POSITION:President & Chief Executive Officer

POSITION:President & Chief Executive Officer


POSITION:President & Chief Executive Officer


REPORTS TO:Board of Directors



To transform the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and families by providing hope and support in a nurturing, Christian environment.


Reaching generations by helping children and families find a future filled with hope and promise


Medina Children’s Home is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Christian organization established in 1958 to assist disadvantaged children and single-mother families in need. Boles Children’s Home was established in 1924 and shares the same mission as that of Medina Children’s Home. Together, the two organizations form Arms of Hope. This partnership holds over 140 years of combined experience in caring for the financial, physical, and emotional needs of children and single-mother families. Although both organizations were originally created to serve as homes for orphans, Arms of Hope has evolved and expanded to serve the growing needs of at-risk children and single-mother families and has a combined 50+ years of experience in serving this growing population both with residential programs on its campuses and in their own communities through its Family Outreach Care Program. Arms of Hope is committed to providing a safe haven and Christian environment for children and single mother families by helping them avoid homelessness, poverty, abuse and neglect, and by leading them to a life of sustaining and productive citizenship.

To achieve our mission through our various programs including Residential Child Care, Together, College and Career, Right Start and Family Outreach Care programs, Arms of Hope is committed to providing a safe haven and Christian environment for children and single-mother families by helping them avoid and overcome homelessness, poverty, abuse and neglect and by leading them to lives of sustaining and productive citizenship. Our residential program participants attend public school, nearby universities or trade schools and participate in school, church and campus activities. Arms of Hope also reaches disadvantaged children in their own neighborhoods in various communities with its Outreach Ministry programs. Arms of Hope is primarily funded by individual donations from individuals, foundations and corporations and does not receive federal or state grants.

Arms of Hope delivers services to socially disadvantaged children and families with children on three residential campuses and are in the process of opening three Family Outreach Centers in major urban areas to target providing assistance and support to children and families residing in some of the most distressed neighborhoods in our communities. Arms of Hope’s three residential campuses total over 650 acres and include the Medina Campus (60 miles northwest of San Antonio), the Boles Campus (40 miles northeast of Dallas) and the Duncanville Campus (12 miles south of Dallas). Arms of Hope Campuses include 14 residential child care cottages, 74 residences for single mother families, housing for 20 College & Career Program participants and 22 staff residences. Both the Medina and Boles campuses have day care facilities licensed by the State of Texas, administrative offices, operational programs facilities, recreational facilities including swimming pools, operational facilities supporting maintenance and operation of facilities and transportation. The campuses have over 85 buildings which provide over 225,000 square feet of space.

Since its inception, Arms of Hope’s objective has been to provide children and families in its care with a spiritual foundation based on Christian principles and teachings. The Board, administration and staff are committed to stimulating Christian spiritual growth in each child and parent by providing spiritual guidance and teaching through its ministry staff, by promoting involvement in local churches and providing opportunities to explore and realize their calling to live a life in service to Christ.


Below is a summary description of the primary programs currently offered by Arms of Hope to support socially disadvantaged children and families.

The Together Program helps motivated single mothers and their children transition into successful, independent futures by providing counseling, accountability, parenting skills, career training and a home in a peaceful and safe environment. These mothers are fleeing homelessness, domestic violence, abuse or have lost sustainable support when a death, abandonment, incarceration or divorce have occurred and there are no other means of provision.

The Right Start Program helps expectant single mothers prepare for motherhood while providing shelter, necessities and skills needed to care for their newborn babies. The Right Start program is an entry point for women coming into the Together Program who desire to be a parent and learn how to establish a healthy family environment for her child.

The Residential Child Care Program meets disadvantaged children’s physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs in a warm family-like atmosphere where house parents function as mother and father figures. Residents range in age from 5 to 18 and live in cottages with eight to ten children. Arms of Hope provides for the children’s basic daily needs including shelter, food, clothing, counseling, supervision and education. The children are given the opportunity and encouraged to develop spiritually, as well as physically, while being taught social skills, respect for authority and a proper work ethic.

