Readers Theatre: I'm Gonna Pump You Up

Readers Theatre: I'm Gonna Pump… You… Up!

Note: Atria is the plural form of Atrium. When Atria is indicated, both the right and the left atrium must speak.

Narrator 2: (Huffing and Puffing). Whew! All this exercise sure gets the old blood pumping.

Narrator 1: Not exactly.

Narrator 2: What do you mean, "not exactly"? My pulse is up there!

Narrator 1: Sure. Your pulse is strong and your blood is flowing but it's your heart that's doing the pumping. Take a look.

Blood: Oh… I'm feeling so empty.

Narrator 2: What's wrong with her? She looks a little blue.

Narrator 1: I think she needs oxygen.

Narrator 2: What can we do?

Narrator 1: We can't do anything. But look who can… (nods/points toward Veins)

Veins: Step aside… step aside. Make way. Blood coming through.

Atria: Oh you veins. You think you're so important. Just because you transport the blood to the heart you think you're so special.

Veins: Well you wouldn't trust just anyone with such precious cargo would you?

Right Atrium: Well you may get the blood here to the right atrium… but I give her a place to stay.

Ventricles: Yah. Until you push her out.

Right Atrium: It's part of the contract. I contract and the blood moves on to you.

Ventricles: That's right. The blood moves on to us. First the blood comes into the right Ventricle…

Atria: And then what do you do?

Right Ventricle: (defensively) I contract. But only to allow the blood to make a brief but important visit to the lungs.

Lung: Over here! I've got oxygen. Come and get it.

Blood: Oh oxygen. I love you. (takes a deep breath).

Left Atrium: Oh Red. It's good to have you back. Perhaps you would prefer a stay on the left side.

Blood: Well perhaps for just a moment.

Left Ventricle: Come on Red. The body can't wait all day. I've gotta get you out there. The rest of the body needs the oxygen and nutrients you're carrying.

Blood: OK. I'm on my way.

Left Atrium: See ya Red.

Left Ventricle: Ready. Lefty here is gonna give a big push and then your off. (Lubb, dubb, Lubb, dubb)

Arteries: Hi Red. It's about time you got here. We've got a big trip ahead.

Blood: Yeah. Where are we off to?

Arteries: Oh you know me. I go everywhere.

All: (waving) See ya around Red.

Arteries: Look out. Coming through. Better nobody get in our way.

Blood: (calls out from a distance) Goodbye..

Created by Maria Carty, 2004