Planning Applications Determined - Full Couincil -21 September 2016

Planning Applications Determined - Full Couincil -21 September 2016


a]UTT/16/1799/FUL - Castle Maltings, Lower Street, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Installation of 2 no. Louvred Vent Grilles to rear of store approved underAPPROVAL


b]UTT/16/1640/NMA - 27 Long Croft, StanstedREFUSE

Non-Material Amendment to UTT/16/0306/FUL - change of external

materials, change of rear door, insertion of side window to ground floor

and first floor frosted window for en suite.

c] UTT/16/1689/DFO - Fuel Farm, Eleventh Ave, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Approval of details of the siting, design and external appearanceAPPROVAL

of an additional fuel tank and ancillary development at the Fuel Farm

and the landscaping of the site

d]Application to discharge conditions 5 (tree protection measures) 6REFUSE TO

(landscape work) and 7 (boundary treatment) attached to DISCHARGE UDC/16/0306/FUL dated 29.03.2016 CONDITIONS

e]UTT/16/1635/HHF - 17 Loates Pasture, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Proposed rear single storey extension and side first floor extension overAPPROVAL

the existing garage and alterations

f]UTT/16/2190/NMA - 42 Chapel Hill, StanstedREFUSE

Non-Material Amendment to UTT/15/2694/FUL - Amendment of the

rear roof from a slate pitched roof to a flat roof and brick parapet

g]UTT/16/2072/DOC - 18 Lower Street, StanstedREFUSE TO

Application to discharge Conditions 2 (extraction equipment), 4 (noiseDISCHARGE

limitations) and 5 (internal layout) attached to UDC/16/1302/FUL datedCONDITIONS

12 July 2016

h]UTT/6/1885/NMA - Land at Walpole Farm, Cambridge Rd, StanstedAPPROVE

Non-Material Amendment to UTT/15/2746/DFO - Revision to planning

approved drawing 'Predominant Material Plan' (DWG No. M.0351_18-1E)

to allow fire revised bricks to selected Bloor Home plots only

i]UTT/16/1896/PDE - 3 Park Road, SnstedNO APPLICATION

Single storey rear extension - extending 3.5m from rear wall, maximumREQUIRED

height 3.3m and height to eaves 3m

j]UTT/16/1685/HHF - 2 Mont Place, Brewery Lane, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Proposed raised decking and paving areasAPPROVAL

k]UTT/16/1684/HHF - 2 Mont Place, Brewery Lane, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Proposed single storey side extensionAPPROVAL

l]UTT/16/1243/FUL - Geneva Motors, 10 Cambridge Road, StanstedCONDITIONAL

Proposed extension to existing motor trade showroom to create motorAPPROVAL

vehicle tyre, exhaust and repair facility and additional showroom with

office over

m]UTT/16/2158/DOC - High Clouds, 3 St John's Lane, StanstedDISCHARGE

Application to discharge Conditions 3 (details of foundation) attachedCONDITIONS

to UDC/15/3703/HHF dated 5 February 2016IN FULL

n]UTT/16/2164/TPO - 1 St John's Lane

Reduce crown by approx one third and tidy side growth - 1 oak, 1 limeGRANTED

o]UTT/16/1719/HHF - 34 SunnysideCONDITIONAL

Proposed demolition and replacement of existing single storey gardenAPPROVAL

room and garage conversion.

p]UTT/16/1625/FUL - Braemar House, Water LaneCONDITIONAL

Retrospective consent for extension to car park for use by office staffAPPROVAL


a)Essex Highways - Notice of Temporary Road Closures

b)Report on Stansted Youth Centre Summer Term 2016 from Linda Barnes

c)UDC - land at 40 Bentfield Road, new house to be known as Mayern, 40a Bentfield Road.