PSY 097 Exploring the Psychology Major

PSY 097 Exploring the Psychology Major

PSY 097 – Exploring the Psychology Major

Course Goals:

The goal of The Psychology Department is that you become an engaged learner and discover the experiential learning opportunities in Psychology. PSY097 also has the following learning outcomes: applying psychology and career preparation.

Your responsibilities:

1) Workshop Attendance – Due Date: December 5

Attend a minimum of 4 scheduled workshops of interest. Workshops approved for PSY097 will be posted on the Psychology Department Calendar ( This list will be periodically updated. To document your attendance at any workshop, please download the workshop form from Canvas or from the Psychology webpage and have this form stamped at the end of the workshop. You will not receive workshop credit if you arrive late or leave early.

  1. Make sure you are checking which events on the calendar qualify for PSY097.
  2. Keep checking the calendar for added workshops; they are added throughout the semester.

Submit your completed forms to the Psychology Main office or upload to Canvas to satisfy this advising requirement. You can also get a workshop credit for attending a resume workshop at the career center or getting help from the tutoring center.

2) Complete and submit the Resume/CV

  1. Resume/CV Assignment - Due Date: December 5
  2. If you need help creating a resume, you can attend a resume workshop at the Career Center. For more suggestions and example resumes go to “How to Prepare a Winning Resume” on the Career Center’s webpage:
  3. Upload polished, revised, and updated resume to Canvas by due date.

3) Course Evaluation Assignment - Due Date: December 5

  1. Please complete the course evaluation electronically. A link to the evaluation will be posted to Canvas before the end of the semester.
  2. Please note that the completion of the course evaluation in Qualtrics will not automatically check off your completion in Canvas. Checking for your completion of the survey is a manual process (we see if it’s completed in Qualtrics, then manually enter the check into Canvas student by student), so please be patient and do not take the course evaluation multiple times.


This course is graded on a P/U (pass/unsatisfactory) basis. As of Fall 2014, we will no longer be awarding IPs for incomplete work. When you enroll in an advising course, you must finish all assignments by the end of the semester in which you are enrolled. If you do not, you will get a U and must re-enroll and restart the course the next semester. If you have any pending IPs from previous semesters, you have until the end of Fall 2014 to complete your work and get your grade changed.

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