Prevent Duty Risk Assessment/Action Plan

Prevent Duty Risk Assessment/Action Plan

Prevent Duty Risk Assessment/Action Plan

No / Prevent Vulnerability/Risk Area / Action / Response / Lead / Review / B / 1 / 2 / 3
1 / Do the following people have a good understanding of their own and institutional responsibilities in relation to the "Prevent Duty"?
2 / Board of Trustees / All staff training / DP /
  • Specialist sourced to deliver training to all staff in September 2015.
  • R&E training Sept 2015.
  • Student training Jan 2017.
  • Trustee training Dec 2016.

3 / Senior Managers / All staff training / DP
4 / Staff / All staff training / DP
5 / Students / All staff training / DP
6 / Safe and Equal Committee / All staff training / DP
1 / Is there active engagement from the institution's Trustees, SMT, managers and leaders? / Governors & SMT provided with briefing by the Principal (Prevent lead) on 25.04.15. Arrangements in place to repeat this briefing annually (or if major updates).
Briefing will be delivered to all staff annually. / P /
  • April 2015
  • September 2016
  • Trustee Link
  • Regular statutory updates

2 / Does the institution have an identified single point of contact (SPOC) in relation to Prevent? / The Prevent Lead for Landmark is the Safeguarding Lead Larry Brocklesby. He is responsible for oversight of the Prevent Action Plan & update to Trustees, Managers and staff. / P / Larry Brocklesby
3 / Does the institution engage with the BIS Regional Prevent Coordinator, Local Authority Police Prevent Leads and engage with local Prevent Boards/Steering Groups at Strategic and Operational level? / Links are required.
Principal to create links in 2015-16. / P /
  • To deliver all college WRAP training April 2016
  • Contact with East Midlands Prevent Coordinator.

1 / Do all staff have sufficient knowledge and confidence to:
2 / exemplify British Values in their management, teaching and through general behaviours in the institution / EDI and R&E training planned for September 2015 for all staff. / P /
  • EDI training delivered to all staff via Educare
  • Learning Walks planned for May 2017 to test impact.

3 / understand the factors that make people vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism and to challenge extremist ideas which are used by terrorist groups and can purport to legitimise terrorism / EDI and R&E training planned for September 2015 for all staff. / P /
  • Principal briefings used to update via scenarios – good understanding demonstrated by staff team.

4 / have sufficient training to be able to recognise this vulnerability and be aware of what action to take in response / EDI and R&E training planned for September 2015 for all staff. / P / Updated Safeguarding procedure and ALERTER role.
1 / Are there adequate arrangements and resources in place to provide pastoral care and support as required by the institution? / Training is required to improve the standard and range of Support, Information, Advice and Guidance (SIAG) and counselling services. / P / SIAG Coordinator (KS) September 2015
2 / Does the institution have chaplaincy provision or is this support signposted locally or brought in? / None identified. Advertisement to be uploaded onto College website. / P / Chaplain appointed
3 / Are their adequate monitoring arrangements to ensure that this support is effective and supports the institutions welfare and equality policies? / Greater emphasis is required on the SIAG students receive. An activity log will be reported to Trustees once per term. / P / SIAG event log category established
4 / Does the chaplaincy support reflect the student demographic and need? / Not in place. / P / Yes. Where disclosed.
1 / Is there an effective policy/framework for managing speaker requests? / Yes. / DP /
  • Policy in place with RA’s completed for all visitors.

2 / Is it well communicated to staff/students and complied with? / Partially. / DP /
  • Communicated to all staff.

3 / Is there a policy/framework for managing on campus events i.e. charity events? / Yes. / DP / All visitors are escorted always – see Visitor Policy
1 / Does the institution have a policy relating to the use of IT and does it contain a specific reference and inclusion of the Prevent Duty? / Principal to update policy. Updated April 2017. / P
2 / Does the institution employ filtering/firewall systems to prevent staff/students/visitors from accessing extremist websites and material? / Yes.
(Capita to provide text) / P /
  • September 2016
  • New ICT system to be launched.

3 / Does this also include the use of using their own devices via Wi-Fi? / No. Education curriculum will support learners to make positive choices and keeping themselves safe when it comes to 3G and 4G content. / P /
  • Education.

4 / Does the system alert to serious and/or repeated breaches or attempted breaches of the policy? / Yes.
Activity Report sent to Principal each month.
All breaches are reported immediately to the Principal. / P / Yes – installation September 2016 (Imperio)
1 / Does the institution have prayer facilities? / Available upon request
Consideration to be given to this provision, linking with local community. / TBC
2 / Are there good governance and management procedures in place in respect of activities and space in these facilities / Booking system at Reception / TBC
1 / Are there effective arrangements in place to manage access to the campus by visitors and non-students/staff? / Yes. Visitors Policy. / QA
2 / Is there a policy regarding the wearing of ID on campus? Is it enforced? / Requires updating. / QA
3 / Are dangerous substances kept and stored on site? / Yes. / QA / Locked cupboard
4 / Is there a policy in place to manage the storage, transport, handling and audit of such substances? / No. / QA /
  • DA updating

5 / Is there a policy covering the distribution (including electronic) of leaflets or other publicising material? / Requires updating. / QA /
  • LB to produce

1 / Is protection against the risk of radicalisation and extremism included within Safeguarding and other relevant policies? / Yes. Policy updated and ratified by Trustees May 2015. / P
2 / Do Safeguarding and welfare staff receive additional and ongoing training to enable the effective understanding and handling of referrals relating to radicalisation and extremism? / Yes.
Regular safeguarding external training
Prevent Duty training planned 2015-16 / P
3 / Does the institution utilise Channel as a support mechanism in cases of radicalisation and extremism? / Not in place.
Research into Channel to take place and policies to be updated by September 2015. / DP / Training received September 2015
4 / Does the institution have a policy regarding referral to Channel identifying a recognised pathway and threshold for referral? / Not in place.
Research into Channel to take place and policies to be updated by September 2015. / DP / Please see Safeguarding Policy
1 / Is the institution Prevent Lead and their role widely known across the institution? / No.
Training planned for September 2015. / P / Yes
2 / Are staff and students made aware of the Prevent Duty, current risks and appropriate activities in this area? / Not currently.
Induction planned to address this issue. / P /
  • All staff have received training on the Prevent Duty

3 / Are there information sharing protocols in place to facilitate information sharing with Prevent partners? / Not in place.
To be addressed by SIAG lead. / P /
  • Still developing the network.

1 / Does the institution have a critical incident management plan which is capable of dealing terrorist related issues? / No.
Principal to amend the disaster recovery plan to include terrorist related issues. / P / See Business Continuity Plan
2 / Is a suitably trained and informed person identified to lead on the response to such an incident? / Principal / P
1 / Does awareness training extend to sub-contracted staff and volunteers? / Yes, sub-contracted (SaLT) and Volunteers (Induction) / P
2 / Is the institution vigilant to the radicalisation of staff by sub-contracted staff and volunteers / Yes / P
Does the institution have a Freedom of Speech/Expression policy? / No. / TBC
Does this policy recognise and incorporate the risks associated with radicalisation and extremism? / No. / TBC
Is the need to protect vulnerable individuals covered within this policy? / No. / TBC
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