Present at Meeting: Kerri Williamson, Denys Draper, Amy Mullins, Amanda Clough, Jill Brewer

Present at Meeting: Kerri Williamson, Denys Draper, Amy Mullins, Amanda Clough, Jill Brewer

LPTO Meeting

June 8, 2016


Present at Meeting: Kerri Williamson, Denys Draper, Amy Mullins, Amanda Clough, Jill Brewer, Sue Ober, Cindy Burnell, Lynn Kenerson, Gordie Johnk

Meeting Called to Order at 7:23pm

May minutes were reviewed and approved.

Funding Requests:

Summer Book Club: Last year they had 35 students participate. Asking for funding for 3 staff people, supplies, and snacks. They are asking for $1500 which is more than in the past but they have more students participating and need additional help. Questions were asked about past summer reading programs as this is more money than in the past. It is more money, but we have more students. The idea was brought up to ask for a “suggested donation” to offset the costs of the program. Motion made by Amanda Clough, seconded by Amy Mullins to allocate $1500 to the summer reading program with a “suggested donation” to offset the costs. Any donations received will go back to the LPTO to offset this cost, and any amount above and beyond will be earmarked for future summer reading programs.

Lice Kits: The school nurse is asking for $100 for lice kits to give to students/families who need them. This would get her 4 lice kits. All of the lice kits that were in the nurse office were expired. Our school policy states that students identified will be sent home, but not all families treat the problem. It was felt that if it is a school board policy, that maybe the school should pay for this. It seemed to the committee that this should come out of the nurse budget and the LPTO will “step in” if her budget runs dry. Motion made by Lynn Kenerson to pass on the lice kits, seconded by Denys Draper. We would like to encourage the nurse, however, to contact us if she does not have enough money in her budget.

Third Grade was working on a request for a Gaga Pit. Amy Kelley and Gordie talked and it was felt that it needs to be talked about with the staff to see if it would be something that they would be comfortable supervising. There is left over money in the playground budget that would cover this pit, but it needs to be a project that is accepted by all… Rules could be posted so that all grades understand. Could be used by classrooms as a “reward” vs a recess game. Gordie reported that students have problems following the rules for 4-square and kickball. This idea is tabled until the staff comes back with their thoughts.

Cindy brought a picture of the students using the blocks that we bought for Teacher Appreciation week. The students really liked them!

Kerri presented Lynn a gift certificate to the bookstore on behalf of the LPTO for Lynn in thanks of all of her support and help with the LPTO over the years. Toni also has a gift certificate to the local nursery for her.

Amanda and Sue said that they will help with the morning coffee on the first day of school.

Gordie thanked the LPTO for their dedication and support to the school.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10pm