Probni Test Za Ispit Iz PSPJ 3-Engleski, Smer TR

Probni Test Za Ispit Iz PSPJ 3-Engleski, Smer TR

Probni test za ispit iz PSPJ 3-engleski, smer TR

I Circle the correct answer. ______/10

1. We have told you everything about this job opportunity. Now, the ball is ______your court.

a) at b) on c) in

2. I really feel like a fish______at the reception. Very few people spoke English, and those who did, didn't have much to say.

a) under waterb) in water c) out of water

3. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the culture. You just need to maintain a good-natured attitude and______.

a) go with the flowb) break the icec) throw in at the deep end

4. ______of sports car or arts can be a powerful method of advertising.

a) Researchb) Endorsementc) Sponsorship

5. Sales reach the peak ______$7 million in July.

a) atb) ofc) in

6. The government has promised to eliminate bureaucracy in order to______foreign investment.

a) encourageb) payc) produce

7. We want to use money to ______all our computers with the latest processors.

a) relocate b) deregulatec) upgrade

8. Business leaders need to ______in mind and introduce change carefully.

a) haveb) bearc) make

9. Advances in ______have revolutionized the way people communicate and do business.

a) Information technologyb) labour forcec) computer virus

10. The market______is the best selling product or brand.

a) follower b)leaderc) segment

II Underline the correct answer. ______/10

  1. This year we are trying/ try to develop a brand with personality.
  2. The next seminar is beginning/begins at 3p.m.
  3. In recent years we have expanded/expanded our product range.
  4. You mustn’t/ don’t have to write personal emails during working hours.
  5. Here is a/an simple example.

III Put the words and phrases in the correct order to make sentences. ______/6

  1. as soon as/ a ring/ I arrive/ I’ll give/ in Brussels/Mr. Dupuis


  1. a key role/ in Italian business/ cultures/ hospitality/plays


  1. no longer/ has/ Coach/ a factory/in Puerto Rico.


IV Choose the correct words from the box to complete sentences. ______/10

name department loyalty lack proposal virus local follower relocate relaunch
  1. If you keep buying a particular brand, you show ______.
  2. The market ______is the second best –selling product or brand.
  3. Does he agree to our______.
  4. When a company has a new product, it gives it a catchy ______.
  5. This new computer ______could wipe the data off your hard disk.
  6. The seminar on 'Motivation at Work' was cancelled through______of interest.
  7. Our company is about to ______its head office to Malta.
  8. He works in the sales ______.
  9. Sales will increase if we ______the product under the different name.
  10. It should go global or remain ______.

V Fill in the gaps as to get meaningful chunks. ______/10

A:This is Ray. May I ______with Lee?
B:Yes, this is Lee ______.
A:Lee. How are you today?
B:Oh, things are going great. What's______?
A:I was wondering if you could meet me tomorrow for lunch?
B:______! Where did you have in mind?
A:I was thinking of Joe's in the village.
B:I love that place. Sure, let's go there.
A:Fine then, I'll ______twelve.
B:I'll see you there. Look forward to it.

VI Answer the following questions. ______/9

1. Why do people buy brands?




2. Why do some people get angry when they are travelling on a plane?




3. What advice would you give a business visitor to your country?


UKUPNO:______/ 55