Planters Welfare Association

Planters Welfare Association

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Planters Welfare Association

(An Association of Mutual Benefits)

Registered office: D-247 (G.F.) DEFENCE COLONY, New Delhi – 110024

Executive Committee

President: V. Lall, Vice-President: A .K. Saxena,

Ex. Officio: V. K .Mehra, Secretary: R. K. Patney, Treasurer: K. N. Chaurasia,

Members: Dipika Nanjappa, B Chhabra, S Maini & H. N. Chopra

Members’ Meetings (Socials) Sub–Committee: Mr. B Chhabra, Ms. Dipika Nanjappa & Ms. Rani Patney

P W A N e w s L e t t e r


Editor: Mrs. DipikaNanjappa Email:



I feel gratified and heartened to get positive feedback from the members and to know that the September 2015 News Letter was appreciated by them. Please do convey your suggestions and take a trip down your memory lane to find interesting anecdotes from your life in tea and send them to me to help me make the News Letters more interesting. Diappointingly, we have received no anecdotes for publication in this Newsletter.

The contents of this issue are as follows:

Message from the PresidentAchievements

Champagne & Roses: Births & WeddingsNew Members

Change of addressCommunications

Members’ MeetingsPWA Golf 2016

Website & E-mailsSubscription

Obituary “Goodbye” Koi- Hai Newsletter


The mandatory AGM and 7 nos. Members’ Meetings making a total of eight socials were held during the year. Out of which the two Meetings: the AGM which was sponsored by Ms. McLeod Russel, Ms. Goodricke Group Ltd., Ms. Russel Tea Ltd. and Ms. Apeejay Surendra Group Ltd., and the March, 2016 Members’ Meeting sponsored by Ms. Mohani Tea Leaves Pvt. Ltd. attracted 100 plus attendees. Whilst the Members’ Meeting held at DSOI Gurgaon in November, 2015 and at AFSC Delhi in February, 2016 attracted only around 40 attendees which is a matter of disappointment.

Often times quite a few members bring up the matter of increasing the number of Members’ Meetings, but unless an average attendance of 70/80 is reached, it is my considered opinion that instead of increasing the number of Members’ Meetings we should all make a concerted effort to increase the number of attendees in the MMs being held currently.

-: 2 :-


It is my earnest hope that MMs starting from May, 2016 onwards will be well attended which will encourage our Social Sub-Committee and hosts, who invest so much time and effort in organizing these events.
I shall conclude by expressing my gratitude and thanks to the magnanimous sponsors mentioned above and also to Mr. Ashok Batra who co-ordinated meetings between representatives of PWA and Mohani Tea Leaves Pvt. Ltd. for the event sponsored by MTLPL.


Mr. C.S.Bedi , Managing Director, Rossell Tea, was awarded by Business today, India’s Best S.M.E Company (Total income 101 – 250 Crores turnover) category for Agriculture. This award was presented to him in Delhi. This is the only company to ever get this award and also the only Company to get this award in East India. As many as 14070 numbers of Balance Sheets were studied to give this award.

As Managing Director of the Company known as producer of quality tea worldwide this well deserved award is a feather in his cap and recognition of his contribution to tea industry extending more than four decades.

We feel proud that Mr. Bedi is a Member of our Association and we wish him success in his endeavors in years to come.


BIRTHS : Nothing to report.

WEDDINGS: Nothing to report.

Members are once again requested to inform us by email or by post regarding Births, & Marriages. This helps us to include the announcements in the News Letter.


We warmly welcome the following:

  1. Mr. Aloke Mookerjee – WW 53 , Malibu Towne , Sohna Road, Gurgaon – 12201 Mobile: 09810322241 e mail :

-: 3 :-


2. MrsPriyaKumariTomar- ( D/o MrKesri Singh) -B – 5/6 Gate no 3 , Flat no 4490, Vasant

Kunj, New – Delhi – 110070, Mobile – 09899490992, email: tomarpriyasingh&

3. Mr. Ravinder Singh- IF 59/3 DLF New Towne Heights, Sector 86, Gurgaon – 122004

Mobile: 09650603555, 09650673535, e mail:

4.. Mr. Sanjib Das – Flat no 906, ATS Hycendus, Indirapuram , Ghaziabad ( UP)

