Pony Share Scheme

Pony Share Scheme


This scheme is intended for people who would love their own horse/pony but not quite ready to commit to the finance/time it takes to have their own so it is now possible to share one of ours!!

The sharer must be capable of taking the pony in and out of field, mucking out, tacking up, riding etc safely and unassisted.

The sharer must have a weekly lesson (group or private) and is the only one permitted to ride the horse/pony. If friends, family, etc wish to ride this must be booked and paid for via the Riding Centre.

The share days are Monday-Friday. The horse/pony would need to be available for use in the school whenever required and would be available to the sharer at all other times. The sharer can spend unlimited time with the pony but riding time is restricted to 1 hour/day. The horse/pony must NOT be taken out of Greenacres as our insurance does not cover this.

In winter, when a stable is required, the sharer pays for any wood shavings used and should be prepared to muck out etc whenever they are able. We will however, do this on days the sharer cannot manage.

We will take care of the pony anytime the sharer is not at the yard. We are also happy to either turn out or bring in from field so only 1 visit/day is required during winter months.

Please be aware this is a share and not a loan. Greenacres will remain the sole owner and will be fully responsible for the pony’s health and well being. We will arrange and pay for all vet, farrier, dentist, wormers and all other costs involved.

This scheme is intended for long term shares, although it may be available for shorter periods, at a greater cost.

Overwork or abuse of any horse/pony will NOT be tolerated and if this is discovered the share would be terminated with immediate effect.

Cost for 5 day share is £40/week plus shavings when stabled. Private lessons available @ £10 for ½ hour weekdays only. This is half normal price. Discounts will also be given to sharers on other riding activities such as theme days/ pony camp etc.

If you are interested in taking a pony on a share. Please speak to Cathie to discuss.