Please Have Below Information Ready Before Starting to Make a Reservation

Please Have Below Information Ready Before Starting to Make a Reservation

Making Reservations

Please have below information ready before starting to make a reservation.

 Event title (this may be on the monitors throughout the CSU as well as on the Master Calendar)

 Event date (is it a one-time thing or multiple dates)

 Event description

 Start and end time (are pre-access and tear-down time necessary for decorations, etc.)

 Estimated attendance

 Preferred space (s)

 Resource and technical requirements (contact CSU Tech if necessary)

 Tables, chairs, skirting, etc. Add to the reservation as soon as possible.

 Sponsoring organization (fee structure is different if it’s a department vs RSO)

 Event coordinator—gather cell phone information (primary and secondary contacts for larger events)

 Parking requirements

 Catering requirements (Y/N)

The event description will be used to categorize the event. Forms and policies apply to different categories of event. The different categories of events and their respective forms and policies are explained below.


Single event requests and weekly meeting requests for RSO’s, departments, faculty and staff. Meeting requests can be completed via the Virtual EMS web site (RSO’s use RSO log in information and faculty/staff/department use Star ID to log in.) Weekly meeting requests requires using the Multiple Meeting tool on the virtual site. Reservations are made one semester at a time.


Any event that requires the exchange of money is considered a fundraising event. Clients will be required to read thoroughly and fill out a Fundraising form for such events.

Special Event

Events (large and small) that do not fall into the other specific categories. These can be conference/workshops produced by departments, cultural nights, Impact events, athletic competitions, community galas, etc. A Special Event Checklist must be completed to communicate this event to campus entities such as Security, Risk Management, Parking, etc. The SEC is located on the Scheduling web site and processed through OrgSync. Approval is required 14 days in advance.

 Since approval is required 14 days in advance always ask for SEC’s to be completed prior to the 14 day deadline to allow for approval time.

 Some special events (cultural nights, conference/workshops) often have entrance fees and tickets may be sold in advance. These events are Fundraising Events and require a Fundraising Form to be completed. Forms are at OrgSync and must be approved 14 days in advance of any money exchange.


When making a Reservation Request extra information is often required and/or additional departments and/or individuals across campus need to be aware of an event. These forms and checklists can be found on the University Scheduling and Conference Services web site.

Special Event Checklist

A Special Event Checklist is necessary for events with potential security, risk management, parking, etc. requirements. SEC’s are processed through Mav Sync and require approval from various individuals and departments before being processed. SEC’s must be APPROVED two weeks prior to their event (this means they need to be submitted three weeks prior to their event).

Fundraising Request

Any event that requires the exchange of money is considered a fundraising event and therefore requires a Fundraising Request. Clients are required to thoroughly read and complete a Fundraising Form. The Fundraising Form link is located on the Scheduling web site and processed through OrgSync. Approval is required 14 days in advance of any money exchange.

· Limit 3 per semester including bake sales.

Potluck Social Request

Potluck Socials are closed events where no money is exchanged and where homemade food is provided by group members to be consumed by group members. Events open to the general university or public are not potluck socials.

 Approval must be given 5 days in advance (this means applications must come in earlier)

 RSO president signature is required

 A sign stating “Home Prepared / Not Inspected” must be displayed

Student Food Development Request

Student development dining activities, defined as on-campus food prepared in partnership with University Dining Services, must be approved by University Scheduling and Conference Services. This opportunity is limited to times when the kitchens are not needed for business purposes. Begin the process at least four weeks before a student food development activity; this will allow sufficient time to order food and schedule staff. The requesting RSO must pay associated labor charges.

 Form is located on Scheduling web site

 Approval at the discretion of University Dining

 Complete recipes and special conditions must be given to University Dining Services

 Students must attend a food handling session given by University Dining Services

 All arrangements and approvals must be started 4 weeks prior to event date

 Students must remain at University Dining Services until dismissed by staff when preparing food

Promotional Special Use Request

Special Use Requests cover any unique or uncategorized space not covered by scheduling.

 Student submits special request form found on the Scheduling web site

 Lenny Koupal reviews request form and follows up with requestor