Peer Support Network Partnership Survey Dec 2016 Summary of Responses (Updated Sep 17)

Peer Support Network Partnership survey Dec 2016 – summary of responses (updated Sep 17)

Organisation / Contact Details / Organisational activities/services / Facilities/services to offer / Facilities/services required / Strength/expertise / Challenges / Informal
partnership / Formal
partnership / Previous partnership experiences/
comments / Potential partnership services / Lobbying / Promoting other PSNs / Media work
Juvenis / Winston Goode
Impact Hub Brixton Pop Brixton 49 Brixton Station Rd London SW9 8PQ
/ Juvenis is an exciting new charity offering bespoke support and training so that young people who are having difficulties at school, home or in the community can turn their lives around.
Our main focus is supporting young people on the verge of entering or caught up in the criminal justice system. / Mentoring,
1:1 Support, Outreach / referrals / Bid writing, Database management / Y / Y / Employment support/career development services to under 25s / Y
Jags Foundation / Tracey Ford
Carers Information Service, 26 George Street, Croydon, CR0 1PB
0208 663 5636 ]
/ Youth awareness workshops
Creative writing and drama workshops for young women and girls Therapeutic programmes for vulnerable females Peer to peer support services for families and young people affected by youth on youth violence / Meeting room hire (this is chargeable by the CIS),
Peer to peer support for young people and families bereaved by youth on youth violence,
Access to bereavement support for carers and young people / Premises to hold local youth forum sessions and events, Bid writing advice and opportunity for joint partnerships / Delivery of school youth programmes, Training/Raising awareness of youth on youth violence / Fundraising PR & Marketing Volunteer recruitment and retention / Y / Y / ·  Have experience of joint partnerships and delivering mentoring and support services for gang affected young people with statutory and 2 other grassroots organisations as part of the Governments initiative in Croydon and Lambeth. / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support/career development services to under 25s / Y / Y / Y
St Matthews Project / Lee Dema
07944 101 134 / Free sporting, educational and development opportunities to disadvantaged young people aged 6-24. / FA Level-1 & -2 coaching courses in return for volunteering hours. / Classroom / meeting facility. / Safeguarding Challenging behaviour
Club Management / Diversifying income Partnership / Collaboration / Y / ·  / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support to under 25s / Y / Y
The Baytree Centre / Caroline Guarnaccia
The Baytree Centre
300 Brixton Road London SW9 6AE
0207 733 5283 / Adult Service: For women - ESOL Entry level classes within a personal development framework; Venue- Baytree and Children's Centres
Family Service: For mothers or mother-daughter participants. Two-generational mentoring towards family economic sufficiency
Youth Service: For girls aged 6-18 Educationally structured after school and holiday time activities within a character development framework
Targeted Service: For minors (girls) who are new arrivals and need support to get a place in mainstream schools
Volunteer Service: For any woman aged 16 and above who need a place for volunteering, work placement or internship / Partnerships/Linkages that will enrich the services for clients eg referrals, surgeries / Housing support and advice
Literacy support for ESOL speakers Money management surgery / Matrix accreditation Volunteer management / Becoming an independent charity / Y / Y / ·  We have experienced a successful delivery of a formal partnership funded by ESF (New Opportunities for Women) for 3 years. It was a partnership between UK, Germany, Italy and Greece. The UK component was lead by Lambeth Council and had 8 organisational team members. The Baytree Centre delivered accredited courses in ESOL and ICT with creche support to disadvantaged mothers in Lambeth. / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support/career development services to adults
Communities Welfare Network / Communities Welfare Network
49 Camberwell New Road
London SE5 0RZ
/ 1. Employment training
2. Advice and referrals
3. English skills training
4. Homework club for children
5. Health and social care training / Hire of venue
Free training courses / Security officer training
IT training / management Fundraising
Financial procedure / Website maintenance Contract biding / Y / Delivering project together but with shared responsibilities / Employment support/career development services to adults / Y / Y
Advance 360 / Gloria Austin
Woodlawns Centre Leigham Court Road SW16 2PJ 0208 6713420
/ We offer workshops, 121 support and create opportunities for anyone wishing to improve their mental or financial wellbeing. We specialise in financial and personal management and start up businesses. / We can offer free training and have a drop in surgery. / Possibly premises, volunteer management and data management / Strong on outcome delivery, course evaluation and PR / Fundraising, Volunteers and data management / Y / ·  / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support/career development services to under 25s
·  Employment support/career development services to adults / Y
Pegasus Opera Company / Sonia Hyams
Pegasus Opera Company, Brixton Library, Brixton Oval SW2 1JQ
0207 501 9501 / Music Education and Outreach Work Professional Touring Opera Events for BAME Opera Singers / We have an adhoc desk and computer space in our office / Partnerships in fundraising for larger pots of money / Project Management Workshops in Schools / Fund raising Building our Board Social Media / Y / Y / We work closely with the Brixton Learning Collaborative and Black Cultural Archive on an informal basis on a number of projects / Educational services to children or young people in school or community