The College and Career Program provides assistance for Arms of Hope high school graduates with support through college, trade school or into their first job and often includes accommodations for graduates who have not yet found a place to call home.

Family Outreach Care provides assistance to underprivileged youth and their families in their own neighborhoods, which are some of the most financially, distressed areas in Texas communities, including San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. The Family Outreach Care Initiative connects underprivileged families seeking assistance with necessities including food, clothing, financial assistance and counseling to assist them in stabilizing and provide them continued support to become a stronger family unit capable of independent futures filled with hope and promise. Arms of Hope’s Family Outreach Care Programs also provide ministry for children and families through hosting youth events featuring inspirational speakers and sponsoring Christian based sports teams which provides the opportunity to mentor and build positive relationships with at-risk children.

Finance & Fundraising

Arms of Hope has no debt, a $9.5 million annual operating budget and an endowment with current value of approximately $15 million. Except for small reimbursement from the state for meals, and occasional per diems from state placed children, the organization does not receive any government grants or other funding that would restrict it from freely teaching about Christian principles and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Almost all of its revenue is raised through charitable contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and civic groups. This includes the monetization of “in-kind” gifts of clothing and household items through a substantial resale program.

A professional marketing and events staff oversees external mass communication and promotion of the organization, including multiple major events (galas, dinners, golf tournaments, etc.) and routine print and electronic publications (newsletters, direct mail, enewsletters and other promotional materials). A professional development staff is responsible for identifying, cultivating and soliciting donors and prospective donors (individuals, corporations, churches, foundations and civic groups) for major gifts and support for promotional events.


Arms of Hope is fortunate to have an outstanding staff and a conscientious and generous Board of Directors. There are currently 12 active members on the Board. Kevin McDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer of Arms of Hope since its inception in early 2009 has announced his resignation effective June 1, 2012, but will continue to be involved in a leadership transition including recruitment of his replacement. The Board of Directors has launched a national search to recruit a new President & Chief Executive Officer who will guide the organization as it continues its mission of providing hopeful futures for socially disadvantaged children and families.


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President & Chief Executive Officer is the principal executive and administrative officer of Arms of Hope and is responsible for the overall supervision and operation of the mission, programs, fundraising, business affairs and facilities.

The President & Chief Executive Officer will be the “public face” of Arms of Hope providing leadership on fundraising, promotion, program initiatives, relationship management, talent acquisition and development and community involvement activities. This position will be required to maintain an organizational culture of outstanding performance, professional management and high integrity. The President & Chief Executive Officer will place emphasis within this culture on careful stewardship, professionalism, respect for all involved (co-workers, recipients of care, volunteers and supporters) and application of best practices in the areas of business management and controls.

The President & Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the financial oversight, general business and programming of Arms of Hope. Additionally, all standards of licensing and governmental bodies must be maintained. The President & Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the oversight of all programs, providing for the quality, uniformity and continuity of programs across all campuses and locations in an ethical, moral and legal manner within a safe and therapeutic environment.


  • Serving as “the face” of Arms of Hope and effectively articulating its mission and values to individuals and groups.
  • Directing the organization’s experienced marketing, event planning, support services, and development staffs, as well as members of the Board, in continuing to build a strong fundraising program that will meet and exceed the monetary objectives of Arms of Hope and increase its visibility and reputation among the public.
  • Overseeing all accounting functions including those necessary for auditing, budgeting, financial analysis, capital asset and property management and payroll in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and all other applicable rules and guidelines.
  • Handles all aspects of human resource management including but not limited to hiring and termination, developing position descriptions, setting compensation, applying board approved employee policies and benefits in accordance with federal and state requirements. Special emphasis is placed on recruiting, hiring, training and retention of outstanding staff members.
  • Interacting with an active and committed Board to develop policies and strategies that fulfill the expectations of the Strategic Plan to enhance the quality of the organization.
  • Directing the marketing staff in the implementation of effective external communications through all mediums to continue implementation of integrated marketing plan with the goals of increasing awareness of Arms of Hope and the programs it offers, strengthening the brand and generating sustainable support for the organization.
  • Further integrating technology into daily operations in order to increase efficiency.
  • Implementing aggressive strategy for seeking grants and support through charitable foundations.
  • Assuring at all times that Arms of Hope is in compliance with the requirements of all applicable licensing agencies.
  • Overseeing all current programs with emphasis on improving standardization, uniformity and quality in order to effectively serve the mission of Arms of Hope while ensuring efficiency, productive and good stewardship in administering all programs.


