Psychological - Self-Judging and Re-Forming the Conversation

Psychological - Self-Judging and Re-Forming the Conversation




In order to manage life, we must have “completed” our conversations (limiting beliefs, barriers, fears and disempowering self-conversation) so that they do not remain in the disempowering mode. See especially the discussion under Psychology, Overall, Internal Conversations[1] for clarity.

Basically, by completing the key 20%[2] of our disempowering conversation, we can get 80% of the results, often disappearing the remaining ones in the process, since a chain of thoughts cannot continue if the earliest links are taken out!

This could make the greatest difference of anything you’ve ever done, if you make sure you “complete”[3] it. “If you do not complete, you’re doomed to repeat.”

Quik / Med. / Complete / ACTION
X / X / X / Read the Underlying Basics of Life Part I and II, SiteMap I
X / X / X / Order and read Building Self-Esteem, Barksdale[4] – The best grounding in “right thinking” and never blaming anyone again.
X / Review the Key Pieces in Confidence/Self-Esteem (Site I)-
It is useful to glance at the regular written pieces to see if there is something you want to do after this section is finished. That would be a logical extension of this section.
X / Review the Key Pieces in Psychological, Overall (Site I)
X / Review the Key Pieces in Psychological, Emotion Mgmt, Anxiety/Fear (Site I)
X / Review the Key Pieces in Psychological, Emotion Mgmt, Overall (Site I)
X / X / X / List all your conversations, writing at least three pages daily, for at least 5 days, possibly using the first column of the form:Sentences - Reworking The Whole Conversation To Be Empowering
Once you feel you've written the majority of the "negative" sentences, then go ahead and use the other columns, preferably getting help once you've done as much asyou can on your own.
X / X / Review the pieces in the Psychological, Gratitude section and do gratitude exercises daily for 21 days.

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[2] See Time and Productivity, The 80/20 Principle

[3] Using the “partnering” concept, with an expert, you might do what you can yourself and then “complete” by using a counselor for the finishing touches.

[4] This program is the best I’ve seen to set your thinking straight and to begin accepting things as they are with no psychological stress. See their other books. See the reference under Psychology, Confidence/Self-Esteem for Barksdale.