set out your property-management organizational structure, including reporting levels and lines of authority; explain the processes you follow in taking on a new property-management client; discuss your company’s approach to selecting, training and evaluating property management and site staff; explain how you deploy your personnel to service a typical multi-residential rental property; discuss your approach to handling emergencies; and indicate how services are provided when the personnel assigned to manage the property are ill, on vacation or absent for any other reason.
  1. Marketing, advertising and letting of units: Describe your approach to maximizing occupancy levels. Include a sample advertisement as Exhibit 3.
  1. Collections: Discuss your approach to rent/housing charge collection, deposits, management of rental arrears and collection of bad debts.
  1. Financial control: Identify the accounting software your company uses in its property-management activities; describe the systems and procedures followed to ensure that effective financial safeguards and controls are maintained; provide a sample monthly financial statement for a residential property as Exhibit 4.
  1. Managing rent-geared-to-income assistance: Set out any experience your company has in managing rent-geared-to-income assistance to individual tenant/member households.
  1. Maintenance: Describe your procedures for hiring trades for maintenance services or repairs; explain how you ensure timely service, quality workmanship and good value.
  1. Quality control: Describe your approach to quality control; give details of the methods you use to ensure the quality of the services your own company provides as well as those provided by third parties, e.g., tradespeople; explain the processes you use to respond to errors, omissions, delays and tenant/member enquiries, concerns and complaints.
  1. Co-operative and non-profit housing: Describe your familiarity with and experience in managing co-operative and other forms of non-profit housing:
  1. Financial workouts: Set out any experience your company has in managing distressed rental properties or housing co-operatives in difficulty; include details on methods used to effect a financial turn-around; describe your experience in planning, obtaining funding for and carrying out programs of remedial repairs and replacements.
  1. Paralegal Services: If your company provides paralegal services directly or through a related company, discuss your service offer.


Before entering into a Management Services Agreement with a Federal Housing Co operative, successful Proponents will be required to provide proof of insurance. Please set out your current coverage in the following table:

Coverage / Yes/No / Current
Policy Limit / Comments
general liability insurance / $
fidelity bonding or employee dishonesty insurance / $
errors and omissions insurance / $
WSIB coverage (if applicable) / N/A



Provide contact information for three organizations that are using your company’s services or have used them in the recent past and whom you suggest we contact to obtain references about your company’s ability to deliver the Services.

1. Company:


Contact Person:


E-mail Address:

Nature of Business:

2. Company:


Contact Person:


E-mail Address:

Nature of Business:

3. Company:


Contact Person:


E-mail Address:

Nature of Business:


List here any questions or concerns you have with respect to the Management Services Agreement attached as Appendix D to the RFSQ.


The Agency seeks to respect and promote the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability in all of its business activities. In its simplest terms, “sustainability” means “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” (Brundtland Commission 1987)

Briefly describe how your company’s business policies and practices are consistent with the principles of sustainability.


1. Use Exhibit 5 to set out your company’s pricing. Complete a separate form for each region or group of regions where your pricing is different.

2. Geographic areas: Proponents are not required to provide the Services in all areas of Ontario. If you do provide services in multiple geographic areas, complete a separate Exhibit 5 for each area or group of areas with different pricing.

Indicate the number of pages included as Exhibit 5:



3. Categories of Services: Pricing must be set out separately for each of the separate service categories listed in Appendix A of the RFSQ.

4. Basis of pricing: The basis for calculating the PMC’s pricing is set out in the RFSQ and in the Management Services Agreement included as Appendix D to the RFSQ and must not be changed. It is repeated below:

  • Property Management Services — a percentage of monthly EGI
  • Workout Management Services — a percentage of monthly EGI
  • Additional Member Services— a fixed monthly fee
  • Additional meeting attendance — a per-meeting fee for senior staff and a separate per meeting fee for clerical staff (if applicable)
  • Paralegal Services — fee based on breakdown of services provided (if applicable)

N.B.: Not all housing co-operatives require Workout Management Services.

