Red Ribbon Week Celebration

Red Ribbon Week Celebration


October 28 – November 1, 2013

  • Monday, October 28, 2013

“Wear RED to show your support for making healthy choices!”

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2013

“Making healthy choices is no sweat! Wear your favorite sweats!

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“I’m too smart to start making unhealthy choices!” Wear your favorite college or Woodmont shirt!

  • Thursday, October 31, 2013 – Happy Halloween!

“Unhealthy choices are scary!” Wear your best Halloween costume and enjoy your classroom’s Halloween parties!

● Friday, November 1, 2013

“Team up against unhealthy choices!” Wear your favorite team jerseyor colors!

*Parents/Guardians: By showing your support for our Red Ribbon Campaign, part of a national campaign from October 23 – October 31,you are showing your child that you promote a healthy, drug-free life. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It will be a great week! Please note that discussions and activities with our youngest students will focus on healthy choices. A detailed description of grade level topics is on the reverse side of this sheet. Please contact me at with any questions you may

Doug Stech

School Counselor

Monday, October 28 – Friday, November 1

Red Ribbon Week is a week when schools across the country celebrate making healthy choices, including choosing not to use drugs or alcohol. Classroom guidance lessons are presented at each grade level that focus on age-appropriate topics and age-appropriate discussions. Topics are as follows:

•Kindergarten – “Friendship – Friends help each other.” (There will be no discussion of drugs or alcohol, but rather a focus on helping each other make good choices as friends at school.)

•First Grade – “Friendship – Be a friend to make a friend.” (There will be no planned discussion of drugs or alcohol, but rather discussions about positive things we can do to form and build friendships. The concept of “positive peer pressure” will be introduced, discussing with students that we don’t want to follow negative examples, but do want to set and follow positive examples for each other.)

•Second Grade – “Vandalism/respect for property” (There will be no planned discussion of drugs or alcohol, but rather a discussion of taking care of our own property and the property of others as a way of respecting ourselves and others.)

•Third Grade – “Bullying/Positive Peer Pressure” (There will be no planned discussion of drugs and alcohol, but rather a focus on bullying and the concept of peer pressure. We will discuss negative peer pressure as a part of bullying, and forms of “positive peer pressure” that help students.)

•Fourth Grade – “Alcohol” (Information will be presented regarding the unhealthy effects of alcohol on the body and the dangers of drunk driving. Students will engage in fun yet thought-provoking activities that illustrate the impaired responses that result from drinking alcohol.)

•Fifth Grade – “Introduction to dangers of drug use” (This will not be an in-depth discussion of specific illegal drugs, but rather an introduction to the fact that people sometimes use drugs not prescribed to them and the dangers in taking anything you are unsure of and that may be unhealthy for you. We will also discuss some of the factors that influence people to use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.)

Please contact Doug Stech, Woodmont’s guidance counselor, at with any questions you may have regarding the week’s activities. We appreciate your support of our efforts to encourage our students to make the healthiest choices they can!