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[...] An unusual pop turn that works and entertains by adhering to the plot and intentions of the original grotesque comedy [...] And the narrative ploy, imaged to bring the text as close to the contemporary, becomes to set it during the recording of a reality show [...] Paola Teresa Grassi - klpteatro

The Marriage funs and surprises, a reinvention (beautifully philological) by Gogol '. The frantic search of the wedding, combined meetings, the whirlwind of courtship, seduction, temptation [...]assume here glimpses of grotesque actuality. What is considered a comedy, in fact [...] becomes a parody of the many highly successful television talk show dedicated to couples. Without pushing too hard (and rightly) in the metaphor tv, the director Salvatore Tramacere takes up a game with much rhythm, engaging, in which original characters mutate wisely in today's social types, easily recognizable. [...] Able and compact young actors of Koreja [...]Andrea Porcheddu – Linkiesta

[...] A reality-Truman show that begins with the Italian program TV “Men and Women” by De Filippi with the great achorperson (Giovanni de Monte-up) a mix between Signorini, Ventura and D'Urso mixed with “Carramba what a surprise”, commercials and scenes, with the aim to make the beautiful Agafia marry. Dire Straits, Bowie, Carla Bruni and Pavarotti make the farce danceable and very hilarious […] Tommaso Chimenti – Il Fatto Quotidiano

[...] An overdose of irony, healthy weight [...] a point of view that can turn off the "sound money", by touting the "courage to dive", to go from the front to the meeting with the spectators with the hope of being cats – not dogs who are always in need of a master – like kings of autonomy, of their ability to be alone, away from the hustle and rumors of squalid stories.

[...] The theater is the story, pleasure of the story, pleasure of making stories, of meeting other stories, fragments, small traces. To sew the words with the music, with songs (and here, in the “korejana” manner, there's a lot of songs that move from the digital to the real voice ...), with the lights dye the dynamics, with images inspire reflection, the time of a beat and go to make the process to obscenity of the present days. […] Mauro Marino – Spagine della domenica 37

Salvatore Tramacere and its actors take over both the grotesque and black tone Gogol's best [...] and the musicality of the unfinished work unfinished [...] a maddened meta-theater with the aim of producing a comic effect [...] The subject is typical of a certain nineteenth-century bourgeois theater [...] the director resolves the plot lowering it in a known container as a hybrid television format on the border between the Dating Game, and Men and Women: Four suitors (played by Francesco Cortese, Giovanni De Monte Carlo and Fabio Zullino Durante) for a young girl to marry. And it is a tourbillon of songs (the plan is masterfully played on stage by Ivan Banderblog), colors, lights, choreography, fast movements, monologues application, grotesque quarrels and, again, continuous exits and entrances from the scene to the room, from the text to the contemporarytv [...] In this time discounting that is not condescending but fun, intelligent and aware of the text of Gogol, everything is an area of ​​overlap [...]Koreja creates a warp end by showing the intertwining of ineptitude and by highlighting how the cultural and social cages find, according to the times, different and monstrous variations and how often unconsciousness dumb little sign by becoming guilt.Nicoletta Lupia – Il Tamburo di Kattrin

Under the leadership of Salvatore Tramacere, the actors of Koreja lend themselves in the best possible ways to interpret this performance and play with enthusiasm and well the parts. Brathtaking [...] The work of Koreja plunges into the TV fiction of overflowing society of the spectacle [...] Bravi! Well done everyone at the Teatro Koreja.Antonio Zoretti - Spagine