Refuse Tax (Tassa Comunale Sui Rifiuti)

Refuse Tax (Tassa Comunale Sui Rifiuti)


The Italian municipal REFUSE TAX could be considered very similar to foreign local tax for garbage collection services as well as for all road cleaning activities.

The REFUSE TAX is calculated proportionally to the size of the property assets located in Sala Comacina. (i.e. the bigger are the property assets the more REFUSE TAX its owner has to pay).

In the next future the REFUSE TAX should also depend on a direct measure of the yearly generated waste by each contributor.

The REFUSE TAX is an yearly basis tax that can be paid in two different ways:

una tantum at the beginning of the year or

yearly on a four instalments basis.

The REFUSE TAX, as all public levys, has to be paid at the post office or via bank transfer using the provided form.

On April each year, the Sala Comacina municipal Tax Office will send you the calculation of the yearly due REFUSE TAX , valid for the on going year.


  1. Please place all rubbish and waste in the appropriate black bags closing them tightly. Please also make sure that no fragments of glass or metal are present in the bags avoiding any possible third parties damages; finally please deposit all black bags on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday before 8.00 am in the defined collection points around the village
  2. Please squeeze plastic bottles and all other plastic rubbish to reduce their volume and please place them in the yellow bags. Deposit is admitted only on Monday before 8.00 am in the defined collection points around the village (Yellow bags can be found in town hall).
  3. Please deposit all paper garbage (newspapers, magazines, books, …) on Wednesday before 8.00am in the defined collection points around the village
  4. Please do not throw away in the public garbage collection points or in any litterbins around the village any liquids, or any inflammable, toxic or harmful substances (i.e varnishes, solvent, …).
  5. Litterbins to dispose paper are available on each street of the village. Please do not use these litterbins to deposit household rubbish.
  6. It is forbidden to leave any construction site waste, household appliances or bulky waste on the village streets.
  7. Please deposit glass, cans, jars and bottles in the defined Green Containers available in: Viale degli Ulivi, Via V. Puricelli or “località Genzana”;
  8. Special containers for small batteries and pharmaceutical products are placed under the Church parking;
  9. Old furniture, such as sofas, chairs and tables, or household appliances, such as washing machines or vacuum cleaners, must not be left on the streets, as this seriously pollutes the environment and consequently damages the tidy image of the village. The solution, free of charge, is to bring those bulky waste to the collection center (Piazzola Ecologica), located in OSSUCCIO Via Mulino, open on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7.00am to 12.00am and Saturday from 8.00am to 12.00am, excluding holidays. In addition to that , you can use the home collection service. In order to book the service you can call the town hall, +39 0344 55102, from Monday to Saturday.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to call Paolo Bellosi at the following telephone number +39 0344 55102 from Monday to Saturday or send an email to

The Municipal Tax Office Responsible

Paolo Bellosi