Resume of Manoranjan Ingudam

Resume of Manoranjan Ingudam






Around three & half years of experience in the financial domain using Java, JSP, ASP, HTML and C++. Experience encompasses all phases of a project development life cycle with strict adherence to SEI-CMM and ISO procedures for Quality Management. It also involved code ownership, mentoring of the fresh recruits and acting as a module lead. My experience includes working for four months in the client site in Sri Lanka, two weeks stint in Maldives and six months at the client site in Mumbai, India.


I wish to continue to utilize my skills in the design, development and testing of leading edge technologies. I always look forward to working with talented and motivated individuals interested in applying creative solutions.


Systems / : / Sun Solaris 8.0, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, DOS
Languages / : / C, Java, JSP, HTML, ASP
Scripting Languages / : / Python, Finacle proprietary scripts, MRT
Tools / : / Visual Studio, WebSphere Studio Application Developer
Web Technologies / : / Websphere 5.0, IIS 5.0
Database / : / Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
Config Mgmt / : / Microsoft VSS, SCCS,ClearCase
Software Tools / : / Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Microsoft Office Suite


B.E., Computer Science, R.V.College Of Engineering, Bangalore University, India, Oct 2001 (1st Class)


Infosys Technologies, Bangalore, India/Colombo, Sri Lanka / June 2002- till date
  • Module Lead:Leading requirements analysis, design and development of features using Visual Studio and C, Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), Java and JSP for Infosys Banking solution, Finacle – Consumer e-Banking & Corporate e-Banking. It also involved mentoring fresh recruits and supervising the team deliverables. Contributed to the following projects:
  • Project Tiger R2 : After the successful retail release of R1 to ANZ, another release R2 is planned to customize the Finacle eBanking product to cater to the SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) users. My role as a Technical Lead mainly involves requirement analysis, HLD& Design Reviews, LLD Reviews and Code Reviews to make sure that stringent standards of ANZ are followed. Development fully in J2EE ( jsp, java , ejb) using WSAD 5.1 and database as SQL 2000 DB Server. It also involves monitoring and assigning work to a team of 6 developers.
  • Finacle eBanking Version 6.4.1 Release:A major release after the successful 6.4 Version, for encorporating the requirements of European market especially in Credit Cards module and Payments Module. Part of a 35 member team in the capacity of module lead. This prject being a outsourced work, my role mainly involves training and SRS reviews , Design Reviews and Code Reviews to make sure that proper standards are in place. Development fully in J2EE ( jsp, java , ejb) using WSAD 5.0 and database as SQL 2000 DB Server.Deliverable to be compatible for deployment on (Application Server / OS / DB server) Sun One 7.1/Solaris 9/Oracle 9i , Websphere 5.1/ AIX 5.2/ Oracle 9i , Pramati 4.1 / Windows 2003/ SQL 2000.
  • Finacle eBanking implementation for SBI, Japan: Leading a team of four for rolling out internet banking facilities for State Bank of India, Japan by implementing the J2EE based Finacle eBanking – Consumer e-Banking & Corporate e-Banking. Responsible for end to end roll out, right from deploying the application on Websphere 5.0 to customizing the product to suit the specific requirements of SBI, Japan.
  • Finacle eBanking implementation for SBI, Sri Lanka: Implementing the J2EE based Finacle eBanking – Consumer e-Banking & Corporate e-Banking for State Bank of India, Sri Lanka. Responsible for end to end roll out, right from application deployment to customizing the product to suit the specific requirements of SBI, Sri Lanka after analyzing the local regulatory and auditing requirements.
  • Finacle eBanking implementation for SBI, Maldives: Roll out of Internet banking facilities for State Bank of India, Male branch by implementing the J2EE based Finacle eBanking – Consumer e-Banking & Corporate e-Banking. Customization in JSP to suit the requirements of the Bank.
  • TechOnline enhancement: Enhancement of TechOnline, the in-house Infosys tracking tool for customer issues. Uses ASP 3.0 on IIS 5.0 running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Responsibility includes training and supervising a resource for achieving the enhancement.
  • Handover Planning for BankAway and PayAway Maintenance: Planning and execution of outsourcing BankAway and PayAway maintenance to Surya, an associate of Infosys.
  • Software Engineer: Design, development and enhancement of features using Visual Studio and Websphere Studio Application Developer, Java and JSP for Infosys Banking solution, Finacle. This included feature testing and documentation. Contributed to the following projects:
  • Finacle 7.1.2 implementation for SBI in Sri Lanka: To replace the existing system in SBI, Colombo with Finacle Core banking, Treasury and eBanking. Migrating the existing financial data from system (file based system) to Finacle Core database (Oracle 9i) by mapping the data properly. Also, customizing to suit the local requirements of Sri Lanka like generating reports (through SQL scripts and MRT, a reporting tool of Infosys) for regulatory authority.
  • Performance improvement for Download Program: To analyze data at ICICI datacenter and reduce the download time taken by the current download program. Successfully reduced the download time from 6 Hrs to 2.5 Hrs – about 60% reduction. Analyzed the data load (Oracle Database) and download program (written in C). Identified the code, which took the time for download.
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) enabling of Finacle eBanking: Developing the interfacing scripts between the three components of Finacle, namely Finacle Bancsconnect, UBPS (Universal Bill Payment System) and eBanking. Enhanced UBPS to accept RTGS messages. UBPS enhanced (coded in C language) to accept RTGS message (ISO 8583 format) sent by Finacle eBanking (j2ee architecture). Script on BancsConnect (proprietary Infosys script engine) written to accept and process the RTGS message sent in the Finacle Core Banking.
  • Base lining data migration scripts from BankAway Version 4.4.3 to eCeC Version 611: Migrating the data from the current version of BankAway 4.4.3 to eCeC 611 using SQL scripts, Python scripts and bat files.
  • Certification for Finacle Consumer and Corporate eBanking for RSA Secure Id: Designed and Implementation of interface program in C language between Finacle Corporate eBanking & Web Based Cash Management and RSA ACE/ Server. It uses the APIs provided by RSA for validation.Certification link:
  • Enhancement and Maintenance for BankAway and PayAway: Resolving any issues of existing customers using BankAway and PayAway. It also involved enhancement of the product as per the requirements provided by Product Management Group.
  • Transaction Reconciliation for Finacle eChannels: Enhancement of the Finacle eChannels to reconcile transactions missing in the eCeC Database. New Pro C Program written to scan the Finacle eBanking database ( MSSQL or ORACLE) for any missing transaction.
  • Development of generic Report Generation Program in Finacle eChannels: A new generic C program was written to take the output of all existing reporting programs and convert into a format more readable.
  • Maintenance for Finacle eChannels: Part of support team for the J2EE based product Finacle eCeC. Responsible for providing Product fixes to customers and onsite product implementers. Work revolves around JSP bug fixes, Pro C program enhancement and product functionality clarification.

R.V. College Of Engineering, Bangalore, India / Aug 1997-Oct 2001 / Student
  • Online Shopping Mall: Developed in Java – Servlets, Javascript, Html on JavaWeberver and MSSQL as the Database.
  • Hostel Database Management System : Designed as a 2 Tier system using Oracle 7.73 as backend database and Developer 2000 for developing the frontend.

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