Preferred Contact Method: E-Mail

Preferred Contact Method: E-Mail


Spanish 121 DVD

Fall 2012

Instructor David Quintero, PhD.

Preferred Contact Method: E-mail:

Telephone: 206-934-2920
Online Classroom: via Angel first, then Connect on-line platform, and e-mail for DVD work.

Text: Experience Spanish: Un mundo sin limites. Authors: Amores – SuarezGarcia - Morris. McGraw Hill, 2011.

  • This is a bundle that includes textbook, and code for access to your DVDs with an e-book, e-Workbook/Lab Manual; a metacognitive vocabulary and grammar builder called LearnSmart, and Mundos Interactivos or your cultural on-line interactive required items.

NOTE: Bundle should be purchased in the SeattleCentralCommunity Collegebookstore. Publishing company has given our college the best possible price for bundled items. If you get the textbook alone elsewhere, you must also buy the e-code as most of your outside of classroom work is online assigned homework; and you need your individual code that comes with your bundled textbook to access the Connect Web site and do this class.


This course is designed as the beginning course of Basic Spanish. The material will be presented in an 11 week course format. Students will learn the basic grammatical structures of Spanish, and how to use them in daily oral and written communication.


The objective of the course is to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish and to provide basic introduction to the Latin American/Spanish culture. During the quarter the Spanish program also introduces you, the students, to DVD interactive technology to enhance the second language learning process.

I would like to also say few words about the exciting technology we will be using in this course. Our course is enhanced by using a Web Platform. This platform was built as a response to the question: How to teach Spanish in the XXI Century? The most common response was that it must integrate the new tools or technology of the XXI Century. So, many of the required assignments on this platform are accessible from your smart phone (smart because it has access to the internet). You can work while in the bus, waiting for coffee, or with no book.

  • CONNECT is your Web Platform: It includes your e-book (same as hardcopy), an Audio/Visual DVD series with activities; an e-workbook/lab manual; a meta cognitive online portal LearnSmart to build vocabulary and grammar skills; and Mundos interactivos a cultural virtual tour of different Spanish speaking countries. All of these while supporting your textbook applications, and reduce carbon footprint, and costs to you.

COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course with a 2.0 grade or better, you will be able to:

Outcome 1:Vocabulary material

Use an online meta cognitive software flash card bank called LearnSmart. You will be instructed in how to use and practice different interactive vocabulary activities daily in our classroom. Students will use a pragmatic approach to vocabulary lists that are presented in sequences such as: Greetings, Identity, College Studies, Work, Sports, Free Time, Seasons, Chores, Family, and Housing.

Outcome 2: Listening Comprehension Material

Comprehend basic spoken Spanish at a slower pace first, then at a normal pace. Also, instruction will focus on skills and coping strategies for filling in gaps when comprehension is not perfect.

Outcome 3:Speaking Communication material

Answer and ask questions on a variety of everyday topics, describe people and places, and narrate recurring events.

Outcome 4: Reading Material

Respond to pre-reading and after- reading comprehension questions that go from True/False statements, to correct the false statements, and to incrementally write full sentences after reading or doing an activity. Upon completion of this course, student will be able to have a solid basic foundation of reading communication skills, while performing the following tasks:

Read for comprehension not translation

Follow instructions for reading proficiency techniques

Complete/answer questions after reading authentic texts

Outcome 5: Writing material

Use “Brainstorming” techniques to build basic Subject + Verb + Object sentences first and incrementally construe larger sentences. Writing material is also in your textbook and e-materials workbook/lab manual.

Outcome 6:Cultural Viewing Material

Answer pre-viewing and after- viewing DVD activities. The various cultures of the Spanish-speaking world are presented as slights of life. Using DVD/videos helps to make a visual impression that lasts longer than the verbal ones in the minds of the majority of the students.

Learning Expectations: This is a Spanish DVD course, where most of the work happens over the internet. There are no requirements to come to campus. However, you must interact with me, your instructor via e-mail to send me all required DVD work. A face-to-face class requires 55 in class meetings, and then about 55 hours of homework. So, make plans to schedule about 100 hours during fall quarter for Spanish 121 DVD. You should expect to work as hard as you would in a face to face class. There will be regular and challenging work that will require your regular attention.
What I expect of you:

  • That you are fully engage when working for the class
  • That you do the textbook reading, and on-line platform assignments in a timely fashion
  • That, if something happens to interfere with your ability to meet your course obligations, you tell me as soon as possible.
  • That you communicate professionally in all class related communications - email, text, instant messages, etc, adhering to standard Internet rules of netiquette (
  • That you do the assigned activities thoughtfully and in a timely manner.
  • That you have fun learning Spanish as it is one of the three major International Business Languages in the World.

