Physics Project


Physics Project

Physics Project

Flying cabbage

Objective: You, the student, will devise a way to cause a cabbage to travel through the air covering really large distances. Your group may have a maximum of 1 person in the group.


SP1a, f; SP3a


1. The cabbage may not be altered. This includes, but in not limited to

A. Cooking

B. Chemical Treatments

C. Protective Coverings

2. The cabbage must be at least 400 g.

3. The device must be constructed of common household items. This does not mean that you can find it in your house. This means that an average American family should have a reasonable chance of finding that item in their house. If you are in doubt, please ask the teacher to approve your item or items.

4. The device may not be powered by

A. any internal or external combustion

B. electricity

C. human or animal power

D. air pressure

5. The device must be triggered by a single fingered, downward poke. This motion should be similar to pushing downward on the key of a keyboard.

6. Distance of travel is only measured until the first time the cabbage hits the ground.

7. Your cabbage must be decorated so that it resembles a teacher or administrator from Woodland High School (personified). You must tell the name of the teacher or administrator

8. Worth two grades (project is a test grade and report is a lab grade).

9. Time and distance data must be recorded.

10. Calculations of initial horizontal velocity and height should be made. Report should be completed for a separate lab grade. Lab report is due October 29, 2012.

Project is due October 26, 2012

Project Flying Cabbage Rubric

Standards: SP1a, f; SP3a

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
(full pts) / 5
Extension (10% bonus)
Device meets requirements of project
(50 pts)
(12.5 each) / Project is either incomplete, unsafe, or powered inappropriately / Project is complete, safe, powered appropriately and not capable of launch / Project is complete, safe, capable of launch and powered appropriately. / Same as 3 and is launched by a single downward poke of the finger / Same as 4 and the device is decorated
Cabbage meets requirements of project
(20 pts)
(5 each) / Cabbage is too small, not personified, and does not meet all other requirements / Cabbage is too small and not personified but meets all other requirements / Cabbage is personified and meets all other requirements but is too small / Cabbage meets all requirements and is personified / Cabbage meets all requirements and the personification is recognizable
(15 pts)
(3.75 each) / Cabbage travels 0-2 meters / Cabbage travels 2-6 meters / Cabbage travels 6-10 meters / Cabbage travels 10-15 meters / Cabbage travels further than 15 meters
(15 pts)
(3.75 each) / Both the cabbage and device are complete and capable of launch / Same as 3 plus full points are awarded for the device and cabbage / Same as 4 plus extension points are awarded for both the device and cabbage