Pet Care Assistant Job Description Permanent Casual/Part-Time Resumes Accepted April 1

Pet Care Assistant Job Description Permanent Casual/Part-Time Resumes Accepted April 1

Pet Care Assistant Job Description – Permanent Casual/Part-Time – Resumes Accepted April 1 to April 16, 2016

We have an opening for a casual/part-time position. This position requires the successful employee to work Mondays and has the potential for 1-2 more days/week in busy times. It is suitable for someone who would like to only work on a part time basis. It is a permanent position - no students or co-op please.

We will give preference to those applicants who have working experience in the pet care industry which includes daycare facilities, boarding facilities, grooming shops, vet offices, animal shelters. Applicants who have a Canine First Aid certification will be considered first for this position.

Before applying please take into consideration these aspects of the position:

  • Very physically demanding and face paced
  • Requires applicants to be on their feet for hours at a time and climb stairs numerous times per day
  • Working outdoors despite the weather
  • Constant physical contact with groups of dogs of different sizes, breed, and temperaments
  • Grounds need to be kept up of debris

Doggie Daycare and In-Home Boarding

Assist in the supervision of dogs that are in daycare and/or boarding
General maintenance of the grounds including cleaning up yard waste and pet waste
Cleaning/Disinfecting of indoor daycare/boarding area
Feeding/Administering Medications
Observing and reporting wellness of every animal

Applicant may be asked to assist in the pet grooming shop as needed which includes washing, drying, brushing, clipping

General cleaning and maintenance of grooming shop

Walking of dogs and cleaning up any pet waste

This position is a permanent part time position with pay above minimum wage according to candidate experience. It allows for 2 weeks of paid vacation per year after the first 12 months of employment. It also allows for 5 personal unpaid days off per year.

Employee will be asked to work Mondays with the potential of 1-2 days per week in busy times if available.

The standard working hours will be a start time between 8-9am to an end of day time between 4-5pm with lunch break.

This business is an appointment based operation therefore working days and hours may be adjusted in the event appointments are cancelled and/or all work for the day is completed early.

On the job training is provided. Mandatory and volunteer off site courses are also required to be completed by successful candidate(s). Canine First Aid course certification is mandatory at employee cost of training.

This is a position geared toward those who are making a career in the pet industry. This is not a co-op or short term position. This is not an entry level position. Those who have experience within pet grooming shops, dog training facilities, dog daycares, boarding kennels, veterinary offices, animal shelters will be given preference.

Successful applicant will be asked to provide police information check documentation.

Please email/drop off your resume. Interviews are conducted on site as a half day hands on trial session. Please contact us directly with questions by email at or phone at 705-717-3251. Thank you!