Request for Proposal:#17-1306-1EF

Request for Proposal:#17-1306-1EF

February 13, 2017


Request for Proposal:#17-1306-1EF

Subject:Software and Implementation Services for an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software System


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Page 30 Sec.4.9 Table 10 – Currently Reads:

F / Feature/Function will be available in a future software release available to HAMHDS by October 1, 2017 at which point it will be implemented in accordance with agreed upon configuration planning with HAMHDS.

Change to Read:

F / Feature/Function will be available in a future software release available to HAMHDS by January 1, 2017 at which point it will be implemented in accordance with agreed upon configuration planning with HAMHDS.

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Unless otherwise changed by an addendum, all other information will remain the same.


Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M.

Purchasing Director

Eileen Falcone

Procurement Analyst IV


8600 Staples Mill Road /PO BOX 90775/HENRICO VIRGINIA 23273-0775

(804) 501-5660 FAX (804) 501-5693

RFP 17-1306-1EF

Software and Implementation Services for an Electronic Health Record (HER) Software System

Questions and Answers

February 13, 2017

Q1.Has an estimated cost been identified?

Answer: The project is fully funded

Q2.There is a phone number in the RFP (804-501-7769) for the January 27th pre-proposal call, but I’m not sure how to register. Can you tell me how to register for the call or provide additional instructions on how to participate?

Answer: The non-mandatory pre-proposal teleconference was held on January 27.

Q3.Our firm does not sell EHR software, but we have local healthcare consulting experts for project management, business analysis, quality assurance, and technical support. Is there a way, through the pre-proposal call or otherwise, to learn more about software firms that are submitting proposals so that we might reach out to them and offer local implementation support with their proposal?

Answer:A list of suppliers who participated in the teleconference is posted on our website.

Q4.Can companies outside the USA apply for this?

Answer: The County will accept proposals from Offerors, regardless of the physical location. Please refer to the response to Questions 5 and 6 below for further information. Please also see Section 2.2 of the RFP.

Q5.Will we need to come over to the USA for meetings?

Answer: The County has expects that Offerorswho are short listed will appear in-person at County offices for scripted demonstrations (Section 3.1).

Q6.Can we perform tasks related to the RFP outside the USA?

Answer: The County expects the SuccessfulOfferors include onsite activities at County offices as part of the system implementation activities. Offerors are encouraged to describe the proposed approach to onsite and remote activities as part of the response to Tab 3 of the proposal (Implementation Methodology).

Q7.Can we submit the proposals via email?

Answer: No

Q8.Regarding GT.178 - Is this mandatory? Using an offline store has major security issues as PHI is resident on a local system and is suspected of breaches beyond our control.

Answer:This requirement has been identified as critical. Offerors are encouraged to include any comments related to their response on any individual requirement in the “Comments” column of Attachment B. If the Offerors take exception or otherwise recommend against any requirements or provisions in the RFP they are instructed to do so in Tab 19 of their Proposal Response.

Q9.Regarding DC.1 - Is this mandatory? Generally, not recommended as billing systems do not follow a standardized model of data structures.

Answer: Please see the response to Question 8 above.

Q10.Regarding RAD.25, RAD.32 and RAD.33 - Are reports required to be scheduled? We offer all reporting real time and can be run at any time.

Answer: Please see the response to Question 8 above. Requirement RAD.33 reads: “The system has the ability to set reports to run at a specific date/time.” The intent is to have the ability to schedule reports to be run at a future date/time.

Q11.MDM.5 - Is this absolutely required to avail controlled substances electronically? Our current workflow recognizes such scripts and prints them automatically.

Answer: The County has identified this as a Critical requirement as this is functionality that will be required in the near term. Offerors are encouraged to include any comments related to their response on any individual requirement in the “Comments” column of Attachment B.

Q12.Regarding MR.68 - We offer the ability to send PHI content via DIRECT secure messaging. Does this satisfy the need?

Answer: The County is unable to advise Offerors on how to respond to the requirements. Offerors shall complete the requirements using the response indicators provided, and include any support comments in the Comments column.

Q13.Regarding MR.96 - We offer all reporting real time and can be run at any time. We currently do not offer reports to be emailed due to PHI classifications. Does this satisfy the need?

Answer: Please see the response to Question 12 above

Q14.Regarding AIS.91 – Please elaborate on this need and usage.

Answer: The ability for the system to print client labels is a critical requirement. The County has defined the need for the ability to print client labels that may be used to affix to documents and lab specimens in order to reduce the reliance on handwriting client information and to standardize data on documents and lab specimens.

Q15.Regarding AIS.103 - The scheduler includes all the capabilities as required except a "Drag and drop" feature. Is this an absolute requirement?

Answer: This requirement has been identified as critical. Offerors are encouraged to include any comments related to their response on any individual requirement in the “Comments” column of Attachment B

Q16.Regarding AIS.145 – Will a report suffice for this?

Answer: Please see the response to Question 12 above.

Q17.Are there 40 different sites in the County?

