Quality Standard Awards:Application Form

Quality Standard Awards:Application Form

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Quality Standard Awards:Application form

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Type of school Finance order number

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** Please note: All communication relating to invoicing will take place via email.

Order details

Please tick which items you would like to apply for from the list below / Member / Non-member
Cultural Diversity Quality Standard (CDQS) / £1400 + VAT /  / £2100+ VAT / 
Parental Engagement Quality Standard (PEQS) / £1400+ VAT /  / £2100+ VAT / 
Consultancy support – half-day school visit / £450+ VAT /  / £675+ VAT / 
Consultancy support – up to half a day via phone, email and SKYPE / £300+ VAT /  / £450+ VAT / 
Discounted price for next level (if within 1 year of award) – Visit / £900+ VAT /  / £1350+ VAT / 
Discounted price for next level (if within 1 year of award) – SKYPE / £750+ VAT /  / £1125+ VAT / 
*Payment is required within 30 days of application. VAT is charged at the current rate.
If this is a renewal or next level application please state the previous level awarded and expiry date here:
CDQS  / Level awarded: / Expiry date: / PEQS  / Level awarded: / Expiry date:

Contact details

Please provide details for two members of school staff who will be responsible for all work relating to the awards


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Please read our Data Protection Statement and read and sign the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of this form.

Data Protection statement

Your privacy: SSAT (The Schools Network) gathers, holds and processes personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any personal data you supply may be released to third parties (such as facilitators and peer assessors) where strictly necessary for the purposes of the award(s).

Terms and conditions

Upon completion and submission of this form, SSAT (The Schools Network) will confirm the receipt of the application in line with the programme details stated. The named school agrees to ensure payment will be made in full to SSAT (The Schools Network) upon receipt of the invoice and within the standard 30 day payment terms. Non-payment may result in the application being cancelled.

  1. Access to online self-evaluation toolkits is for 3 months from the date that access is given. Submissions not taken within that period may not be carried forward to assessment or may incur an additional fee.
  1. All fees are payable within 30 days of invoice.
  1. No refunds are available for schools that choose to cancel their application.
  1. All communications will be via email and the school will ensure that SSAT has up to date email addresses for the key participants.
  1. The awards are valid for 3 years from the date of the assessment visit.
  1. The date of the assessment visit must be arranged by the school in liaison with the assigned peer assessor.
  1. Assessments must take place within 2 months after submission of the self-evaluation unless an extension has been mutually agreed.
  1. Postponements and cancellations of assessments must be made no less than 7 days prior to the agreed dates and in agreement with the SSAT and assigned peer assessor. Postponements and cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the agreed assessment date may be charged to the school and will be subject to an administration fee.
  1. The school is responsible for providing a suitable location for in-school interviews and core assessment visit activities agreed in liaison with the assigned peer assessor.
  1. Schools applying for the award do so with the understanding that awarding decisions are made by an experienced peer assessor and approved by SSAT. Any disputes must be made in writing with detailed supporting evidence.
  1. SSAT cannot take any responsibility for loss of work if a school has not followed supporting instructions and guidance notes for completing the online self-evaluation toolkit.

I agree to the above terms and conditions as stated by SSAT (The Schools Network) in relation to this application.

Signature: ______Name (please print): ______

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Please note your order will not be confirmed if this form is not signed indicating agreement to the terms and conditions.

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