Request for Information Template

Request for Information Template

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Request for Information Template

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Requestfor Information

<Proposal Title>

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The template will present a standard format for a Request for Information for an e-government PPP,

The template serves three main purposes:

  1. Acquiring more Information about a certain basic partner to aid in issuing the PPP procurement documentsand according to competitive system, government procurement and its approved operational and financial rules and regulations.
  1. Ensuring that sponsor agencies develop well-conceived tender documents for PPP projects and clarifying the competitive system requirements .
  1. Provide a basis for negotiation of a final PPP agreement.

RFIs are drafted based on the business case and feasibility assessment previously done (and approved) for the project. It acts as a tool to gather more information about a certain vendor in order to strengthen the procurement document (RFP).


1Template Introduction

2Executive Summary

3Ministry/Agency Overview

4Project Overview

5RFI Requirements Process

5.1Structure of the document

5.2participation to RFI

5.3RFI schedule

5.4RFI RELATED questions / clarifications / submission

5.5RFI terms & conditions

5.5.1Liabilities of Ministry/Agency

5.5.2Confidentiality & RFI Ownership

6High level business requirments

6.1Overview of Functional Requirements

6.2Overview of informative Security Requirements and privacy Protection

6.3Overview of Performance Requirements

6.4Overview of Availability Requirements

6.5Overview of Technical Requirements

6.6legal requirements

6.7Optional requirements

7Response Format

7.1Sample I

7.2Sample II

8Project references -- (Appendix -- I)

1Executive Summary

Brief summary about Ministry/Agency, the need for the information of the potentialhardware / software / services, the RFI is being prepared for and expectation about the basic partner and the solution / service to be obtained.>

2Ministry/Agency Overview

<A brief overview about Ministry/Agency in terms of:

  • history
  • strategic objectives and direction
  • current organizational structure; and
  • any other relevant information about Ministry/Agency in relation to the project.>

3Project Overview

<This Section provides a summary overview of:

  • project goals;
  • objectives;
  • scope (for example, of services to be delivered);
  • proposed pricing of services to be delivered;
  • key performance indicators;
  • partnership structure (e.g., PPP model);
  • financing or project;
  • financial arrangements between partners (e.g., revenue shares);
  • expected service delivery;
  • stakeholders; and
  • Other basic information about the project.>

4RFI Requirements Process

<This Section describes the RFI process for the selected basic partners to which the RFI is sent.>

4.1Structure of the document

Describe the structure of the RFI document and the sections included in it.>

4.2participation to RFI

Explain requirements for the participation of a basic partner in RFI being circulated.>

Basic partners willing to participate should confirm to <Agency issuing RFI> within<number of days>days of receiving the RFI their Intent to Respond. A failure to confirm will signify that a basic partner is not participating in the RFI and <Agency issuing RFI will require an immediate return of the RFI

All basic partners confirming their participation should send the Intent to Respond to the attention of:

<RFI Contact Name & E-mail address>

4.3RFI schedule

<Schedule must be adapted and aligned to the needs and time requirements of each project.>

RFI key dates are the following:

T0 / RFI made available to the bidders
T0 + # of days, time: 10:00 / Deadline for addressing questions
T0 + # of days / Response to all questions
T1 = T0 + # of days, time: 12:00 / Deadline for receiving bid (all material)
T1 to T1 + # of weeks / Bids to be evaluated. Bidder(s) will be invited to present solution to Ministry/Agency (presentation meetings, not negotiation meetings). Live demonstrations can be launched at this presentation.
T1 + # of weeks / Decision to launch an RFP

4.4RFI RELATED questions / clarifications / submission

Clarify who is the contact person for any queries and clarification needed with regards to the RFI and submission rules.

All questions related to this RFI should be directed to

<Name of Project Manager & E-mail address>.

Basic partners must ensure that the proposal is delivered in duplicate and received at the following address before the tender closing date<Tender closing Date>.

<RFI Contact Name>

<Address Details>

Any notices with respect to this RFI should also be mailed to the above Contact and Address.

4.5RFI terms & conditions

State the detailed terms and conditions for the RFI. Those terms and conditions to be split into sub-section under this section.

4.5.1Liabilities of Ministry/Agency

State the liabilities of Ministry/Agencywith regards to the RFI.>

This RFI is only a request for information about potential products / services and no contractual obligation on behalf of Ministry/Agency whatsoever shall arise from the RFI process.

This RFI does not commit Ministry/Agency to pay any cost incurred in the preparation or submission of any response to the RFI.

4.5.2Confidentiality & RFI Ownership

State the confidentiality and ownership of the RFI.>

This RFI is both confidential and proprietary to Ministry/Agency, and Ministry/Agency reserves the right to recall the RFI in its entirety or in part. Basic partners cannot and agree that they will not duplicate, distribute or otherwise disseminate or make available this document or the information contained in it without the express written consent of Ministry/Agency.

