Practice Session 1

Practice Session 1

Practice — Session 1

Demo /
  • [5C] 10 mH inductor
  • [13D] VGA cable with a choke
/ Neil lectures on LRC circuits this session. Any cable with a choke is suitable here. They occasionally appear on [13B] USB cables too.
Lab /
  • [4D] Oscilloscope
  • [4G] Scope probe
  • [4C] Function generator
  • [8G] Batteries or [5D] DC power supply
  • [5R] 4 banana cables
  • [5C] 4 alligator clips
  • [5C] 1 × 1.0 kΩ, 1 × 2.2 kΩ, 1 × 4.7 kΩ resistors
  • [5C] 0.10 μF capacitor
  • [5R] BNC cable
  • [5C] BNC-T
  • [5C] F-banana to M-BNC connector
  • [5C] M-banana to F-BNC connector
  • [4D] Scope probe screwdrivers (a few)
  • [Bench] 22 gauge wire
  • [5G] Wire strippers (a few)
  • [5G] Pliers (a few)
  • [Back cabinet 1] Digital multimeter data sheet
/ Students may blow a lot of [5B] DMM fuses. The [8G] ammeter checker may be useful here too.
If the DC power supplies have been used instead of batteries, students also need the [5G] 4-battery holder from their drawers.
Sarah: dislikes the scope probes, prefers giving students a couple more banana cables and alligator clips.
Drawer items
  • [5C] Digital multimeter
  • [5R] Grabber leads
  • [5B] Breadboard
  • [5B] Wires

Practice — Session 2

Demo /
  • LRC circuit Lissajous figures
 [4B] Analog oscilloscope
 [4C] Function generator
 [5C] 100 Ω resistor
 [5C] 1 × 0.10 μF, 1 × 1.0 μF capacitors (non-electrolytic)
 [5B] 250 pF metal plates capacitor
 [Prep cabinet] Aluminum foil
 [Bookshelf] Large, thick hardcover book
 [5C] 10 mH inductor
 [5B] Breadboard
 [5R] Banana cables
 [5C] Alligator clips
 [5B] Wires
 [Cupboards] 3.5 mm stereo cable / Neil: hooks up LRC series circuit with one leg of resistor grounded. 4 different capacitors are available, depending on the desired resonant frequency. The 3.5 mm stereo cable can be connected to the classroom speakers or headphones for sound at the driving frequency. This is indicative of the strength of the resonance. The stereo cable can be hooked up with tip and sleeve on ungrounded and grounded ends of the resistor, respectively. Just connecting the tip is also fine for the classroom speakers.
Lab /
  • Same as session 1
/ Drawer items
  • Same as session 1

Practical Exam

Lab /
  • Same as session 1 except for elements
 [5C,hidden] Exam resistors/capacitors
  • [5B] Fuses
  • [8G] Ammeter checker
Drawer items
  • Same as session 1
/ Ask instructor which elements are to be used on the exam. Items should all be placed out on studio tables.
Remember to set up required items from the students’ drawers.
Standard settings:
  • Oscilloscope: default settings, channels set to 1×
  • Scope probe: 1×
  • Function generator: all knobs pushed in and turned to left, no scale, no waveform settings
  • DC power supply (if used): current max, voltage min
  • Batteries and battery holder (if used): check output is at least 5 V under 10 Ω load
  • DMM: check fuses