Principles for Unforgettable Follow Up

Principles for Unforgettable Follow Up


Principles for Unforgettable Follow Up™

Where to Start

Key Points


Appendix A – Answers for Key Points

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Principles for Unforgettable Follow Up™

Prior to Follow Up - Decide on phone, email or group communication.

  1. Schedule a set Follow Uptime (Email before/after phone hours)
  2. Make your list the nightbefore
  3. Email cold leads to advance the relationship
  4. Set time for coffee or lunch
  5. Set specific contact goals weekly

During Follow Up Telephone Calls

  1. Always leave a message
  2. Repeat your name and telephone number twice
  3. Keep the ball in your court and say when you will call back
  4. When you reach a live person who is taking the message, ask them to repeat your phone number

Where to Start

Q: How do you sift through everything midstream and begin?

A: Start with your most recent leads. You will have your best chance with your newest leads, however as you organize your Follow Up into a system, you will find it valuable to also check back in with your less recent leads.

I do not believe a lead can be too old however the longer you wait for them to hear from you, the more your communication will feel like a 'cold call'(Ugh). Depending on how 'old' is 'old'…there is the chance they may not remember you, especially if they have never purchased from them.

You can warm up these leads by sending them a postcard, personal note or even a personal email before calling. The more you can personalize the connection, the more likely they will be happy to hear from you.

Everyone likes to be remembered.

Q: How do you incorporate systems for example…what you do with a lead?

A: In the answer below you will find a couple strategies to help you start to incorporate a Follow Up system.

  1. Create a system for storing and retrieving the contact information. Some people like to do this manually using index cards or a notebook. Others prefer to use an electronic means of organizing their leads by either a program like Outlook, ACT, or contact management system such as

I store all of my leads in my Constant Contact, my email marketing program. Here is the link where you can get a free trial: My ezine and weekly updates are one way that I keep in touch with people that I meet.

The downside of using the email marketing system is that it does not give you a way to flag Follow Ups like the other options. The plus is that it is web-based and can accessed anywhere from the Internet. The Constant Contact program also provides metrics to see which emailcommunications are being read.

  1. Divide your leads into what I call the 3 H Group's:

H #1 / = / Hot leads
H #2 / = / Hopeful leads
H #3 / = / Have not a clue!

H #1 = Hot Leads

Hot leads are the people you believe are most likely to take advantage of your products or service. They usually have expressed a specific need or interest in what you offer.

H #2 = Hopeful leads

Hopeful leads are the people that when you flip through past customers, business cards etc, you remember them. They stick out in your mind and you enjoyed meeting them. These are people you want to do business with.

H #3 Have not a clue!

Have not a clue leads are people that either you cannot remember or those whom you believe there is little chance that they will want your service… or you really have no idea if they would be interested or not. Typically time has passed since you have first met these leads or you met them in a group setting and did not have time to talk with them personally.

  • Action Step -Organize your call list in preparation for the first Unforgettable Follow Up™ call. Get ready for massive results! Any time you dedicate above average time and energy to move an area of your business forward, you are likely to see massive results.

Key Points

For Key Point Answers, check Appendix A.

  1. Statistics Show

Use Technology to
  1. Leads Need Nurtured.
  1. Set Positive Follow UpGoals.
  1. Organize Your Leads By H's Then… ______.
  1. Create a System.
  2. Send
  3. Scan
  4. See the person again

"The more hi-tech we have, the more counter balancing hi-touch we need."

– John Naisbitt, Megatrends Author

TIP:Ideally Follow Up with new leads within ______

  1. Do a Practice Call.
  1. Reasons to call back.
  1. Desperation is a…
  1. Vary your approach.
  1. Reach out every ______.

Sales Tips

  • Learn how decisions are made by your prospect.
  • Find out timeline for decisions.
  • Inquire about their budget. (especially with B2B)
  • Determine interest level (scale 1-5)
  • Find out their needs, motivations and challenges.
  • Create options, offer solutions.
  • Make recommendations.
  • Educate your customer.
  • ASK!