Southside Young Leaders Academy / 56-60 Comber Grove Camberwell SE5 0LD 0207 701 9055
/ We provide Saturday leadership programme for boys aged 8-16. in addition Coding club, Lit support, Tutoring and D of E Award for boys aged 14+ / Offering pension advice and support to agencies.
Capacity building Willing to work with others about working with niche group especially working with young boys / Space - premises Referral of boys aged 8 - 16 Awareness of major issues that might impact the work that we do.
Commission some services to do things with our users like creative sparks have done. CEO support/network group.
We are looking for providers who may supply lunches for our users. / Work with boys long term transformation impact measurements and theory of change, governance / Recruiting quality staff Finding new premises Generating unrestricted income
PR / Y / However where an organisations maybe 1 or 2 person led the desire to lose a day or morning attending a set up like this might not be appealing. If we want to hear every organisations voice we may have to incentivise organisations. If we could secure funding that supports 3 days (or whatever) a year for all organisations to meet we could potentially ensure that all voices have an opportunity to be heard otherwise you will just have the same voices. / Educational services to children or young people in school or community / Y / Y / Y
Brixton Learning Collaborative / Jenny Smith,
Partnership Manager, Brixton Learning Collaborative,
St John Divine Primary School.
07956 093082
/ BLC is a cluster of 13 schools in Brixton who work together to fundraise for projects and to support each other in teaching and learning. We are not a constituted body. Schools pay a contribution to pay me to support them working together. / BLC can help other members place initiatives they can offer in schools. We don't have premises (I hot desk in a school). We can also help distribute information to families whose children go to our schools in the Brixton area. / Our schools can benefit from initiatives that support vulnerable families, EAL families, initiatives that are available for pupils during the holidays etc / school curriculum knowledge bid writing skills brokering partnerships / support for EAL children support for SEN children / Our organisation is an information partnership; we have Terms of Reference which outline responsibilities and each school in our partnership takes a 2 year turn to lead the partnership, represent it at Borough wide meetings, chair Heads meetings etc. The lead school holds the budget / Educational services to children or young people in school or community
Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation / Unit 8 Warwick House Overton Road SW9 7JP
020 7733 9977
/ IRMO is a community-led organisation that provides Latin Americans with tools and information to build fulfilled, independent, and integrated lives in the UK. Our work spans four main areas: Education, training and employment; Advice and case-work; Wellbeing; and Campaigning for the rights of all migrant communities / Support and advice in Spanish and Portuguese; free ESOL classes, job-hunting support, training to work in the construction sector, activities for kids, etc. (for Latin Americans and/or those that are from Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries); translation; interpretation; Premises (only occasionally, as there is increasing demand on our classroom space) / Premises, training, referral mechanisms / Volunteer recruitment, training and management - Strong internal referrals between projects and services / Database management/data collection - Growing our presence/visibility (PR) / Y / Y / (1) Last year, we delivered a community gardening project in partnership with another local charity. The partner provided the gardening expertise and planned the sessions, while IRMO coordinated, promoted, undertook M&E, planned the final event, etc.
(2) We are currently involved in two partnership bids - one a consortium of local organisations and the other a group of international organisations - charities, public bodies (such as local councils) and training centres. We are not lead partner on either. / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support to under 25s
·  Employment support/career development services to adults
Advice; support for women
Raw Material Music and Media / 2 Robsart Street
London SW9 0DJ

0207 737 6103 / Courses and projects in music production, live music, songwriting, digital media and video, radio. Recording studios, production rooms, live rehearsal space, events, outreach and touring UK and international / access to resources training space (must be booked well in advance / Links to projects, referral routes, partnership work / Arts and mental health Working with young people in challenging circumstances Music artist development / Funding Sustainability Ethnic inequalities / Y / Y / We have a lot of experience of this, for example London Youth Music Action Zone, founding partner, Creative Creative, an SRB6 and Lambeth Adult Learning consortium, founding member and delivery partner, Arts Council Catalyst Consortium, lead partnerI - Dream Alliance, founding member and delivery partner, Impact Alliance, delivery partner, Lambeth consortium for EIPS current project, lead, Raw Rods UK touring lead partner (with 8 partners across UK) EU Erasmus Creative Lab partnership project (Croatia, Netherlands, Italy,UK) lead partner / ·  Educational services to children or young people in school or community to children or young people in school or community
·  Employment support/career development services to under 25s
Mental Health