Programme Officer

Programme Officer



(Rainbow Family Programme)

Responsible to: Rainbow Family Programme Manager

Purpose of the Post:

To provide a comprehensive support service in the implementation of the Rainbow Family child sponsorship programme in the allocated countries through liaising with partners, monitoring progress and supporting in the development of the programme.

To be responsible for the implementation of any supporting projects within the scope of the programme.

Main Responsibilities

Administrative support and supervision

  1. To supervise admin team in allocated regions.
  2. To support in developing and disseminating new guidelines or guidance to implementing partners to ensure consistency across the programme.
  3. To prepare,process and monitor financial transactions and remittances for quarterly sponsorship payments, projects, admin and PMC payments.
  4. To maintain hard and soft copy files in accordance with MA’s Due Diligence policy and procedures for each partner.
  5. To provide regular project updates, reports and material on activities in the programme to the Programme Manager to pass on to Senior Management and Trustees

Communication and Fundraising

  1. To collect, share and draft case studies and material for the publicity of Muslim Aid’s work through Fundraising and Communications Departments for the development of website updates, articles and publications.
  2. To collate information from each region for the preparation of bulletins and newsletters for donors and implementing partners.
  3. To take part in fundraising activities as a representative of the programme to increase the uptake of child sponsorships and for increased general donations.

Monitoring, evaluation and capacity building

  1. To act as the primary point of contact between HQ and implementing partners (both field and non-field offices) and maintain good communication links between selected offices with regards to all aspects of child sponsorships.
  2. To assist in preparing concept notes to secure funding for community based projects and increased sponsorships.
  3. To ensure that funds are spent in the Field Offices in accordance with the original project proposal and budget as approved by DC /EC.
  4. To monitor and evaluate programme by requesting and analysing quarterly activity reports from implementing offices and providing feedback, advice and support on identified issues.
  5. To promptly obtain periodic reports, including financial reports on ongoing projects through regular communication with project staff in the field.
  6. To liaise with partners and provide advice as required to ensure due diligence, quality assurance and programme outputs are met.
  7. To support Programme Manager in carrying out annual Due Diligence andCapacity building assessments on implementing partners.
  8. To engage in monitoring and evaluation trips to implementing offices where possible.

Programme Development

  1. To proactively identify potential community-based projects which compliment the goals of the Rainbow Family Programme.
  2. To provide content for development of concept notes by Rainbow Family officer and Manager.
  3. To request and review proposals accompanied project budgets received from partners against associated risks, policies, approved budget and available funds before submission for approval.
  4. To share learning across the board including all implementing offices, Regional Programme Manager’s and stakeholders.
  5. To attend and represent the Rainbow Family Programme in external meetings, events and networking opportunities.
  6. To be part of developing thankQ ensuring effective use by all, development of the software to improve efficiency in the administration of the programme as well running regular reports for statistical analysis.

Quality Assurance

  1. To peer review programme and departmental files ensuring that stored information is organised, accurate and of high quality.
  2. To actively lead in departmental initiatives, and work closely with other department members.
  3. To coordinate with other relevant departments any developmental programme/ project activities for better coordination and programme/ project implementation.
  4. To promptlyaddress any complaints (as per Muslim Aid Policies) received from staff and/ or donors and/ or beneficiaries and/ or implementing partners and immediately notifying Programme Manager and Head of Department.
  5. To work flexibly and resourcefully as necessary to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services.
  6. To maintain an organised and accessible filing and documentation filing system accordingly.
  7. To comply with all policies, procedures, legal and regulatory requirements.
  8. Any other duties commensurate with the accountabilities of the post.



(Rainbow Family Programme)

E = EssentialD = Desirable


  1. A minimum degree level qualification in management, international development or similar discipline. (E)


  1. Strong experience of maintaining office administration and record keeping systems. (E)
  2. Proven experience of working in a similar role. (E)
  3. Experience of reviewing and monitoring budgets (E)
  4. Experience of working in a similar role in a charity organisation. (D)
  5. Demonstrable experience of using a database. (D)
  6. Proven experience of supervising staff. (D)


  1. High levels of numeracy and literacy.(E)
  2. Strong organisation and analytical skills. (E)
  3. Strong eye for detail. (E)
  4. Good report writing skills. (E)
  5. Good interpersonal and communication skills, with an approachable personality.(E)
  6. IT literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and the ability to learn and use the company software.(E)
  7. Skills in maintaining spreadsheets and databases to high levels of accuracy.(E)


  1. Sensitive to the needs of BME and Multi-Faith communities. (E)
  2. Knowledge of issues around International Development. (E)
  3. Knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance. (E)
  4. Knowledge of the Red Cross Code of Conduct.(E)
  5. Knowledge of issues around Child development and Child protection.(E)
  6. Knowledge of child sponsorship programmes in charities. (E)
  7. Knowledge and understanding of due diligence (E)


  1. Ability to work in a diverse team. (E)
  2. Ability to work under pressure to agreed deadlines and adapt to change.(E)
  3. Ability to manage time and workload effectively. (E)
  4. Ability to operate flexibly as part of a team member.(E)
  5. Ability to work in a systematic and methodical manner.(E)
  6. Ability to work on own initiative. (E)
  7. Ability to work unsociable hours during peak campaigns. (E)
  8. Ability to learn to use new software effectively.(E)
  9. Ability to compile data for reports.(E)
  10. Flexibility and willingness to travel to the overseas offices. (E)


  1. Commitment to Muslim Aid’s mission, visions and values (E).
  2. Commitment to Muslim Aid’s ethos (E).
  3. Commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity (E).
  4. Hard working and self motivated (E).

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