Add Your Own Sales Tips…


Email Template

Use this to Follow Up with a new contact from a meeting. > Indicates where to personalize the script.

Subject line: <Name, Nice Meeting You At…>

<Hi Name,
I am sending you a quick noteto letyou know how nice it wasmeeting youat the <event, meeting>. I thought it was well worth my time. Agree?

TIP:Personalize email, select one

  • I really enjoyed chatting with you about <memorable conversation>.
  • I could not help to notice <comment>.
  • I found it interesting that…<interesting observation about the person, their work or something you have in common>.

As mentioned, I am going to <action you will take to keep in touch (i.e. send you a brochure or catalog)as one way you can get a little familiar with what I do. We can explore how we might support each other in the future. Let me know what you think ofinformation you have sent>.
Let me know if you decide to go to the next <meeting, event> so we can chat.


<Your Name>

<Your Title>

<Your Phone>

<Your Cell #>

<Your Email Address/Website>

Telephone VoicemailTemplate

Follow Up Voicemail Script. > Indicates where to personalize the script.

Message: Hi, this message is for ______this is Name>, I am calling from <Your Company Name> to:

I wanted to set up a time to have coffee and get to know you better. We can explore ways that we can best support each other. I will give you a call back on <next day or two and insert time you will call back i.e. between 10-noon on Tues morn.>

Or you may reach me at <your phone number>, again my number is <your phone #>. I look forward to connecting with you soon...

I will keep trying unless you let me know you prefer that I don't!

Follow Up Process

1stInitial Contact

  • "I will try you again on day___ time__"
  • Email (Immediately after call)
  • Repeat message… in print "I will try you again on day___ time__"

2ndCall (2 days later if you did not connect)

  • "I will try you again on day___ time__"

Plus add a piece of new or exciting news

  • Email (immediately after the call)

"I will try you again on day___ time__"

Plus add a piece of news

3rdCall (2 days later if you did not connect)

  • "Gosh I must be picking bad times to call…"

"Here are my numbers and if I don't hear from you, I will try you back…"

4thCall (3 days later if you did not connect)

  • "I will try you at a later date unless you prefer me to take you off my follow you list. Please let me know and I will be respectful if you would rather me not reach out to you…"
  • Leave your #
  • Email (immediately after the call)
  • Repeat the same message

Move on, for now!

Weekly Call Log

The fastest way to ‘Unforgettable Follow Up™’ is to create your personal plan. Your plan needs to include:

  1. WHEN: Determine your weekly Follow Up call schedule and add this ongoing to your calendar.
  2. WHO: Create your on-going Follow Up call list. Know who you want to call.
  3. WHAT: Identify what you plan to say once you reach your contact and what to say if you don’t.
  4. WHY: Understand why this is important to your business success. Keep something (a collage, quote, picture of your goal etc) on your desk or in front of you to remind you why you are working to build your business. Also, understand that you will be more successful sticking to a routine if you set up a reward system and treat yourself for making the calls.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the chart below to track your responses. Tracking will help you to:

  1. Identify patterns and notice which responses are difficult for you.
  2. See your progress.
  3. Keep track of call backs and next steps.

If someone requests to be called at a later time, file that name and number (electronically or in your notebook) in the appropriate future time slot. You might want to use highlighters to mark contacts that say yes, no or maybe.

Date / Prospect / Reason
for Calling / Goal of Call / Call Back? / Notes
Yes / No / Maybe

Reasons For Follow Up Checklist

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Past Customer, Potential Customer

  • To See If They Are Satisfied
  • To Tell Them What Is New
  • To See If They Want To Reorder
  • To Get Referrals
  • To Share What's On Special
  • To Let Them Know You Have Been Thinking About Them
  • To Set Up A Meeting, Coffee Or Lunch
  • To Invite Somewhere
  • To Tell A Relevant Story
  • To Provide Facts
  • To Get Their Decision
  • To Offer a Choice

Call Back Person Who Has Said No…

(With Their Permission To Check Back In)

