PCC Meeting Notes

October 4-6, 2013

IH Update

Chapter Growth Initiative– Nancy Costopulos, Christopher Barnes, Ric Sweeney

  • AMA’s primary audience is a marketer with 5-15 years of experience at small-to-medium-sized companies.
  • Growth Initiative Research Methodology:
  • Online bulletin boards open for 3 days.
  • Recruited members from professional chapters of a variety of sizes.
  • “Migrated” group started out engaged in either the chapter or national and then migrated to be more engaged in the other.
  • Research Findings:
  • Chapters and AMA Global serve different purposes:
  • Members don’t see chapters as a knowledge resource. This is how they see AMA Global. Members want chapters for networking and social events. Educational/learning content will still remain an important way to bring people together locally where they can network. Networking with purpose.
  • Both chapters and national need to tell both sides of the story – we sell each other. National organizations give local chapters legitimacy.
  • AMA value prop for members is too generic:
  • It needs to be more emotive – what’s in it for me. It should encapsulate that people want to be part of the marketing community, they want idea networking, and they want education.
  • Proposed value prop rewrite will go before OCOB. One possibleiteration is:The American Marketing Association is a global marketing community whose members are engaged by forward-thinking networking opportunities as well as a wealth of educational and best practice resources for continual professional growth.
  • AMA Global need to add a question to membership registration asking what someone needs/wants from the AMA. This would need to be asked again later todetermine if needs/wants are being met. Could then drive the answers down to the chapter level.
  • 1st year members strongly dislike expenses beyond membership fees.
  • What do chapters do with this information? It could be too costly for chapters to make all local programs free for members, but some less-costly options could be to:
  • give each member get one free program with their membership
  • make happy-hours free for members
  • offer a free event to those who are nearing renewal and haven’t engaged for a while
  • Need to better sell companies on the value of the AMA to them:
  • How do we best convince companies that paying for an employee’s membership benefits the company?
  • Does national arm prospects/members with tools they can use with their management?
  • Does national arm chapters with tools to sell directly to companies?
  • Does national reach out to companies directly?
  • Group Membership sell sheet is an example of communications focused on a company. We also have collected best practices from chapters that have successfully recruited many group memberships.
  • The research has allowed the AMA to identify the following key priorities:
  • Enhance chapter communication
  • Strengthen value proposition
  • Develop needs based guidance process
  • Use high touch personalization
  • Create more engagement opportunities
  • Improve marcom
  • Chapter Task Forceplan:
  • Now: Christine Mathers is identifying 5-6 former past-presidents from highly-successful chapters who are highly-engaged. Already confirmed: Ann Kostopanagiotou – Chicago, Robin Toombs – Houston, Amy Quigley – Boston.
  • Late October: AMA Global will provide this group with the Growth Initiative research and have an in-person meeting in Chicago.
  • November: Once the task force begins to develop some ideas, AMA Global will hold Chapter Chatsconference callswith additional chapter leaders to further ideate.
  • Late December: Pilot plan will be finalized and chapter support materials defined to be sharedwith chapters at Regional Retreats.

Councils – Carol Arnold

  • Boardmeeting participation: Board really benefits from knowing what the councils are doing getting their perspectives. Council leaders will meeting during board meeting October 10 to provide input on two important topics:
  • What should AMA be in 5-10 years, and how can we get there?
  • How can AMA increase its relevance in the marketplace?
  • Marketing Practitioner Council:AMA already has a council for academics and one for researchers, but none for general marketing practitioners, so we are developing a newMarketing Practitioner Council to advise on this segment.
  • Former PCC members are engaging in other areas of the AMA:
  • Kevin is on the Collegiate Chapters Council
  • Stacy is on the Finance Committee
  • Kevin and Amy are on the Non-Profit Conference Committee

Next Steps (Lori Janson, All PCC)

  • By October 9, PCC to send Lori answers to Board Meeting questions listed above.

Website Launch Plan – Carol Arnold

  • Now: Currently migrating content into the new site.
  • Mid-December: Will launch a test environment for the new campaign in December 15. Would like chapter leaders to test it out and give feedback on particular aspects.
  • Mid: January Will officially launch the Website to the public January 17.

Chapter Bylaws Guidance – Megan Backes

  • AMA Global has created a template for Chapter Bylaws and will be developing some guidelines to help chapters update their current bylaws to make them more sound.

Fall Membership Acquisition Campaign – Megan Backes

  • Research of previous campaigns shows that direct promotion from chapters returns the greatest results, so the Fall 2013 Campaign is being refocused on this. The referral-based campaign will allow chapters to earn rewards by recruiting certain numbers of members.