Mobile: 09971999405, 09830017894 e mail:

5. Mr. AnthonyRichmond–Denham Lodge ,Nongkhyriem Upper Nongthymmai,

Shilong – 793014, Mobile: 08826365301, e mail:

6. Mr. Sanjay Choudhary– A- 306, Anand Apartments, Sector 56, Gurgaon

Mobile: 09007095555, 08130281555, e mail


1. Mr. K.K.Sharma–House no 247, Sector 10, Punchkula, Haryana – 134109

Mobile: 09560891717, 09417513954 e mail:

2. Mr. Deepak Agha– E – 903, Park View SPA, Sector 47, Gurgaon – 122018

Mobile: 09811665996, e mail:

3. Mr. Arvind Malhotra – 89 (GF) SFS Flats, Rajouri Apartments, Mayapuri,

New – Delhi – 110064, Mobile: 09811040048 e – mail:

4. Mr. Arun Tandon- The Resort, F- 604, Sector 75, Faridabad, Haryana – 121004

Mobile: 09560034983, 09435134983, e- Mail:

5. Mrs. S.Madhok – Mobile no – 09999734583

6. Mr.Mahmood Sultan – e mail:


We firmly believe in and very strongly support the initiative:

“Go Green, Think Green, Act Green, Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Environment, & Save Planet Earth.”

To this end we have been requesting our members to give their consent for correspondence by email

-: 4 :-

Therefore we are happy to report around 205 (154 NCR &51Out station) members have very kindly extended their consent by email messages to receive all our Association mailers by e mail. Thus we will be saving paper, Photostat and envelop expenses, postal and courier expenses which are increasing day by day. Moreover, it also saves lot of time and labour required for mailing.

We earnestly request those of our members who have not sent their email ID to send the same. It is our fervent hope that more and more members will opt for communication by email.

Kindly forward your consent along with your e mail ID to the Secretary by e mail –

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Patney for undertaking this tedious and time consuming exercise which is bearing fruit.

IMPORTANT: Members Meeting intimations ARE BEING FORWARDED ASTEXT MESSAGES BY SMS instead of courier / post.

Only those members whose Mobile numbers are not recorded with us are on Courier

Service, hence such members are requested to forward their mobile numbers to enable us to put them on the Text Messages List. Messages are sent as reminders/information of any deaths/Prayer meetings etc. to keep members informed at all times.

We are thankful to Mr. V.Lall who has been forwarding text messages since November 2014 with commendable alacrity.


The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 06thDecember, 2015 at the Golf Links Community Centre, New - Delhi, The event was sponsored by Ms.Mcleod Russel India Ltd., Ms. Goodricke Group Ltd., Ms.Rossell Tea Ltd. & Ms. Appejay Surrendra Group. The venue was arranged by Mr.V.Lall. The event was very well attended and all the arrangements made were excellent. Our thanks to Mr. &Mrs.V.Lall for all the arrangements made by them. The Minutes of the A.G.M. have already been circulated to all our members.

We are indeed grateful for the generous contribution made by the above mentioned tea Companies.


The following Members’ Meetings were held from May 2015 to March 2016

S. No. / Date / Venue / Hosted by
1. / 18th May, 2015 / DSOI Dhaulakuan, New Delhi (Lunch) / Capt. V K Mehra
2. / 17th August, 2015 / DSOI Dhaulakuan, New Delhi (Lunch) / Capt. V K Mehra
3. / 11th October, 2015 / Patio Club, Gurgaon (Lunch) / Mr. Deepak Agha
4. / 15th November, 2015 / DSOI , Gurgaon (Lunch) / Mr.A.K.Saxena
5. / 06th December, 2015 / *Annual General Meeting at Golf Links Community Centre, New Delhi (Lunch) / Mr. V Lall
6. / 17th January, 2016 / Residence of Mr. P S Tibb (Lunch) / Mr. P S Tibb
7. / 18th February, 2016 / PWA Golf 2015 at Air Force Sports Complex (Lunch) / Wing Comm. G. Kaptur
8. / 20th March, 2016 / **Golf Links Community Centre New
New Delhi ( Lunch) / Mr. V.Lall

-: 5 :-

* Sponsored by M/s Mcleod Russel India Ltd , M/s Goodricke Group Ltd, M/s Rossell

India Ltd & M/s ApeejaySurrendra Group

** Sponsored by M/s Mohani tea ( P) Ltd– We are indeed grateful for the generous

Contribution made by the company.

