Please Insert Here the Exact Title of Your Project

Please Insert Here the Exact Title of Your Project

KA3 – Support for Policy Reform
Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training
Application Form
Call for proposals: EACEA 27/2017
Deadline for submission of the application:31/01/2018



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PART I: General information


«Please insert here the exact title of your project»

Name of the applying organisation

I.2Project summary

For successful applications, this section will be made public, as presented below, in the European Commission's Dissemination platform (VALOR). You should therefore ensure that it gives a concrete overview of the work to be undertaken including:

Rationale & needs/problems/challenges of the project

Aims and objectives

Concise description of the results and/or products expected

The target groups (learners and enterprises)

The impact envisaged

Maximum 3.000 characters

I.3Financial support from the European Union

Are parts of the activities in this application currently supported by an EU grant under the Erasmus+ Programme or some other European Union programmes?


Yes. Please list the activities concerned specifying the dates of implementation and the programme (quoting the grant agreement numbers):

If the applicant organisation benefits from an operating grant, please specify the programme and the grant agreement number:

PART II: Detailed description of the project

project characteristics

In this section, you should describe your project in particular with regard to the award criteria defined in the applicants' guidelines (section 9) of the call for proposals EACEA 27/2017 - Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training.

II.1 Rationale & needs/ problems/ challenges

Please outline the rationale and motivation for the project, clearly identifying the specific needs or problems/challenges which it intends to solve in relation with those outlined in the call for proposals EACEA 27/2017.

Maximum 3.000 characters

II.2 Objectives

Please explainhow the project is linked to theobjectivesof the call for proposals, described in Section 2.1. of the Applicants' Guidelines: on the one hand to increase the employability of young people and to contribute to the development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce from which companies should also benefit and on the other hand, to support joint developments in VET in Europe and strengthen overall its quality, relevance and attractiveness.

Please also explain how thetwo main activities(design or improvement of a joint qualification in VET and setting up of new sustainable cooperation structures) will be set up and circumscribed to the objectives of the project.

Maximum 3.000 characters

Please indicate how the joint qualification will be:

Defined through a detailed qualification profile, that is a comprehensive outline of the expected learning outcomes;

Complemented by the design of a joint curriculum, with a strong work-based learning component, and supporting cross-border, transnational and interregional learner mobility;

Complemented by assessment standards.

Maximum 2.000 characters

Please indicate how the newly established sustainable cooperation structures willensure transparency, comparability, appropriate quality assurance systems and mutual recognition of qualifications, whilst making the existing engagement more systematic and targeted.

Maximum 2.000 characters

II.3 Target groups

Please describe how thetarget groups will be reached.

Maximum 2.000 characters

II.4 Expected impact

Please describe the expected impact of the project.

Maximum 3.000 characters

II.5 Profile and composition of the team implementing the project – Quality of the project teams and cooperation arrangements

II.5.1Please indicate the types of organisations which make up the consortium.

In case the application involves associated partners, these have to be listed in a separate table at the end of the detailed project description.

Composition of the consortium


(insert X to the corresponding type of organisation)

Name of the organisation and
country / VET provider / Enterprise
(public or private) / Chamber of
industry / Trade and crafts / Sectoral/
professional organisation
Partner No
(Please use the same numbering as in the eForm) / Name of the organisation and country / Type of organisation
(Please specify using the categories from section 6.1. of the call for proposals)

II.5.2Please give a brief description of each participating organisation and explain why the selected partners are best suited to participate in this European project. Describe their skills, expertise and competences within the consortium directly relating to the planned project activities.

Maximum 3.000 characters

II.5.3Operational capacity of the consortium: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project

Please add lines as necessary.

Applicant/Partner No
(Please use the same numbering as in the eForm; please note that the Applicant should be P1) / Name of staff member
(Primarily responsible for managing and implementing the project) / Description of relevant skills and experience, including, where appropriate, a list of recent publications related to the domain of the project

II.5.4Please list below previous or still running projects and activities connected to the objectives of the call in which you (the applicant and the partners) were involved, either as a coordinator or as a partner.

Please add lines as necessary.

Please indicate the name of the project and the grant agreement reference if it received EU funding

II.6Methodology – Quality of the project design and implementation

Please define the methodology proposed for achieving the objectives (including major milestones, measurable indicators, etc.) and explain how this will ensure that they are reached in the most cost effective way.

Maximum 2.000 characters

II.7Dissemination and exploitation activities

How will the dissemination activities be structured so as to ensure that the results will reach the relevant target groups?

How will the exploitation activities be structuredso as to use the results both within the project's lifetime and beyond?

Please explain your global strategy for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

Maximum 3.000 characters

II.8Description of the work programme and deliverables

Please complete the table below to describe the project activities and deliverables.

Create by copy/paste as many tables as required.

II.8.1Work package description

Work package No.
Work package/Activity type / Preparation
Implementation (the substance of the work planned)
Quality Assurance (quality plan)
Dissemination and Exploitation of results
Other (please specify)
(Please indicate in brackets which Partner(s) will be involvedin a specific task, e.g. Task 1 (P1))
Estimated start date
Estimated end date
Lead organisation
Participating organisations

Please insert the title of the project

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II.8.2Staff days

Please complete the table below to describe the estimated staff days and the role of partners.

Create by copy/paste as many tables as required by work package.

Please add lines as necessary.

Indicative input of consortium staff-The total number of days per staff category should correspond with the information provided in the budget tables.

Name and number of the applicant and/or partner
(Please use the same numbering as in the eForm; please note that the Applicant should be P1) / Number of staff days
Manager / Category
Researcher, Teacher, Trainer / Category
Technical / Category
Administrative / Total

II.8.3. Deliverables

Please add tables as necessary.

Expected Deliverable / Number
Due date
Dissemination level / Public
Restricted to other E+ Programme participants (including EACEA, Commission services and project reviewers)
Confidential, only for members of the Consortium (including EACEA, Commission services and project reviewers)

Please make sure that you include for each work package all three tables (description - staff days - deliverables).

II.8.4. Tasks that will be subcontracted

Please complete the table below to describe the tasks to be subcontracted. Create by copy/paste as many tables as required.

Work package N°
(Partner responsible of the work package) / Brief description of the task / Estimated budget

List of associated partners

(where applicable)

These organisations may provide the consortium with facilities or assistance that enhances the quality of work, but they may not be responsible for core activities of the project (e.g. management, coordination, leader of a work group etc.).No financial contribution from EU resources will be allocated to these organisations.

PIC Number / Name of organisation / Type of institution / City / Country

Please insert the title of the project

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