Answer: There are 40 CSBs in Virginia and HAMHDS is one of those within Virginia. HAMHDS has 19 sites between clinics and homes.

Q18.Are all the sites outpatient sites or are there inpatient sites as well?

Answer: HAMHDS only serves outpatient services; however, they provide many more services than the typical outpatient services which are described in Section 1.0 of the RFP.

Q19.Do you contract with any outside contractors within the County? Are there any types of provider services that the County cannot do (i.e., do not have appropriate amount of staff or appropriate staff skillsets)?

Answer: HAMHDS currently contracts with prescribers for on-site services and tele-psychiatry.

Q20.The RFP states that oral demonstrations are required. Can anyone describe the intricacies of the requirements of those oral presentations?

Answer: The County intends to hold Offerordemonstrations the week of March 27, per Section 1.7 of the RFP. Depending on the number of offerors selected for demonstrations, additional days may be added during the week of April 3, 2017.

As indicated in Section 3.1, demonstrations will be a scripted process that Offerors will be expected to follow. The scripts, detailing the features and functionality to be demonstrated, will be shared with Offerors in advance of the demonstrations and will be based on the requirements listed in the RFP. Each Offerorwill be allotted an equal amount of time per functional area, and are instructed to adhere to the script items. The County anticipates demonstrations lasting up to 2 days per Offeror. The County has the expectation that the proposed Project Manager for the implementation process be present at Demonstrations, in addition to any other staff that will be demonstrating the software.

Q21.Is BerryDunn involved in the evaluation process? If so, to what magnitude?

Answer: Per Section 1.5 of the RFP, BerryDunn will be facilitating activities as part of the procurement process but will not be participating in the evaluation scoring.

Q22.Please provide clarification on the date which Future Functionality should be in place. Attachment B lists January 1, 2018 while Table 10 in the RFP lists October 1, 2017.

Answer: Table 10 should read January 1, 2018. See Addendum 1

Q23. What is the implementation timeline desired by the County that all Offerors need to adhere to? Would you still consider proposals that would not adhere precisely to the timeline provided in the RFP? What about future functionality that will not be in place by the date listed in the Response Indicators?

Answer: The County encourages all Offerors to participate in this process, and cannot advise Offerors whether or not to participate. The County has not identified target dates for implementation activities, and looks to Offerors to propose phasing and timelines as part of their response (Section 4.8). Offerors are instructed to read Section 3.1 which requires that as part of the demonstration process, short-listed Offerors “may only provide demonstrations of current software versions and not functionality of software available in a future release.”

Q24.Will the awarded vendor be able to receive the data from your current vendor as a CCD?

Answer: The County anticipates being able to accomplish this.

Q25.Can you please clarify if the billing data needs to be converted?

Answer: Please refer to Attachment B, tab 3: Data Conversions, which lists the conversion elements that the County seeks. The County has identified the need to convert billing data, and seeks Offeror’s recommendations on the amount of data to be converted. The County encourages Offerors to use the VendorComments field to elaborate on their proposed approach to converting, or not converting, certain data conversion objects.

Q26.Are controlled substances required to be handled in the future system?

Answer: Please see the response to Question 11 above.

Q27.What is the total number of total billable providers (including NP, etc.)?

Answer: The County has Identified the number of providers in Table 06 of the RFP (338 including mid-levels).

Q28.Are you currently interfacing any data from the current Cerner system to any hospital?

Answer: No. The County is interested in understanding the Offeror’s capabilities and approaches to the transfer of data from the HAMHDS to hospitals. This might include interfaces, flat file transfers or CCD data transfers. Offerors are encouraged to provide additional information related to this in their proposal responses.

Q29.Do you have any devices in your clinics that we would like to interface our systems to?

Answer: Attachment B of the RFP lists all of the current system interfaces. There are no clinical\medical devices currently interfaced to the existing system. Signature Pad devices are used to capture client signatures on documents and treatment plans.

Q30.Would you like to go with a brand new MAR or keep what you currently have?

Answer: Thepreference is to have an MAR directly within the new system so we do not have to interface with the one we are currently using; however, that would require that the system have the ability to communicate with pharmacies.

Q31.Just to clarify, BerryDunn will have no type of involvement with the procurement and solution awarded contractor, correct?

Answer: The scope of BerryDunn’s contract is through the procurement and solution process.

Q32.Are there are any key personnel/roles required on the project besides a Project Manager?

Answer: The Project Manager is important to the implementation and the County would like to meet the proposed individual during the offeror’sdemonstration. Offerors are otherwise directed to Sections 4.6 and 4.7 of the RFP.

Q33.Are you looking for just an EMR or a solution that also provides analytics?

Answer: Yes, the County is interested in analytics as well.

Q34.Do all the attachments go behind Tab 20 or do some go behind other tabs?

Answer: Attachment A and I are the only two forms that are required to be submitted as part of both Tab 20 and another tab. Please see Sections 4.5 and 4.16.

Tab 20 does not need to include the response to Attachment B – this should be included under Tab 8 (per Section 4.9). Section 4.21 specifically calls out the Forms to be included under Tab 20.