Nearly all the events were very well attended and were great success. Our thanks to the Sub Committee Members’ Meetings (Socials) consisting of, Mr.B.Chhabra, Mrs.DipikaNanjappa,& Mrs. Rani Patney, who have done a wonderful job in organizing all the arrangements to make all the events great success.

Mr. Roopy Patney is thanked for all the assistance rendered by him in coordinating all the activities that have taken place during the year under review.

We also wish to thank the members who have hosted the events at their residence and other members who hosted the same at venues arranged by them.


This event was held at the Air Force Sports Complex, New Delhi, venue hosted by Wing Commander Gullu Kapur who also very generously donated Rs 5000/- for the event. His donation and his continued unstinted support are greatly appreciated. All the arrangements at the Golf course and the lunch were made by Mr. V. Lall. The in house catering for the golfers was sponsored by our Patron Mr. A.D. Sharma. Our sincere thanks to him for his continued support.

18 golfers both ladies and men participated in the Golf Competition. PWA Golf fixture is an extended activity of the Association and its popularity has increased over the years. Non- Golfers joined for the lunch in good numbers, which was most heartening. Our sincere thanks to the donors of the trophies viz. Mr. A.D. Sharma, Late Mr. T.R. Sehgal,Mrs. Asha Sehgal, late Lt. General K.K. Nanda, Mr. Saran Singh,Late Mrs. Kamla Kapahi (Mother of Mrs.Nirmla Lall who has presented 2 nos trophies), Mr. S.Maini &Mr. P.S Tibb. We are most grateful to all the above for their support & to have been so generous in donating the trophies & their replicas every year.

The event was very well arranged and was a runaway success. The lunch was enjoyed by all who attended the event. Our thanks to Mr. Vishnu Lall, Mr. B.Chhabra & Mr. Roopy Patney for conducting the tournament in a most efficient manner.

In the event held, lady golfers were inducted for all the events with the men, which will be also the format for the coming years. The lady Golfers have been requesting for the same in the past years and thus this change was implemented by the Sub Committee (Golf). To give a fillip to the Golf event, 2 no Golfers per member were allowed to participate in the event and they were welcome to join the lunch on payments charged for guests.

- : 6 :-


Running Trophy for Members only

S. No. / Trophy / Presented By / Event / Winner
1. / Quest Cup / Mr. A D Sharma / Best stable ford score / W/Cdr Gullu Kapur
2. / Saran Singh Trophy / Mr. Saran Singh / Best stable ford score / Mrs. Ritu Lumba
3. / Lt. Gen. K K Nanda Trophy / Lt. Gen. K K Nanda (Retd.) / For sr. citizen best gross score on first nine holes / Mr. V Lall
4. / Wooden Spoon / Late Mr. T R Sehgal / Max gross score / Mrs. Ramni Khatri
5. / Mrs. Kamla Kapahi Trophy 1 / Late Mrs. Kamla Kapahi / Best gross score on 18 holes / Mr. Rajan Kapoor
6. / Mrs. Kamla Kapahi Trophy II / Late Mrs. Kamla Kapahi / Third best stable ford score / Mr. Mahabir Singh
7. / Mr. Kuku Maini Trophy / Mr. S Maini / Second best gross score / Mr. Pradip Baruah
8. / Rahmet Cup / Mr. P S Tibb / Longest drive / Mr. Rajan Kapoor
9. / Asha Sehgal Trophy / Mrs. Asha Sahgal / Fourth best stable ford score / Mr. B Chhabra


The website is updated regularly to make it more informative and have a new look. We have increased Data base to load more information’s and the website has a side lock against Hacking.

You are requested to down load our website at and send us your views.

We wish to thank Mr. Lall & Mr. Patney for handling the website and emails so efficiently.


We have to inform that some of our NCR as well as Out Station members have not paid their Annual Subscription for the year 2014 & 2015. They are requested to pay the same ASAP. Subscriptions for the year 2015from (01.01.15 to 31.12.2015) are overdue now and all those members who have not paid so far are requested to forward the same to our Registered Office, address given on front page, to enable us to maintain proper updated accounts. PLEASE DO NOT insert any name on the address except the name of Mr. B. Chhabra since it is his residence.

