Prestonpans Area Support from the Start

Prestonpans Area Support from the Start

Prestonpans Area Support from the Start

Note of meeting held 13th Sept 2017 at Prestonpans infants


Steven Wray, (NHS Public health), Sandra King (Area manager), Jill Craig (Prestonpans Infants) Sheila Laing (Chair) Natalie Moir (SFTS family Worker), Helen Harper (CDO), Paul Lavery (Active Schools) Fiona McNeill (Cockenzie Primary school) Nicola Dickson (SFTS co-lead)


Sandra Thompson(Housing(, Catherin Wilson (Patchwork) Caroline Duncan (H.V team)

Sheila noted her thanks to Nicola for chairing the last two meeting in her absence and for all the work she has done for the cluster so far in her role as co-lead of the group.

Note of previous meeting - Accepted as read

Matters arising

  • Confirmed dates of two up and coming events – Munch and Crunch on the 27th September from 5.30pm – 7pm.
  • Go Mad with Dad on the 30th Sept am at the infants school
  • Baby Massage Leonna has applied for the training and the group is happy to fund this with the usual conditions

Family worker update

- Area partnership report is in final draft and will be circulated with note of meeting. Steven noted that it evidences a wide range of work and that the post is reaching the parts of the community we aimed to reach. The report focuses on the 20 referrals Natalie has seen but also covers some of the group work she has delivered. There is early evidence of improvement of outcomes for the parents that have engaged. Fiona reported that it may be possible to link school attainment data to the families that Natalie has supported. Action. Steven to circulate report and to further discuss with Fiona and Jacqui Mackinnon the feasibility of a small study with Cockenzie

- Take your Chalk for a walk focusing on engaging parent in fun early literacy and numeracy skills has gone well so far with good engagement from parents. Natalie noted that it was a relatively easy engagement project for schools / nurseries to utilise.

- Family fun Friday groups – 22 have attended with a focus on physical activity – a report on the project is to follow

- Family learning project at Cockenzie remains at planning stage but it is still planned to deliver this

- Family Cooking course – planned for after October break with 4 – 8 families to be delivered at Pennypit. Noted that Cockenzie has new cooking facilities that will also work well for family cooking courses

- Blether with your bairn is a project at Cockenzie aimed at speech and language issues

- Homework club for targeted support to children is still in planning.

Munch & Crunch themes

Discussed themes for next session on 27th September – agreed to start by recapping and reporting back on themes that emerged from last session on outdoor play as they have a successful outcome and there are on-going plans

Play Spaces in the Prestonpans cluster

This was the main theme for improvement that emerged from the St. Gabriel’s Munch & Crunch. Following discussion about the quality of the space near to the pagoda building Nicola was able to negotiate improvements and upgrades to existing facility and council has agreed that if funds were raised for new equipment following consultation they would install and do any necessary ground works. The group agreed to commission a consultation to take place in the New Year which would then form the basis for a revamp of the equipment / space at the park. A fund of £500 was allocated to achieving the consultation. Action: Steven to contact East Lothian Play Association to discuss a commissioned consultation.

It was noted that the Long Craig park also needs upgrades

It was also noted that children in Longniddry have begun campaigning for a skate park

Parent Pathway Planning

Breast feeding support is now established initially through Nicola offering a group and now this is to be delivered by NCT on a Wednesday at the lighthouse café 1-2pm

Peep classes are currently being delivered by Jan Holden and there are plans for further delivery perhaps through the community centres. PEEP train the trainers delivered by Lena Hutton is planned for November – so if there are suitable people who could deliver then names should be put forward to Nicola / Sheila

Stay & Play is happening at Port Seton and at the Pennypit

RCWC – a group is currently being delivered by Helen Harper and Donna Doherty which has 10 participants. Not current dates for further classes

Lunch Club Update

The group considered a proposal from Sheila to provide funding for the lunch club in October. Sheila noted that food is now being donated by the Brakes Company and that discussion about sustainable staffing and support for holiday lunch clubs is ongoing. The October lunch will have spaces for 40 children and be under 2 hours


Wed 8th November Venue tbc - Action plan update a key agenda item