  • To See If Their Situation Has Changed
  • To See If They Will Reconsider
  • To Tell Them Additional Information So That They Can Make An Informed Decision
  • Add Your Own

Call A Referral

  • To Make A Connection
  • To Learn About Their Needs
  • To Let Them Know How You Can Help Them
  • To See How You Can Help Them
  • To See If They Are Ready To Take Advantage Of Your Product Or Service
  • Add Your Own…

Great Times To Follow Up

  • Whenever You Said You Would
  • Season Changes
  • New Promotional Periods/ Deadlines For Promotional Periods
  • When The Product Is Likely To Run Out
  • When Your Customer/Client Has Just Received Their Service Or Order
  • When There Was An Issue And It Has Been Resolved Or Needs Solved
  • When Something Happens In Their Life (Got Married, Had A Baby, Got Divorced, Moved, Got A Job, Lost A Job, Has Been In The News, Lost A Family Member Or Friend)

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New Product Or Services Are Released

  • Start/Near Close Of A Sales Goal
  • Just Because… To Keep In Touch
  • Help With Holiday Gift-Giving
  • Add Your own…

Appendix A – Answers for Key Points

  1. Statistics Show

70% / of leads gathered are never followed up with
90% / business comes from Follow Up
Use Technology to / arrange not replace face-to-face meetings
93% / Communication is non-verbal
  1. Leads Need Nurtured.

Develop a first class way to Follow Up with leads

  1. Set Positive Follow Up Goals.

Set goals to contact a set number of leads per day and/or per week

  1. Organize Your Leads By H's Then… Call Times.
  1. Create a System.
  2. Send– personal email or telephone call to foster connections
  3. Scan– leads using a scanner
  4. See the person again– seek out your new contacts

"The more hi-tech we have, the more counter balancing hi-touch we need."

– John Naisbitt, Megatrends Author

TIP:Ideally Follow Up with new leads within 2 days

  1. Start a Practice Call.

Start with “have not a clue”

  1. Reasons to call back.

“I wanted to share with you…”

  1. Desperation is a…Repellant.
  1. Vary your approach.

Use telephone, email, and mail

Reach out every Few days during the first two weeks.

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“There is so much more to this business than what it seems on the surface, and Barb gave us challenges that helped me to see that when you dive in, dive deep so that the rewards will be many in more areas than just one, and your customers will be long term. Thank you, Barb, for making the training fun and thank you for the priceless knowledge that has helped so many of us. I look forward to the next training topic that you teach. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me.’’

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I truly believe that doing Barb's course in January gave me the confidence, the business knowledge and the belief that 'anything is possible'....and how to do it with integrity and professionalism. I really can't explain what it will mean to your business....but we will all see, and you will understand in a few months time what impact doing Barb's course has made."

Renee Belbeck, Co-Founder of Like Minded Moms, LLC, Ohio …

"Barb’s [trainings] are refreshingly insightful. Her call had so many takeaways that I could implement in my business that same day. I look forward to continue to learn from her."

Carolyn Jaggers, Texas …

"I love the program! Barb offers concrete techniques that have increased my business. She does this by offering positive ideas, great graphic organizers and personalized attention. Barb lets us know that she is available by phone or e-mail if we need encouragement. I am challenged by the ideas she has presented. I have a new mindset on asking for business....Barb is always fun, engaging and encourages interaction. She role-plays ideas and techniques that show just how easy it is to be successful. I can truly say that I can feel that Barb is truly interested in my success! I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a positive way to boost your business."

Monica Bentley, Virginia …

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Barb Girson speak live at two of our conventions as well as being a participant in five of her teleclass programs. Barb is a bundle of energy who will come out with her boxing gloves (I've seen it first hand) to tackle any obstacle you may be facing with your business. With Barb's training you will become more confident in business. If you follow what Barb tells you to do you WILL see huge results!! She knows what she is talking about - not to mention she is a wordsmith genius. Thanks Barb for helping me grow sales!

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