Please Note All Slips and Show Deposits Must Be in by Saturday 24Th February 2018 No Exceptions

Please Note All Slips and Show Deposits Must Be in by Saturday 24Th February 2018 No Exceptions

Steppin’ Out 2018

This year (2018) Footsteps Dance school will be putting on a dance show where every student aged 4+ Years can take part. Our shows have proved to be very popular over the years and our students thoroughly enjoy the whole process. Even though we would love for everyone to be involved, dancers do not have to participate if they do not wish. Below is ALL the information you need about the upcoming show.

Please Note all slips and show Deposits must be in by Saturday 24th February 2018 – No Exceptions

When:Saturday 19th May 2018

Where:Sale Waterside Arts Theatre, Sale

How many Shows:Two Shows (2:30 p.m & 6:00 p.m)

How do we Get involved?

At the bottom of this letter there is slip of paper which needs signing letting us know if you are / are not taking part. If you are taking part, we will require a £10.00 non-refundable show deposit from every dancer. This will go towards one show rehearsal and your Finale t-shirt.

Where do they learn the show routines?

All show dances will be taught and practiced in class. Each song and dance has been carefully selected for the ability and age group of the dancers. This means that all classes will now revolve around getting ready for the show. Sometimes dances and dancers require a little extra attention andso we will have Show rehearsals. These may be on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday. You will be given plenty of notice about them before they happen. It is important that all effort is made to attend extra rehearsals.

Will dancers need Costumes? How much will they be?

All our dancers will have a costume for every dance they are in. Costumes per dance will range between £15.00 - £30.00. All costumes are bought not hired. So the costume will be yours to keep forever. Costumes are sized to the dancer to make sure each costume and accessory fits perfectly.

Will the performance be selling Tickets? When can we get them?

Tickets will go on Sale Monday 23rd April 2018. Tickets will be £10.00 per person or Four tickets for £38.00. There will be a maximum buy of 4 Tickets per family to allow all our families a chance to get their tickets. Howevertwo weeks before the show if there are remaining tickets we will be happy to sell them. Ticket letters will go out Nearer the time detailing all of this.

How long is the day?

Show day is an amazing action packed day our dancers will arrive at staggered timings some time between 10 a.m – 12 p.m through to around 8:30 p.m.

Throughout the day our dancers will get to watch a full dress rehearsal from an audience perspective and get to perform in two amazing show cases. All our dancers will have a team of designated chaperones on hand to help them with anything they need. Dancers will need to pack their own lunch and Dinner as once they have entered the theatre they are not allowed to leave until the end of the last performance.

What are chaperones? How do I become one?

Chaperones are the unsung heroes of show day. They are the ones making sure every dancer has a big grin on their face, that every dancer has a magical show day regardless of their age. They tie shoe laces, do toilet trips, make sure every dancer has had something to eat and drink.

All our chaperones must have undergone a police check and have an up to date DBS form. For steppin’ out 2018 we will need over 50 Chaperones to help on the day. As the majority of our dancers are female we only have Female Chaperones back stage.

How do I get to be in more than one show dance?

Every dance class at Footsteps gets its own dance number. If you attend two dance classes, you will be in two dance numbers and so on. However if you attend a lot of classes but do not wish to be in every show number that is also not a problem. Just let us know which ones you do want to do and this can be arranged.

Does my dancer have to take part in Steppin’ out 2018?

No, no one has to take part if they do not want to. We would love for everyone to join us on show day, but if you do not wish to that is not a problem. Feel free to come along and just have fun learning the show routines in class each week.

Will we ever use the show Routines again after the show?

Yes!! A couple weeks after the show we will be taking part in Sale Festival (June) and Altrincham Festival (July) also our teams and advanced classes will be competing the routines throughout the rest of the summer Term.

How much fun is show day?

Show day is a blast, the energy is high, smiles are contagious and the sense of family and community is unexplainable. Watching our youngest dancers taking to the stage for the first time or watching our older dancers put more energy into a performance then ever before.

We pride ourselves on our show days being memorable for years to come, ask anyone that has every joined us!!

If you have any questions about Steppin’ Out 2018 that have not been answered by the information given please feel free to talk to a member of staff or email me:

Steppin’ Out 2018 Reply Form

Name:………………………………………………………. Age:…………………….

I Would / Wouldn’t like to join the show Steppin’ Out 2018.

I have read the above information and I am happy with all the details provided. I attach my non-refundable show deposit of £10.00 as cash.