To perform effectively in this position, the individual should demonstrate the following competencies. These core competencies represent effective administration of Arms of Hope and its programs fulfilling Arms of Hope’s mission.

Management: Maintains effective systems of internal controls to account for all receipts and expenditures of funds. Effective at prioritizing competing needs of the organization and effectively and efficiently allocating appropriate resources to each situation in a timely fashion. Direct and oversee multiple department heads with variety of responsibilities.

Job Knowledge: Understands the technical aspects of managing a nonprofit organization; provides advice to its staff directly and solicits guidance from experts when appropriate. Understands the duties and responsibilities of the position and keeps job knowledge up-to-date. Clearly understands the mission of Arms of Hope and continuously works to promote the organization and achieve its goals.

Initiative in fulfilling the goals of the organization: From interactions with supporters, staff, and the non-profit sector, recognizes and brings to the attention of the chair of the board issues that affect the organization, and implements plans to reach organizational goals as determined by the board of directors. Displays initiative in developing action plans and resolving problems as they occur, in consultation with the chairman and the executive committee of the board of directors.

Communication: Communicates effectively with multiple audiences using a variety of formats. Ability to connect with a variety of audiences from staff meetings to the board room to outside gatherings of current and prospective supporters and effectively communicate concisely the mission and vision of Arms of Hope.

Dependability: Seeks increased responsibility while remaining conscientious, thorough, accurate and reliable with respect to achieving the organizations goals, and the needs of the recipients of the organizations care, it staff and all other constituents. This includes being available and responsive to issues and concerns as they arise.


We seek an accomplished executive leader, who is a person of faith, with a strong service and business orientation whose interpersonal skills have developed productive relationships with both internal and external constituents; and whose commitment to best practice management and business skill development has been a distinguishing factor in the candidate’s career successes.

This person must be able to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the unique mission and history of Arms of Hope. Proven leadership in an organization with a demonstrated ability to bring passion, vision, direction, business discipline and inspiration is required.

This individual is an innovative and strategic thinker, consultative leader and an energetic problem-solver whose senior-level executive experiences in addressing organizational challenges have been characterized by a participatory and open style of communication and collaboration. This person must be able to demonstrate a “servant leader” style and have an effective management approach in staff development, operations and programs within the senior management group. The candidate must be able to demonstrate an achievement record of leading successful organizations to new levels of accomplishment, and have the interest, track record and/or capability to expand private fundraising. The successful candidate must also be able to demonstrate an understanding and ability to work with a wide variety of constituents such as funders and donors, community groups and associations, government/political leaders, families, diverse populations and children requiring special care and/or support in the achievement of their goals.

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional leadership abilities and fundraising capabilities, a history as a dynamic and pro-active communicator in all forums, and have the initiative and capability to establish and maintain a “presence” within the human service, civic and philanthropic communities. Other desirable characteristics include “big-picture” and “out-of-the-box” thinking; political adeptness; demonstrated understanding of best business practices; appropriate training and experience in a related human services field; flexibility; versatility; diverse workforce management; community engagement skills and an ability to lead through and manage multiple tasks.


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, preferably in business.
  • At least 10 years of senior management experience with a track record of effectively leading a performance and outcomes based organization and staff.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data driven program evaluation.
  • Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage, and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives and manage a budget.
  • Past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships
  • Strong public relations and communications experience and capability.
  • Action oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable and innovative approach to business planning and management.
  • Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven and self-directed.

To apply or to make further inquiry, please contact Curtis Bedrich at (281) 352-4844 or