5. Size of project: Pricing may vary according to size of project. Pricing should be inserted for each size category shown in Exhibit 5. If the pricing is the same for different size categories, repeat the information.

6. Single co-operative: Size of project refers to the total number of units owned by a single co-operative, whether or not the units are at the same location. (Some co operatives own properties at multiple locations in a single city.)

7. HST: HST is in addition to the pricing stated in Exhibit 5. Do not include HST in the prices shown in Exhibit 5.


The Proponent must disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest.

1. Check one of the following check boxes.

There is and has been no actual or potential conflict of interest in the preparation or submission of this Response by the undersigned and, as far as the undersigned is aware, there will be no actual or potential conflict of interest in performing the contractual obligations contemplated in the RFSQ.

There is or has been an actual or potential conflict of interest in the preparation or submission of this Response by the undersigned or the undersigned believes there likely will be an actual or potential conflict of interest in performing the contractual obligations contemplated in the RFSQ.

2. If the second box above is checked, set out below details of the actual or potential conflict of interest. (Note that membership in the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada is not an actual or potential conflict of interest.)


1. Each of the following paragraphs must be individually checked.

We hereby submit this Response in accordance with the terms set out in the RFSQ, including all its Appendices and any Addenda issued and we agree to be bound by this Response.

We hereby accept without change or reservation and agree to each and every one of the terms, provisions and conditions set out in the RFSQ, including all its Appendices and any Addenda issued and this Response, except as may be specifically stated in this Response.

We confirm that we have carefully examined and understood the RFSQ, including all its Appendices and the following Addenda and have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Services and the requirements of the Management Services Agreement.

Number / Date of

We understand that, if our Response is accepted and we are later invited to be included on the VOR List, there is no guarantee as to the value or volume of work we will receive and that we might not receive any work.

We enclose responses to all mandatory submission requirements as part of this Response.

We represent and warrant that all pricing and other provisions contained in this Response are stated in utmost good faith on our part, without any collusive arrangement or agreement with any other party.

We hereby represent and warrant that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, all factual information stated in this Response and any enclosures or attachments to it is true and complete and fully discloses all relevant matters.

We acknowledge, understand and accept the provisions of the RFSQ limiting the confidentiality of information provided by us in connection with the RFSQ, whether as part of this Response or in any other way.

We acknowledge and agree that neither the issuance of the RFSQ nor the submission of this Response creates any form of contractual or other obligation to us on the part of the Agency or HSC.

We acknowledge and agree that the Agency and HSC have no obligation whatsoever to us as to the manner of consideration of this Response or Responses from others or any other factor related to the RFSQ.

We hereby release the Agency, CMHC and HSC from any liability to us for any costs, expenses, losses, direct, indirect or consequential damages or anything else arising with respect to any matter or thing related to the RFSQ or this Response or consideration of this Response (including rejection of this Response if it is rejected).

We consent to HSC and the Agency contacting third parties in order to verify information provided in this Response and to obtain additional information to assist in evaluating this Response and our company, including without limitation contacting the parties shown as references in this Response or any of our other clients or other parties. We further consent to HSC and the Agency investigating our business stability through various financial or credit institutions and business references.

2. Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are appended to this Response Form.

Yes No

3. We have signed this form and initialled every page.

Yes No

SIGNING AND SUBMITTING THIS FORM: This form must be signed and initialled on each page. It must be submitted through the HSC electronic portal. After it is signed and initialled it should be scanned and saved as a PDF document. Enclosures may be scanned separately and included as PDF documents provided they are suitably referenced in the Response. See section 4.3 of the RFSQ for information about submitting this form.








}I/We have authority to bind the Corporation

Date: ______}




}I/We have authority to bind the Corporation

Agency for Co-operative Housing: Property Management Services

HSC RFSQ #18-231-10, 22 February 2018

Appendix C: Response FormPage 1

Signers’ initials: ______