Proposed Minutes for Seawind Condominiums 2011 Annual Owners Meeting

Proposed Minutes for Seawind Condominiums 2011 Annual Owners Meeting

Proposed Minutes for Seawind Condominiums 2011 Annual Owners Meeting

October 22, 2011

Call to Order: The President of the Board of Director’s, Roger Wiegner, called the meeting of the Seawind Condominiums Board of Directors’ to order on October 22, 2011 at 9:00AM at the Orange Beach Hampton Inn 1st floor meeting room.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Roger Wiegner called the roll of the Board. Roger Wiegner, John Tice & Dave Stenberg were present George Touart, Mike Manosky, could not be present. Roger Wiegner acknowledged that a quorum was present and the meeting could continue. .

Janet Dollar affirmed that notice of the meeting was properly posted in accordance with Alabama Law and the Condominium Documents.

Owners Present –SW4 Kerry McCoy, #404 David & Peggy Wininger, #407 Mr. & Mrs. Blackwell, #409 Rusty & Deana Swanson #501Hubert & Diane Hinote, #505 Michael & Vera Shaw, #506 John Tice, #509 Rick & Paulette Glass, #606- Varina Tate, #707-Michael Gayle Kraker,708 Rod & Leslie Holcomb #809 Ronnie & Donna Frost, #907 Munger Putnam, #1007 Art Vernon,#1106 Carol & Golson Harrison, #1202 Robert Lausch,#1305 Mark & Sharon Nichols, # 1306 Jason Marquis-#1309 Don Blazek, #1502-Mark & Kimberly Baggett, #1902 Linda Mays, #2004 Rick & Patti McGowan, #2007 Gary Roberts

Thank you owners for coming!

Election & Terms of Directors: All Directors have agreed to continue to serve since all were just elected I March and we have so many projects underway. As discussed and agreed upon during the March annual meeting directors will also serve 2 & 3 year staggered terms. Note: We did not have a quorum last October and we did not have a quorum for the rescheduled December date either. That is why the meeting did not take place until March.

Insurance and Appraisal- At this time we are in the process of obtaining replacement values on Seawind to insure that we are adequately insured. Seawind was built for approximately 29 million dollars. We have received on appraisal to date but it appears to be somewhat high in value. We will be requesting insurance quotes from Gallagher our current company and Eddie Zarahn insurance group.

Financials- Roger gave the financial report Seawind has as of 10/21/2011 our operating account balance is $359,161.68 which includes the $156,000.00 we received from our flood zone being corrected. Reserves account balance $406,383.46.

Present the Board adopted Budget (see attached) Our board is pleased to announce the monthly HOA dues will be lowered from -$62.56 to -$100.99 depending on your type of unit. Seawind continues to build healthy reserves for future condominium projects.

Old Business: Added Security -Camera’s have been added in each elevator and upgraded cameras at the pool & entrance and exit areas.

Painting-The Association is in the process of having all common walkway floors and all doors painted. They are near completion.

Glass Enclosures- The completion of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor is very close. After much discussion we will have a button that will automatically open & close the door to aid owners and guests as they enter these areas.

Report on easement/dune-walkover- John Tice read a letter from SW408 Bubba Hughes stating his opinion of putting a walkway on the west side of the property. Upon receiving some legal advice from an attorney who specializes in easement/land issues we went to the city of Gulf shores and they want engineered drawings. As of now we have had an engineer look at our options. The city of Gulf Shores will not allow us to build on the east or west side of the property. The city dictates how much greenscape we have along with parking spaces we have to have and Seawind does not have any to give up at those areas. However, the engineer has a plan for a sky walkover between the 2 buildings where the McPhillips subdivision has deeded access that dates back a very long time ago which he did take and discuss with the city. To date the city does not have an ordinance that would allow them to dictate to the McPhillips subdivision owners (some 250+people, many long gone) to vacate that easement. So at this point we will ask the city of Gulf Shores & the land use attorney for suggestions for our next step. We will continue to seek out all of the heirs of the McPhillips subdivision and gain their approval to improve the access.

New Business: Boardwalk -Ronnie Frost #809 suggests our Boardwalk needs to have some remodeling done to prevent sand build up and cut down on foot traffic. Everyone agreed. Janet Dollar proposed to have indicator lights put in at the ground floor to show where the elevators are at all times. That would help owners and guests indicate where the elevator is at. Everyone agreed

Exit Gate-Rick McGowan suggested an exit gate after observing over the summer trespassers that would come to park and use our facility. All agreed an exit gate would help tremendously with trespassers. Janet will get quotes and get an exit gate installed to prevent unwelcomed trespassers.

Pool Resurfacing- Janet brought up the fact that the indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub needed some minor repairs done and also they need to be resurfaced. Everyone agreed. While getting the pool & hot tub resurfaced this will allow changing the color slightly to a brighter blue.

Locks- Currently we are looking into another lock system. Several owners are unhappy with the current lock system we have on the entry doors.Several owners have looked into a Kaba lock system. Kaba seems to be more user friendly. Janet will research the Kaba lock system and report back to the board as well as the members.

Additional Elevator- Several owners would like to look into the possibility of installing another elevator. Janet will get quotes for an additional elevator to present to the board and the members.

Carts- Several owners brought up the suggestion of preventing housekeepers and vendors from using our carts, Janet will make sure all outside sources are aware that they are not allowed to use the Seawind carts.

Please note that many of the needed projects we are undergoing are unbudgeted items.


Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30AM.


Roger Wiegner, President