Principles of Biomedical Sciences

Principles of Biomedical Sciences

Principles of Biomedical Sciences Syllabus 2016-2017

South Pasadena High School

Mrs. Krista Gale

E-mail: School Phone: (626) 441-5820 x2812


This course provides an introduction to the biomedical sciences through “hands-on” projects and problems. Student work involves the study of human medicine, research processes and an introduction to bio-informatics. Key biological concepts including homeostasis, metabolism, inheritance of traits, feedback systems, and defense against disease are embedded in the curriculum. Engineering principles including the design process, feedback loops, fluid dynamics, and the relationship of structure to function are incorporated in the curriculum where appropriate.

Student Expectations:

a. Attendanced. Complete assignments on timeg. Respect and positive attitude

b. Punctualitye. Be prepared for quizzes/testsh. Bring materials to class

c. Participationf. Study class notes every nighti Lab attire- close toed shoes on lab days, long hair pulled back

I expect that this class will motivate you to work hard, help you learn to work well with others, improve your higher-level thinking skills and will ultimately result in you having a deep understanding of how the human body is organized, how it works, what can go wrong and how medical interventions can help. Be prepared for a challenge! This is a college level course and you should be prepared to put forth that level of effort. It will be like no other class you have taken. But my sincere hope is that you will love it!

Recommended Materials: Flash drive (4GB or larger), 3-ring binder with dividers, 1 composition book, 2 single subject spiral notebooks (1 per semester), pens and pencils, paper, Tiger guide/planner, calculator


We will use three separate notebooks for class.

-The three ring binder will hold information sheets, autopsy reports, and other resources or handouts given in class.

-The composition notebook will be used as a career journal.

-The spiral notebook will be used for all of our labs and investigations.

All curriculum and activities are on classroom laptops. Should assigned laptop be damaged, students are responsible for repairs.

If you have any questions concerning grades, homework, labs, or the class itself, please feel free to use the contact information at the top of the page. I will do my best to return your email as promptly as possible. I am here for you, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Homework and class updates will be posted on the website weekly (


Homework is assigned almost every night.

All homework assignments are due at the beginning of the next class period, unless otherwise stated.

Late work will be accepted UP TO ONE WEEK LATE FOR 50% CREDIT.

Homework will be posted on my teacher web page. Go to the school webpage. Go to Homework/Teachers. Then find Gale, Krista. My homework will be posted here each night.

Make-Up Work:

If you are absent the class before a test/quiz, you are still responsible for taking the test/quiz on the specified test day unless you have made prior arrangements with me.

Make-up assignments should be turned in on the first class period after the absence.

Quizzes or tests missed because of an excused absence must be made up within two days of the absence.

It is the student’s responsibility to copy all class notes, either from a classmate or the teacher, on the first day back from an absence.


The approximate weight for each type of assignment is as follows:

45%- Tests and Quizzes25%- Class Work and Homework

Grading Scale
A / 90-100%
B / 80-89%
C / 70-79%
D / 60-69%
F / Less than 60%

15%- Projects 15%- Final Exam


Daily participation is vital in this course. Group members will be evaluated in part based on their level of participation within the group, and these evaluations will make up part of the lab and project grades. Although I make every effort to accommodate absences, it is impossible to duplicate some of the class activities once completed. Please make every effort to be in class daily!

Writing Component:

For each unit, there will be notes, activities, homework, classwork, labs, lab write-ups, projects, notebook work, career journals, etc. in which the students will demonstrate their mastery of the writing process. You will be asked to write professional level discussions and conclusions. This is often one of the hardest tasks to get used to in the beginning. Make sure you are putting forth your best effort at all times.

Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty

  • Plagiarism and academic dishonesty are serious offenses. The academic work of a student is expected to be his/her own effort.
  • Students must give the author(s) credit for any source material used.
  • To represent ideas or interpretations taken from any sources without giving credit is a flagrant act.
  • To present a borrowed passage after having changed a few words, even if the source is cited, is also plagiarism.
  • To use another student’s work is also plagiarism
  • Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade in that portion of the course work. Acts of academic dishonesty will be reported to the administration.
  • Your work represents your integrity as a professional. Make sure you always work toward having high standards and thus a respectable reputation as a professional.

This class can prove to be exciting, fun, and a lot of hard work. I will do my best to make this class as enjoyable, fun, and interesting as possible for all students. I am here to help each and every one of you succeed and reach your highest potential. Just remember- ultimately much of the responsibility falls on you to seek extra help if you need it, ask questions if you are confused, or perhaps seek an extra challenge.


Mrs. Gale

Principles of Biomedical Sciences Contract

Student Agreement:

I, ______(write name legibly)

am aware that this is a demanding course that will require college level work on my part. I will put my best effort forth every day including, being organized, efficient, hardworking, cooperative and active group member, and showing a willingness to put in time and energy in and out of class to make this class as fun and challenging as it can be. I have also read and agree to follow all of the classroom policies and safety rules set forth in this document. I agree to obtain all necessary materials for the course and tell Mrs. Gale as soon as possible if I am unable to get any of the necessary materials. I realize that I must obey the safety rules listed above and any other rules that may be verbalized in class in order to ensure my own safety and the safety of all others in the room. I will cooperate to the fullest extent with my instructor and fellow students to maintain a safe lab environment. I will also closely follow the oral and written instructions provided by my instructor.

I am aware that any violation of this contract or the safety contract may result in any of the following: being removed from the laboratory, detention, receiving a failing grade, involvement of the administration.

Student Signature______

Student email______

Dear parent or guardian:

I feel that you should be fully informed about your child’s opportunities and experiences in my class, as well as my expectations of him/her. Please read through this syllabus and the accompanying attachment so that you are fully aware of my general policies, expectations and safety requirements. No student will be allowed to perform laboratory activities until this contract and the safety contract are signed by both you and your student and are on file with me.

Your signature on this contract indicates that you have read this document and its attachments, are aware of the expectations of being a part of the PLTW Biomedical Science program, the measures taken to ensure the safety of your child in the science laboratory, and will support the Biomedical program by instructing your son/daughter to uphold all rules and expectations discussed here. This program will be very exciting and intriguing but will also be very rigorous and work intensive. A strong educational support system at home will help ensure a good foundation on which knowledge can be built. Thank you in advance for your support!

Parent Signature______

Parent email______