Annual Subscription for the year 2016 from (01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016) is due now and all those who have not paid may kindly do so.

*Annual Subscription List is attached herewith giving status of payments as on 1st April, 2016 to enable the members to verify and make outstanding payments. As you know Annual Subscription of NCR members per person is @ Rs.500/- & Out Station members @ Rs.200/-. No subscription is payable by members who have attained the age of 80 years and above.

*Attached. Annual Subscription List.

-: 7 :-


We regret to inform sad demise of:

Our Members: Mrs. Sita Rawley, Mr. Deepak Puri, Mr. Ranbir Singh

Near and dear ones of our members: Mother of Mr. Ashish Biswas,

Mother in law of Mr. V.S Chimni, Brother-in-law of Mr. A. D. Sharma.

Our friends: Mr. Kutu Datta (Ex Tata Tea), Deepak Masand (Ex Tata Tea), Mrs. Aloka Kar w/o Mr. A. Kar (Ex Jokai)

Mrs. Shanti Khaitan, wife of the eminent industrialist Mr. B.M.Khaitan, Chairman of McLeod Russel Ltd.




In response to the last newsletter, no one has come forward, so this is Hello and Goodbye. Who would have thought in 1975 that this newsletter would go on to 2015? Cathie Campbell and two other stalwarts started it and soon there were some 600+ members. Cathie is still well and alert although, at 88 (whoops), she admits that her bottom half does not work as well as her top half! Some times when I start to write the newsletter there seems little news connected with planters or plantations and I wonder how Cathie did so well for all those years. The main contents then were new members, changes of addresses, obituaries and books. Now, with so few members there is much less news and, of course, it is all on the website. But there is a new Tea book. The Saga of Indian Tea by Profulla Goradia available from Contemporary Brokers Ltd. Kolkata 700001. So this is to say sorry, especially to the few remaining members who have no access to the internet. Talking (?) of the internet, the website was started by David Air in 2000; what an asset it is to us all.

No one objected to the suggestion to pass the remaining Directory funds to Dr Graham’s Homes, so I am pleased to report that the account was closed with a balance of £255.34 and this was paid to the Treasurer, Dr Graham’s Homes (UK) to sponsor students at the Homes.

Sadly John Trinnick and Robin Miller died; our condolences go to their families and loved ones. I wrongly reported that Doug Toucher had died when actually it was his wife Pat; my humble apology. David Air’s address has changed to PO Box 1188, Dundee, Florida, 33839 USA.

There were 50+ members at the Eastbourne reunion with a good atmosphere, albeit with a regretful undertone of nostalgia that it was the last one. The “culture “reunion at the Arden hotel was well attended and most enjoyable; hopefully to be repeated in 2017? We have been invited to the junior Reunion to be held in Stratford on 17th October, and in the absence of the Eastbourne reunion I wonder how many seniors will be invited in the future?

Personalised diary continued. Had a great trip to Yorkshire which, via Eden Camp, Scarborough, Skipton, and Harewood House, culminated in York. With map in hand we walked from the car park to the Jorvik centre, really interesting, and then through the intriguing Shambles at which point I enquired of a local, where was York Minster? He pointed skywards and there it was; no wonder they think southerners are dopey. A stained glass window the size of a tennis court was but one of the stunning sights. Saw a wonderful musical, Kalamity Jane, at the Kings theatre, Southsea and was surprised to see an empty orchestra pit, until the show started in which all the thigh slapping characters played their own instruments; what fun. Saw Mack & Mabel at the Chichester Festival theatre; extremely well produced and although I expected Michael Ball to be a big presence with a big voice, I had no idea he was such a good actor. Was honoured to be invited to an Easter Gaudi at Queens college Oxford, grand but very friendly; the only time I have ever seen an ear trumpet in use. Caroline’s dementia worsens, but my kindly sister visits us most Mondays so I play a round of golf. Have had a good run recently, with four successive rounds -50 on the local 9-hole course (3000 yards), which is good for me. Along with golf, yoga and gardening we manage to keep (sort of) fit albeit beset with arthritic pain.

I have enjoyed writing these newsletters and I thank all those who sweetly sent me letters of appreciation.