Membership Team

Chapter Updates

  • PCC Reps need parameters around what they should spend more of their time on:
  • Assisting struggling chapters: Are there certain chapters, such of those in bigger markets, who the PCC should more time mentoring than others? Often need to assess on a case-by-case basis.
  • Assisting good/great chapters: PCC calls all chapters at the beginning of the chapter and provide resources like conference calls and CR tools for chapters throughout the year. It might also be helpful to call good/great chapters mid-year to provide an additional touch-point and gather highlights for Regional Retreats.
  • Repeat Watch/Intervention Chapters: Akron/Canton, Central Illinois, Central Florida, New York Capital Region, Orange County, South Florida, Southeast New England.
  • Notable Chapters:
  • Los Angeles – They are moving in a positive direction and the strategic planning facilitation that Brian provided seems to be paying off.
  • Silicon Valley – Not on the watch/intervention list, but we are still trying to set up a conference call with the Pres. and Ex. Dir. because President has been in that role for 3 years, there is no Pres-Elect, and the Ex. Dir. takes on most of the board work for the chapter.
  • Tulsa – They are celebrating a milestone anniversary and Carol will attend their event this fall. The PCC signed a birthday card for them.
  • Utah – They are quite unengaged with IH and not meeting a lot of criteria. Is the business model still working? Might need to reach out to Christian to try to get him to help.

Next Steps (Katherine Brockman, PCC Membership Team)

  • By October 31, Katherine to reach out to founding president Christian Rytting about Utah’s difficulties if they haven’t engaged more and met most criteria.
  • By November 15, PCC Membership Team to email good/great (ie – not watch/intervention) chapters to check-in and gather highlights to give to Brian for possible use at Regional Retreats.
  • By January PCC Conference Call, PCC Membership Team to develop some criteria for how to engage with different types of chapters.

Conference Calls

  • Nearly half of chapter presidents said they would like to have regular conference calls with other chapter presidents. Amy helped start the process to facilitate calls between smaller groups of like-sized chapters.
  • Proposed Virtual Roundtable Call schedule:
  • July – CEA Submittal – Katherine – done
  • October – Don’t Freak Out! What to do if a Board Member Leaves – Angela
  • November – Sponsorships – April
  • January – Board Recruitment – Kevin
  • March – When to Hire Help/And ED – Brian
  • April – Summit Prep – Amy
  • June – Technology/Improving Legacy Building – Will

Chapter Operating Standards Update

  • PCC recommends thatPresident and Pres-Elect terms be limited to two years per position.
  • PCC recommends that chapters be required to submit monthly financials.

Next Steps (Megan Backes)

  • By November 15, Megan to update Chapter Officers’ Guide with new operating standards and begin communicating to chapters.

Chapter Engagement– Karen Stone

Research Plan

  • Created a framework for dividing chapters and determining which to study. Categories and study chapters are:
  • Sustained Engagement – Houston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Austin, Lincoln
  • Fairly Engaged – Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tampa Bay, Minnesota
  • Newly Engaged – Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia
  • Unengaged – New York, Las Vegas, Milwaukee
  • Former PCC members Kevin Hohnbaum, Tim Sheridan and Pat Frew have volunteered to interview chapters.
  • Have already interviewed Presidents and Immediate Past Presidents at 6 chaptersacross the categories.
  • Questions revolve around chapters engaging with AMA Global and the PCC – how are they connecting, are they using resources and what do they want, what are their perceptions, why are they personally involved, etc.
  • Will share the research results back out with study chapters once it is complete.

Initial Feedback

  • Chapter leaders can be overwhelmed by the number of resources available. They are asking for resources that already exist, so we might not be marketing these resources in the right way. How do we get them to know about these resources, help them navigate through everything, and prioritize what to focus on?
  • There is some confusion on what the Chapter Officers’ Guide is and how they should be using it. Should we rename and rebrand it?

Engagement Leadership Skill Building

  • Note: See Regional Retreats section for notes and next steps.

Recommended Resources

  • Jennifer Schultz’s team has completed the Sponsorship section, is currently working on the Communications and Membership sections, will do the Programming section next, and finallytackle the Leadership section.
  • Goal is to have all sections complete in January.
  • Jennifer will be able to provide good insights into how various national volunteers were to work with.

Next Steps (Megan Backes)

  • By February 28, Megan to have all Recommended Resources posted on CR and promoted to chapters.

Awards Toolkit– Karen Stone

  • Lincoln volunteer Brooke Rogers will take over management of the project from where Atlanta’s Jennifer Beech left off. Steve Kim of British Columbia will assist.
  • PCC Recommendations:
  • Don’t want it named “In a Box” or structured like this with fundamentals and accelerators. It is more of a how-to guide.
  • