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·  The following pages are to be completed by the applicant. Your personal details will not be released to any other individuals or company, other than another police force, without your approval.

·  ALL questions must be completed. Where a question is not applicable or the answer is not known please enter N/A or N/K. Use extra pages as required.

·  Please complete using BLOCK LETTERS.

·  The personal data you supply will be managed confidentially, securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data will be retained in accordance with retention periods established by the Code of Practice on the Management of Police Information and Authorised Professional Practice on Information Management, after which it will be disposed of securely. Under the Data Protection Act, individuals have a general right of access to their personal data help by police forces.

Surname/Family Name
Forenames/personal names and middle names
Previous Name(s)
Date of Birth / Age / Place of Birth / Male / Female
Home Address
Post Code:
Telephone Number / Home: / Mobile:
Email Address:
Cadet Corps Applying For:
Surname / Surname
Forename / Forename
Telephone / Home: / Telephone / Home:
Work: / Work:
Mobile: / Mobile:
Email Address / Email Address
Do you live within the Lincolnshire Police boundary? / Yes / No
Do you attend a school within the Lincolnshire Police boundary: / Yes / No
Name of School:
Have you lived in the UK continuously for the past year? / Yes / No
(To qualify for Lincolnshire Police security vetting, you must have been permanently resident in the UK for at least one year).
Volunteer Police Cadets meet every Wednesday evening
Are you able to attend this day on a regular basis? / Yes / No
You will be required to volunteer for additional duties at weekends/school holidays
Are you able to attend these with prior notice? / Yes / No
Previous Addresses
Please give all addresses at which you have lived over the last five years. Start with the most recent. Do not include your current address. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.
Full address
(include postcode, if known) / Approximate dates
From (month/year) to (month/year)

Proof of your identity is required

Photocopies of the relevant pages of these documents must accompany this form:

Means of establishing identity:

·  Passport

·  Certificate of birth / adoption

Your original documents must be taken to the Selection Board, where they will be checked by the Cadet Leader.

The below will be completed by a Police Officer, Staff or Cadet Leader, when you attend the selection board:

I certify that I have examined the below mentioned documents and confirm that they relate to the applicant.

List documents seen
Print Name, Job/Role Title and or Collar Number
Contact Number

Security Information

Please use extra pages as necessary.

You must declare if you have ever been the subject of an investigation into, arrested for, summonsed for, charged with, cautioned for or convicted of any offence by any UK or non-UK police force, law enforcement agency or any other statutory prosecuting authority or agency. This includes:

·  Traffic offences (including fixed penalty notices other than for parking)

·  Receipt of an absolute/conditional discharge or binding over order

·  Receipt of a reprimand, warning, final warning or caution as an adult or juvenile, or any restorative justice disposal

·  Being the subject of an anti-social behaviour order, any measures introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 such as criminal behaviour order, civil injunction, football spectator banning order, any order under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, harassment order

·  Being issued with a penalty notice for disorder or other fixed penalty notice (other than for parking).

In addition, you must declare the following:

·  Any involvement with the military authorities on disciplinary matters (whether involving court martial or not)

·  Involvement in a criminal investigation (whether or not this has led to a prosecution)

·  Involvement in misconduct or disciplinary proceedings whether as a paid employee or as a volunteer.

In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (exceptions) Order 1975, and the Rehabilitation of Offenders (exceptions) Order (Northern Ireland) 1979, spent convictions may be taken into account.

Do you have any of the above? / Yes / No

If you have answered yes, please provide details including offence, sentence, sentencing authority and dates.

Date / Offence/Alleged
Offence/Investigation / Result if known

Have you ever been involved in any actions that could be described as politically, religiously, racially or environmentally disruptive?

Yes No

If you have answered yes,
please provide details

Do you associate with any person(s), including family members, who you know or have reason to believe has criminal convictions, or is engaged in criminal activities?

Yes No

If you have answered yes, please provide details including name of associate, your relationship to them, address and date of birth (if known), the reason you have nominated them and the closeness of your connection to them.

Are you aware of any other circumstances, characteristics or conditions with the potential to render you susceptible to pressure or improper influence, such as the misuse of controlled or prescription drugs, financial difficulties, gambling or other addiction?

Yes No

If you have answered yes,
please provide details

Please provide details of all instances where you have held a paid or unpaid post (including voluntary work) with the police, HM forces or HM government.

Name of organisation
Rank or post
Collar / service number
Date from
Date to
People you live with
Please tell us about your family and any other persons living at your primary address. Your primary address is the address where you live most of your time. If you also live with a parent/guardian or other adult at another address, then please give details of any adults living at that other address. (Use the continuation sheet if necessary) Please complete all sections or your application will be delayed.
Relationship / Full Name / Any Other Surnames Since Birth / Date & Place of Birth / Full Address
Since (month/year):
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):
Any other person over the age of 10 living at your address
Since (month/year):


1. If your Parent/Guardian have resided at any other address in the last five years please enter the details on a separate A4 sheet.

2. You must inform your Parent/Guardian and any other adult listed above that their details have been submitted as part of a vetting process.

Skills and Experience
To help us get to know you better, please provide any additional information that you feel will support your Police Cadet application. (Things you may like to consider are why you want to be a Cadet, what qualities you possess and what you hope to gain from the scheme, any hobbies/interests or part time jobs you may have).


·  I consent to the information provided on this form being used by the vetting unit for the purposes of vetting.
·  I declare that the information I have given is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
·  I undertake to report any changes in the information I have given.
·  I understand that any false statement or deliberate omission I have given in this questionnaire may affect my suitability for security clearance.
·  I also understand that information received during the vetting process is treated in a confidential manner, although no immunity can be granted in respect of discipline or criminal matters.
·  The Chief Officer reserves the right to reject any application without giving reasons.
·  The information I have provided may be held on a manual filing and computer system as part of the recruitment process.
Signature of Applicant: / Date:
Signed (Parent/Guardian): / Date:
Print Name and Relationship:

Please return completed applications forms to:

Lincolnshire Police Cadets

Community Safety Department

Lincolnshire Police HQ

PO Box 999




·  Application must be received at the above address by 2nd April, 2018

·  Ensure the correct postage is used; incorrect postage can delay your application form.

·  Ensure ALL section are complete

·  Ensure that the medical questionnaires are completed and returned with the application form.

·  Continuation Sheet (if necessary)

Please clearly indicate what question you are answering. Information given must be in the same format as the original questions: