Rangi Oculus Rift Press Release - DRAFT B

Rangi Oculus Rift Press Release - DRAFT B

Rangi on Steam Press Release

Funsoft Releases Rangi on Steam

PC players can now enjoy the popular puzzle/adventure Rangi VR game

Casablanca, Morocco - August 4th, 2017 - Since its launch early this year, Rangi has proven to be a popular entry in the realm of adventure/puzzle VR mobile games. The game's focus on challenging puzzles set in the immersive world of mythical Africa has set it apart and has led to it receiving many positive reviews. Now more players will be able to enter the game's mysterious and entrancing world as Funsoft announces the release of an Oculus Rift and Vive versions for PC players.

Rangi features a poetic and mystical experience as players immerse themselves into a virtual reality adventure and seek to bring the life force energy and music that have been stolen back to the land of Ota in order to restore prosperity and joy. The new PC version of Rangi offers improved graphics, higher quality lighting, and more detailed environments. These enhancements make the game's world of African tribal art, folklore, and music even more immersive and rewarding for players to dive into. Those playing Rangi on PC will find additional help on their journey through the introduction of a second wand. This wand, decorated with a voodoo chicken foot and magical ring, will help guide players in finding hidden artifacts.

Fabien Delpech, creative director at Funsoft, says, "We were extremely pleased by the response we have received for the release of Rangi. The Rift and Vive versionsare exciting for us as they allow us to bring the game to a whole new audience of PC players. Thanks to the greater specs on these platforms, we were able to better represent Rangi's graphical universe as we had originally envisioned it. The added room scale and second wand allow for a higher level of immersion by making the gameplay and player interaction with the environment more impressive."

About Funsoft/Digigo

Funsoft is an independent game studio located in Casablanca, Morocco, that counts in its team several ex-members of Ubisoft Casablanca. The goal of Funsoft is to bring innovative and challenging gameplay to players through games that are unique, addictive, and fun to play. Digigo is the publishing partner to Funsoft.

For more information on Rangi, visit the official website at To contact Digigo, email them at .