Basic partners shall not include or reference this RFI in any publicity without prior written approval from the client, which, if granted, shall be granted by the individual named above. Basic partners must accept all of the foregoing terms and condition s without exception. All responses to the RFI will become the property of Ministry/Agency and will not be returned.

5High level business requirments

<State the high level business requirements as requested by the concerned unit inquiring about the solution / service.

5.1Overview of Functional Requirements

5.2Overview of informative Security Requirements and privacy protection

5.3Overview of Performance Requirements

5.4Overview of Availability Requirements

5.5Overview of Technical Requirements

5.6legal requirements

5.7Optional requirements

<For example, nice-to-have functionality that Ministry/Agency may chose to either include or not include in the final contract or at a later stage and that should be priced separately.>

6Response Format

<State in a tabular format the information needed to be collected about the basic partners and the potential product / service. The below table is a guideline sample :>

6.1Sample I

Question / Response
Parent company
Partner address
Name of person responsible for the information contained in this RFI
Telephone number
Fax number
Email address
Web page
Initial year of operations
Partner location:
Corporate office
Local offices (KSA)
Other office
Number of employees:
Sales & administration
Employee turnover rate
Employee satisfaction (if surveyed and known)
Key employees (names and terms of contract)
Total revenue:
Current year
Previous year
Total profit/loss
Current year
Previous year
Give details of your business continuity arrangements.
Have you supplied to customers in a similar industry, with a similar growth profile that would act as a reference site for you? If so then please state them
Total number of installations of the version of the software being proposed, which have been carried out by your organization?
Describe any third party alliances/relationships
Please provide details of any outstanding legal action against your company or any directors or partners.
Are there any anticipated mergers or acquisitions pending?
Please provide information on your implementation methodology. / Attach as required.
What documentation is provided for the software / system?
Was your software written by your organization or acquired from a third party?
Do you offer formal user training?
What type of courses do you run and what is their duration?
What level of training would you recommend?
Describe any training materials offered?
Please provide details of how the product is supported across multiple sites globally.
What levels of support is available, definition of each level and what are the hours of operation and response times?
Where are the support services located?
Does support include product updates, as well as bug fixes at no extra charge?
What is the helpdesk escalation procedure?
Please summarize the total costs of your product.
What are the licensing costs for individual parts of the solution?
Are new releases chargeable separately?
What are your consultancy rates to help with implementation?
What do you charge for customization?
What do you charge for training?
What are the maintenance and support costs? Please give a breakdown.
Do you offer discounts for volume purchases?
Do you levy any charges for software or services during the evaluation period?

6.2Sample II

Another sample if the RFI is about acquiring a software product. This form can be tailored to fit any type of request from software, hardware, operations and services…etc>

Tick as Appropriate
Software Details
1 / What Database Management System does your software use?
b. MS SQL Server
b. Oracle/Spatial option
c. Other (Please Specify)
2 / What Operating System(s) are required for the software to run?
Client Server
a. UNIX (Please Specify Version)
b. WINDOWS (Please Specify Version)
c. LINUX (Please Specify Version)
d. WINDOWS NT (Please Specify Version)
e. Other OS (Please Specify Name/Version)
3 / What architecture does your software use?
a. Client/Server
b. LAN
c. Mainframe/Mini-computer
d. Web-based
e. Other (Please Specify)
4 / Will the source code be provided upon purchase of the software? / Yes No
5 / What is the average cost per module?
a. Under USD 5,000
b. USD 5,000 to USD 15,000
c. USD 15,000 to USD 25,000
d. Above USD 25,000 (Please Specify)
6 / Will you be willing to make the full modules available for testing at our local site? / Yes No
7 / How long has the proposed software version been available for use?
a. Under 1 year
b. 1-3 years
c. Above 3 years (Please Specify)
8 / How often are upgrades done on the software
a. Under 1 year
b. 1-3 years
c. Above 3 years (Please Specify)
9 / Do you provide a report writer/query facility with the software? / Yes No
10 / Is the software provided with: / Yes No
a. On-line help facility
b. Context-sensitive help facility
13 / Is the software provided with a complete set of user documentation? / Yes No
b. Hard copy
11 / Is the software provided with a complete set of system documentation? / Yes No
b. Hard copy
12 / What development tools are provided with the software (Please Specify)

Basic partner Details
13 / How long has your company been in the software business?
a. Under 3 year
b. 3-5 years
c. Above 5 years (Please Specify)
14 / Does your company provide training for users: / Yes No
a. At the implementation stage
b. With each successive upgrade
15 / Do you provide consultancy services in the areas of: / Yes No
a. Development
b. Capacity Planning
c. Deployment
d. Data Conversion
e. Configuration Management
f. Change Management
g. Training
h. Other (Please Specify)

7Project references -- (Appendix -- I)

The basic partner should at least list three previous projects achieved providing project scope, date, owner, status, pricing…etc>

Request for Information1