What you can expect of me

  • That I give you course work that is well organized and reasonable, so that you can appropriately schedule your study time.
  • That I give you challenging work that allows you to explore the topic in a way that interests you.
  • That I have assigned you regular graded activities so that you always know how you are doing in the class.
  • That I give you advanced guidance on how things will be graded so you know my expectations for an assignment.
  • That I grade the work in a timely manner and that I grade fairly.
  • That I give you all the support and training you need to succeed in the ANGEL and CONNECT classroom.
  • That I have fun teaching the class so that it will be fun for you to learn.


During this class, we will have several activities designed to meet the objectives of the course.

Weekly Activities:

  • You will read and study your textbook grammar, and do textbook homework for your own clarification, and understanding textbook activities.
  • Your will go to your on-line platform, CONNECT, and do for grade all assigned chapter work. Within CONNECT your will also do the following:
  • LearSmart (vocabulary and grammar builder),
  • Workbook/Lab Manual, Homework, Practices, and Exams, as per date and time due.
  • DVD viewing and comprehension questions which need to be sent to me via my email: for grading.

Quarterly Activities:

  • EXPLANATION OF PURPOSE OF TERM PROJECT: You will do a term project which will review the following skills in Spanish: Listening/Viewing Comprehension, Oral Communication (recorded), reading, and writing in Spanish.
  • The program you will use is called MUNDOS INTERACTIVOS. The interactive format is design to integrate you as an intern of a media station with functional projects such as preparations for a wedding anniversary, visiting restaurants, comparing markets, etc. All the activities will take place in different Latin American or Spanish settings, and will have concrete instructions in English, and Spanish.


Chapter Exams40% (points varied)

DVD work 10% (points varied)

LearnSmart30% (points varied)

Term Project (Mundos Interactivos)10% (points varied)

Homework10% (points varied)

Total 100%

We have a 100 point grade system with 40% each for chapter exams, 10% for DVD work, 30% for LearnSmart work, 10% for Term Project (Mundos Interactivos), and 10% for general homework.

Exams Scoring: Exams are worth 40% of your grade (each has different points every two weeks). Portions of your exams are automatically graded, and other are manually graded by me. For example, if you were asked to record or write something, I will need to listen or read it in order to give you a grade. Exams have a due date. Also, each exam has three attempts and your will receive the grade for your best attempt.

DVD Scoring:DVD work is worth 10% of your grade (different points each chapter). each week. You are required to do the previewing and after-viewing activities and send them via e-mail to me. I will first let you know that I received them, and after a week, you will receive a grade via e-mail with comments if needed. Students who sent late DVD work will only be informed that I got them, and will see their DVD score at part of their final grade only.

LearSmart Scoring: It is worth 30% of your grade. It consist of two parts, one is a vocabulary retention builder, and the other is a Grammar retention builder. Each has different activities and points. It is automated so will know immediately how you are doing, and it has unlimited attempts. After achieving the maximum points possible, it will score your best attempt.

Term Project : Mundos interactivos. This project is worth 10% of your grade. It is divided into multiple activities of about 15 minutes each. It will be available after the fourth week of the quarter to allow you have some basic know how of Spanish. Instructions are in English and you also have multiple attempts for each activity.

Homework: It is worth 10% of your grade. You will find in this area e-Workbook/Lab Manual, Practice Exams, and other general homework that underlines your second language learning process for example, verb conjugation activities. Yu will get immediate automated feedback with the responses. In this scoring I will also look at the total time you put into this course as it will express to me the level of your competency, proficiency, and performance in the class. Logically it varies from student to student, but it will verify your work.

Other Important Information

All the above assignments have different points, due dates, and most are included and calculated in your Connect Platform. Some of the assignments, like your exams, term project, and DVD work need to be reviewed by me, your instructor, and I will give you the points or credits according to your performance.

