QLDC - Role Description - Building Officer

QLDC - Role Description - Building Officer


Position: / Senior / Building ControlOfficer
Division: / Planning &Development
Location: / Queenstown
Reportsto: / Building ControlTeam Leader
Date: / August 2016

Queenstown Lakes is a unique District in New Zealand. It has unprecedented populationand economic growth coupled with an international reputation as a tourist destination. It has arelatively small number of resident ratepayers (approximately 30,000) but experiences 2 million+visitors everyyear.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has a central role to play in the development andregulation oftheDistrictinamannerthatprovideshighqualityservicestoresidentsandvisitorsalike.Thisincludes providing good quality local infrastructure; managing the Districts parks, trails, librariesand recreational facilities; enabling sustainable development through resource and buildingconsenting services; and regulating local activities such as dog and noise control; parking enforcement andlocal healthstandards.

QLDCcurrent10-yearplansetsoutitsgoalsforsustainablegrowthmanagement.Theseoutcomes include:

  • An enabling forward-looking financial strategy that is sustainable in the longterm;
  • A balanced growth strategy that promotes employment and business opportunitiesand supports a strong and diversecommunity;
  • A resilient and participating community that celebrates success, has pride in the districtand its heritage and has thriving arts, cultural and sporting groups;and
  • A natural built environment that makes Queenstown Lakes District a place of choice tolive, work andvisit.

QLDC comprises around 300 staff operating throughoutthedistrict.

TheSenior/ BuildingControlOfficerisresponsibleforadministeringtherequirementsoftheBuildingAct 2004,theBuildingRegulationsandtheNewZealandBuildingCode,inaccordancewiththeQLDC Policies andProcedures.

Building ConsentManagement

  • Receive and process applications for building consents ensuring that all legalrequirements are met and compliance decisions are appropriately made andrecorded.
  • Ensuring that plans, specifications and other documents demonstrating complianceare obtained and are checked by the appropriate qualifiedpersonnel.
  • Carry out required inspections of building construction and plumbing and drainage workto ensure compliance with the building consent, or appropriate remedial action is takenand documented.
  • Assess compliance of all building work against the Building Act and Buildingcode, recommending appropriate enforcement action within your scope ofauthority.
  • Compile accurate records of communications with customers including all inspectionsand ensure the accurate update of Councils databaserecords
  • Consider and issue appropriate compliance documentation (includingCCC)
  • Administer (under appropriate delegation & authority) the provisions of theLocal Government Act, Building Act, Plumber Gas Fitters & Drainlayers Act, Fencing ofSwimming Pools Act, and their associatedregulations
  • Respond to and assist property owners, tradesmen, architects and the public onmatters relating to building within thedistrict.
  • Investigate, respond and document enquiries and complaints asdirected.
  • Ensure accurate documentation is collected for all buildings constructed or alteredwithin our district.
  • Undertake appropriate and agreed continuous professional development ofskills
  • Openlyshareknowledgeandskillswithotherstaffmembers–strivingforaccuracyand consistency of regulatorydecisions.
  • Willingly undertake any duty required within the context of theposition


  • Establish on-going dialogues with staff, customers and otherstakeholders
  • Strategicallymanagecustomerrelationshipsensuringdelivery,satisfactionandvaluefor money.
  • Present a professional and positive image for QLDC within thecommunity.


  • Build commitment to QLDC’s vision, values andservices.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal/statutory and QLDC requirements for health and safetyof all staff, visitors and users of QLDCfacilities.
  • Manageownpersonalhealthandsafetyandtakesappropriateactiontodealwithworkplace hazards, accidents andincidents.
  • Comply with all legislativerequirements.
  • Adhere to QLDC’s Code ofConduct.


  • Building ControlTeam Leader
  • Manager BuildingServices
  • General Manager, Planning &Development
  • Staff


  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Trades
  • Building Owners / Managers /Agents
  • Members of thePublic

No financial delegationsheld.

No staff managementresponsibilities.

  • Possess (or be working towards an appropriate New Zealand qualificationrelatingto BuildingControls
  • Eligible for membership of the Building Officials Institute of NZ(BOINZ)
  • Sound knowledge of building industry legislation and related New Zealandstandards.
  • Provenabilitytoworkwithoutsupervision;effectivetimemanagementandstrong organisationalskills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with attention todetail.
  • Abilitytoestablishandmaintaineffectiverelationshipswithstakeholdersandgaintheir respect andtrust.
  • Conveys a professional and positive attitude, with a courteous and efficientmanner.
  • Highly motivated, achievement-oriented and innovativeprofessional.

Integrity and trust are core competencies for all employees ofQLDC

Competencies specific to therole:

RelationshipManagement / Relateswell toallkinds ofpeople, inside andoutsideoftheorganisation; Builds appropriate rapport quickly;Builds constructive and effective relationships; Uses diplomacyand tact; Can defuse high tension situations comfortably; is easyto approach and talk to; puts others at ease; is a good listener;is sensitive andpatient.
Planning / Accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasksand projects; Sets objectives and goals; Breaks down workinto process steps; Schedules work program to achieveresults; Anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks;Measures performance against goals; Evaluatesresults.
ProblemSolving / Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve problems; canseehidden problems beyond the obvious; Makes sounddecisions in a timelymanner.
Informing / Provides the information people need to know to do theirjobs;Enable customers to make high quality applicationswith accurate decisions and give appropriate advice toothers; Respond to all enquiries in a timelymanner.
Decisionquality / Makes good decisions based on analysis, wisdom,experience and judgement; most solutions and suggestions turn out tobe correct and accurate when judged over time; sought outby others for advice andsolutions.
Drive forResults / Can be counted on to exceed goals; contributes to atop performingteam.