PLACE of BIRTH: Buenos Aires, Argentina

PLACE of BIRTH: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Curriculum Vitæ

Grynszpan, Mariano Esteban

Bogotá 869

1234 - Buenos Aires (ARG)

: +54/11/44315184

Fax: +54/11/44315184


DATE OF BIRTH: 12-1-1968

PLACE OF BIRTH: Buenos Aires, Argentina



1974-1980: Elementary School

"Escuela Millán", Buenos Aires

1981-1985: Secondary School

"Colegio Primera Junta", Buenos Aires


1986-1989:University of Buenos Aires

School of Economics

Average grade: 8,00



In Touch (1-3)

Life Styles (1-3)

Advanced (1-4)

Average Grade: HS (Highly Satisfactory)

4 months in Philadelphia, PA: Courses of Theater and English as a Second Language, Penn University

GERMAN, Goethe Institut

Translator degree issued by:

Goethe Institut, Chamber of Commerce (Germany-Argentina), German Embassy

Other courses at Goethe Institut

Basic levels 1-6

Intermediate levels 1-6

High level 1

Test ZMP


Basic level: 4 years

Russian literature: 2 years

CHINESE, Lenguas Vivas

Basic level: 4 years


National Junior Champion 1985

Master of the International Federation - FIDE

National representative in: United Arab Emirates (1985), Uruguay (1986 and 1987), Cuba (1987), Brazil (1989), Germany (1989), Switzerland (1989) and the United States of America (1993)


Word, Excel, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, Autocad CAT Tools: Trados, Across



Chess Teacher, in the plan for elementary schools organized by the MCBA and in private institutions


Trilingual Employee (English-German-Spanish) at Ralux SAI

Car Accesories


Trilingual Employee (English-German-Spanish) at Vitalagro SA

Plastics industry


Freelance translator for Easy Homecenter

Different technical fields (Eng-Ger-Spa)

Manuals, catalogs, contracts


Freelance translator

Interpreter English-German-Spanish, Argentine team at World Junior Chess Festival, Slovakia 1993

Interpreter for Anatoly Karpov and the Argentine Minister of Education, Alberto Sileoni

Interpreter Russian-Spanish, conference of the Russian cosmonaut Vitaly Sebastianov



Cardiology: defibrillator, resting and exercise ECG system (Schiller), heart-screening device (Energy-Lab), ergometer (Ergoline), training ergometer, treadmill (GE), electrode handles, electrode cream, heart catheterization, evaluation of patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease

Pneumology: lung imaging system, spirometry, lung function system, bronchodilation test, catheter for drainage of air and fluid

Nephrology: dialysis products and services (Fresenius)

Ophthalmology: Ophthalmologic equipment and reports (Optosgroup), hyperopia/astigmatism/presbyopia, lens implants, bifocal intraocular lenses, spheric/aspheric intraocular lenses (Acri.Tec)

Surgery: nerve monitor, surgery (resorbable, synthetic) suture material

Physiotherapy / Electrotherapy: electro-stimulation devices, vacuum application units, dispersing electrode, dressing electrode, electrotherapy for speech, language and voice disorders, therapeutic ultrasound, electrostatic massage therapy (Physiomed), bodyscan, 3D/4D posture and motion analyses, spine and posture measurement

Traumatology and Orthopedics: implantations, femoral head, bipolar shell, ceramic insert / Nursing home beds, mattresses, bedside cabinets, chairs and tables / Decubitus prevention, fall prevention (wissner-bosserhoff)

Hot patches, electronic patches (Kalm Patch, Kool Patch, O2 Patch, Skeen Patch, Slim Tens)

Phlebology (Tkach Clinical Center)

Ear, Nose and Throat:laryngeal muscles

Dermatology: collagen implants, synthetic skin substitute

Gynaecology: Working station for for gynaecological examinations, Pregnancy test

Radiation therapy (PTW, GE): dosimeters, ionization chamber array, linear array, multiwire ionization chamber, x-ray dose calculation, accessories, phantoms, test object for constancy checks, control unit

Medical diagnostic devices: endoscopy display, patient monitor, blood pressure cuff, spirometer

Diagnostic imaging / Nuclear medicine: imaging workstation, SPECT/CT gamma camera, scanning procedures, PET, NM, PET-CT and NM-CT data, dynamic scans, color map, Wide Beam Reconstruction, center of rotation test, 3D Render, 2D/3D filter on transaxial data,axial alignment, gallbladder ejection fraction, thyroid uptake, peak filling rate for early detection of coronary disease, evaluation of patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease, perfusion motion detection and correction, whole body sagittal and coronal images, whole body & spots bone review, lung imaging system (GE, UltraSPECT)

Software: DICOM(Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine), distribution and review of 3D volume data, radiological workflow (Siemens), software for in-vivo dosimetry

Laboratory: Automation systems for laboratories (Olympus), constant climate chambers, HCP humidity chambers, sterilisers, universal ovens, vacuum ovens, universal incubators, CO2 incubators, cooling incubators, water baths, oil baths, agitator ball mill

International epilepsy emergency card

Patient management system, patient/employee questionnaire

Dental equipment, materials and techniques:
Dentona, Heraeus Kulzer, Morita

Dental unit and chair

Tray system
Air turbine handpieces


Endodontic therapy

Canal-preparation and curing light module

Apex locator
Injection process for dentures

Computer-aided instrumental functional diagnosis and virtual articulator
Investment materials

Direct and indirect pulp capping

Calcium hydroxide cream
Model production


SPC, PIL and labelling, Company Core Data Sheets (CCDS), patient information, drug description, package leaflet, renewal of marketing authorisation: aciclovir, alprazolam, azithromycin, cefaclor, cefadroxil, esmolol, levofloxacin, tetrabenazine

Workshop for medical translators, led by Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (University of Geneva)

Automobile Industry

Daimler Chrysler (project manager, 210.000 words)





BMW Motorcycles

Mahle - Motor components for cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles

Course "Basic Automotive Electricity"

Electric Windows


Edinburgh Business School, Economics Course, 657 pages

Social Security, Integrated Pension System (Superintendency of Pension Funds, Argentina)

Black Book on Brand Companies (Klaus Werner / Hans Weiss, Ed. Sudamericana, Argentina)

Incredible Customer Service (David Freemantle)

Corruption and Rent-Seeking in Latin America (Rupert Pritzl)

Translations for the WTO

Argentine Currency Board


Incredible Customer Service (David Freemantle)

Transcreation (BMW Motorcycles)

Project organigram (Bombardier)

Price list converter for interactive catalog (Siemens)

Phone scripts (VIA NET.WORKS)

Active Selling (Schoch & Partner)

After-sales service (Modelabs)

Bewe website

Newsletter (DeWalt)

Newsletter (Seidl + Partner)

Reports from fairs: Avante, Care Concept, Pflege & Reha, Drupa


Telephone exchange (Leybold)

Modems, multiplexers, converters, fiber optic technology (Pandatel)

Mobile phones (Modelabs)