Present Perfect with Already, Just, Still, Yet

Present Perfect with Already, Just, Still, Yet

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Present perfect with already, just, still, yet

1Riordina le parole per formare frasi.

uncle got my married just has

My uncle has just got married.

1students already the taken exam the have


2haven’t you still about date me your told


3started you yet project your school have


4split boyfriend Kelly up just with has her


5your brother has a laptop just new bought


6she that DVD already watched has


2Completa il dialogo con la forma corretta del Present perfect. Usa le forme contratte dove possibile.

AnnieDad, Mike’s just phoned (just/phone) me. Can I meet him in town?

DadHmm. 1 (you/do/your homework/yet)?

AnnieYes, I 2 (already/finish) it. I
3 (still/not email) it to the teacher, but I can do that tonight.

DadOK. And 4 (you/tidy/your room/yet)?

AnnieNo, I 5 (still/not do/that) – sorry! Can I do it tomorrow?

DadI don’t know – 6 (you/ask/your mum/yet)?

AnnieYes, I have and she 7 (just/say) it’s fine.

DadOK, then. I’ll drive you into town.

3Segna () la frase corretta. Poi riscrivi correttamente quelle errate.

Miranda already has gone out.

Miranda has already gone out.

1Pete hasnt had lunch yet.

2I haven’t still seen Maisy.

3They have just gave me my present.

4Has Mia called you yet? Yes, she have.

5Mark and Elena already have met.

6Candice and I has just sold our scooter.

Present perfect with How long....?, for, since

4Scrivi for o since per queste espressioni di tempo.

for three days

1 yesterday afternoon

2 hours

3 the summer holidays

4 last year

5 ages

6 a few minutes

7 1999

5Scrivi domande con How long... ? e risposte con for o since e la forma corretta del Present perfect.

you/own/this tablet? (Christmas)

How long have you owned this tablet?

I’ve owned this tablet since Christmas.

1Nina and her boyfriend/be/together? (five years)

2Tim/do/karate? (last month)

3your/grandparents/live/in this house? (a long time)

4your brother/work/in Tom’s café? (January)

5You and Toby/be at/this school? (three years)

6Sally/know/Mara? (last year)

Present perfect vs Past simple

6Completa le frasi con la forma corretta del Present perfect o del Past simple dei verbi tra parentesi.

My brother has just got (just/get) engaged to his girlfriend.

1Oh no! I think I (drop) my wallet when I was on the train.

2Gary’s phone is off, but I (just/leave) him a voice message.

3I (read) that book last year. It’s very good!

4Umberto (meet) Helen yesterday. He’s crazy about her.

5It’s too late – I (already/send) that email.

6Grandma (come) to the UK from Ghana when she was a child.

7Sorry, we can’t go out tonight because we (not finish) our school project.

8Mum and Dad (buy) my sister a watch for her birthday when they were in town yesterday.

9I’ve (know) her for years.

7Scegli l’alternativa corretta per completare la chat online.

<Josh>I’ve just heard/just heard some news: Laura 1has split/split up with Ryan.

<Cathy>Really? When 2did it happen/has it happened?

<Josh>Two weeks ago, but Ryan 3hasn’t got/didn’t get over it. He 4tried/’s tried to speak to her a few times 5since/for then, but she 6hasn’t answered/didn’t answer his calls 7for/since days.

<Toby>I think I know why: Laura 8’s found a/found her new boyfriend really quickly. Steve 9told/has told me a few days ago.

<Cathy>Really? Who is it?

<Toby>It’s someone from Park End School, Steve says. Laura 10went/has been to Park End 11for/since three years before she 12has come/came to our school. Her new boyfriend is called Raul, and Laura 13knew/’s known him 14for/since ages. I heard they 15started/have started going out before she split up with Ryan.

<Cathy>That’s terrible!


Dating and relationships

8Scegli l’alternativa corretta per completare la pubblicità di un programma televisivo.


9Completa l’email con le parole date.