Q35.What is the go-live date that must be provided in the Gantt chart? Where in the RFP are there specific implementation dates?

Answer: The County has not identified target dates for implementation activities, and looks to Offerors to propose phasing and timelines as part of their response (Section 4.8). The County recognizes that project dates may be impacted by certain events (i.e., when the contract is signed, offeror mobilization, etc.).

Q36.How many prescribers do you have?

Answer: The County currently has eight prescribers. See section 2.4 on page 10 of the RFP for the number of users.

Q37.There is also mention of Data Conversion for Cerner Financials and Demographic Info to what degree? Demographic, Financial and Clinical?

Answer: Please see the response to Question 25 above.

Q38.While we appreciate the detail of the RFP for workflow related function by user; your RFP also states 412 Users. Can you please provide a user breakout for the following:

  1. Exact number count for doctors?
  2. Exact number for those providers who prescribe Meds?
  3. Exact number for those with an NPI for whom you do billing?
  4. Exact number Mid-Level providers?
  5. Administrative staff?
  6. Front Desk Staff?
  7. Billing staff?

Answer: Please see section 2.4, Table 04 for the number of users.

Q39.Would what be your total number of all concurrent users accessing the system at the optimal time?

Answer: A listing of concurrent users is shown in Table 04 in the RFP.

Q40.What is the average number of patients seen per day at HAMHDS?

Answer: Approx. 500

Q41.What are your current clearing house functionalities?


  1. Submitting Claims and working Rejections and Denials
  2. Checking client insurance eligibility
  3. Working payments with 835 remits

Q42.Are you doing eligibility checking? How is it being performed?


  1. Manually by checking Medicaid website
  2. Viewing through clearinghouse

Q43.Can you please provide a payer mix by percentage?


On current open clients:





Q44.Does the project plan need be customized for the Henrico Mental Health offering or will a standard project plan will be acceptable this early in the process?

Answer: An example of a proposed project plan of similar size and scope will be acceptable.

Q45.RFP mentions there are manual and paper processes that limit your current workflows. Can you expand on the manual and paperwork driven workflows for both Administrative and Clinical? Top 3 for each category.

Answer: Please see Project Objectivesin Section 1.2 of the RFP. The requested categorization and expansion of workflow issues should not impact anOfferor’s response to the RFP.

Q46.Does HAMHDS require a test database in the system configuration?

Answer: Yes, HAMHDS would require a test database included in the system configuration.

Q47.Does HAMHDS have a preferred IT vendor?

Answer: No.

Q48.What is the average number of patients that receive/are distributed medications on a monthly basis?

Answer: Approx. 640

Q49.Can you please clarify the roll of the nurses (not including Nurse Practitioners)?

  1. Will the nurses be writing prescriptions?
  2. Will the nurses be issuing medications?
  3. Will the nurses require a schedule?
  4. Will the nurses need to lock the Progress Note?


  1. No
  2. The nurses who see clients in the community issue medications
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, they do need to be able to lock down their own Progress Notes

Q50.Can you provide the total number of clinical providers (per definition above) per facility?

Answer: Please refer to Section 2.4, Table 04: Number of Users, in the RFP.

Q51.Can you fill out the following table, which indicates what we define as provider? Note that we define a Full-Time Equivalent Provider as a provider who works more than two (2) days a week. A Part-Time provider works two (2) days a week or less.

Answer: The County will not respond to this table at this time. Please refer to Section 2.4, Table 04: Number of Users, in the RFP.

Q52.Can you clarify your care approach? Does your group do any home-based care? (i.e. Provider traveling to a patient home)?

Answer: Yes, Case Managers and nurses visit clients in the community in order to deliver medications and provide services.

Q53.Does your organization need Patient Centric Medical Home (PCMH) Analytics?

Answer: All system and reporting requirements are listed in attachment B

Q54.Are any of the facilities, for inmates in a correctional setting? If yes,

  1. How many are correctional facilities and how many are non-correctional facilities?
  2. Does your organization require American Correctional Association (ACA) reports?
  3. Does your organization have an administrative building outside of the actual correctional area for training?


a. Behavioral health services are provided to inmates in 2 jails and in 2 Juvenile Detention centers. This is a very small portion of the services provided by HAMHDS.

b. HAMHDS does not require ACA reports to be generated from the EHRS.

c. N/A

Q55.Are patients staying at the facilities overnight?

  1. If yes,
  2. How many facilities are patients staying at overnight?
  3. How many beds are at each of these facilities?

Answer: See response to question 54 above

Q56.Since you have multiple facilities, do you want them to share a single database or have individual databases?

Answer: HAMHDS is interested in a single database.

Q57Are you participating in, or do you plan to participate in any payer incentive programs, for example, Meaningful Use, PQRS, HEDIS, PCMH, ACO, etc.?

Answer: All requirements are listed in attachment B, reporting requirements are in listed in Tab 4.

Q58.Will you be using the Practice Management portion of the EMR?