The DVD 10% assignments need to be send for grading via e-mail to me your instructor

This class requires regular and sustained access to an internet-connected computer. You are required to either access your CONNECT platform from your own home, or library; or from SeattleCentralCommunity College web services. You will be required to have access to a web browser.

Late Policy. Life often gets in the way of study. To accommodate that, you have 3 Late Passes. To use a LatePass, you must

  • Notify David Quintero before the assignment is actually due. Anytime before the actual midnight deadline is fine. The notification must be via email to
  • with the words “LatePass” in the subject line. Do not say why you are asking for the late pass. It does not matter. Your request will be approved as long as you have late passes remaining. Thus, you do not need to wait for a reply, as all requests will be approved.
  • Turn in the assignment within 4 calendar days of the due date with a note that it is being submitted late with a late pass.
  • Only one late pass per assignment.
  • The LatePass cannot be used with LearnSmart.

Please note: The late passes are here to make the class easier on you. There is no benefit at all to not using the late pass, so please use them. That is why they are available.

Submitting Your Work: Please note thatall assignments must be posted in CONNECT with the exception of DVD work which needs to be sent to me. If you are having technological difficulties you must contact the STUDENT CARE SUPPPORT desk in CONNECT and get A Help Desk Ticket. It will be sent to me also so that I can give you an extension.

The information of the STUDENT CARE SUPPPORT is:


HOURS (Eastern Time or two hours ahead of us PacificTime):

M-Th:8:00 am to 11:00 pm

FRIDAY:8:00 am to 6:00 pm

SUNDAY evening:6:00 to 11:00 pm

No Extra Credit: This class moves along at a brisk pace and it is challenging. If you fall behind, I think it is more important that you focus on doing well on what is due right now rather than using precious study time trying to write me long personal notes explaining why you are falling behind, and asking for extra credit.

Grade Reports: This class is designed so that each student who works diligently should achieve a grade of 85%/3.0 or better. To assist in that effort, you have in CONNECT a “Student Performance Report” where you can track your progress.
Professional Communications: College is like work and in that way I (and all of your instructors) expect you to communicate professionally. That means that in all communications you must:

  • Identify yourself fully, including our class name (SPAN 121 DVD, fall 2012) and your first and last name.
  • Use complete sentences, including proper spelling and grammar.

Communications that don't meet the two criteria above will be sent back for clarification. Also remember that I will reply to your email within 1 business day, so look for that reply and respond if needed.

Tutor Support: Seattle Central Community College has a College Wide Tutorial Services (including Spanish) on site. You must come in or call the information services if more information is needed. Please, do not call me or e-mail regarding tutorial services. I don’t have additional information or hours of services as it changes from quarter to quarter and sometimes from week to week.

Mobile Access - This class is mobile friendly. Using the browser on your mobile device, you should be able to do the following activities:

  • Access course readings
  • Do LearnSmart and other CONNECT required assignments


Do you have a documented Disability? If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me or just please provide me with the Letter of Accommodation from the Seattle Central Community College Disabilities Office BE1112. Hours: Mon-Fr 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Phone: (206) 934-4183. It is your responsibility to contact the ADA office, and arrange support with them.

Policy Regarding Academic Dishonesty. Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty are unacceptable in my class and at Seattle Central Community and are subject to disciplinary action by the college. Any suspect documents will be returned and no credit given.

Confidentiality. Your student records are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This includes the privacy of your interactions in this class. It is important that everyone respect the privacy of our classroom. Do not share out the work, discussion posts or other communications of your classmates without their express permission.


Nouns, Articles, Gender, and Number

Subject Pronouns

To be: Ser & Estar


Descriptive, possessive (stressed/unstressed), Demonstrative Adjectives

Present tense of regular, irregular verbs, and stem-changing verbs

Present Progressive Tense

Reflexive and Reciprocal verb constructions

The A personal

To know, Saber versus Conocer

Formal & Informal Commands

Expressions of Obligation

Declarative & Interrogative Sentences

Hacer y Hace que time expressions

Verbs like Gustar

To be + adjectives


Textbook grammar studying, reading, and activities are for your personal understanding. LearSmart (vocabulary and grammar builder), Workbook/Lab Manual, Homework, Practices, and Exams, are all done within the Connect Platform as per date and time due.

DVD viewing and comprehension questions need to be done with your DVD, and send to me for grading: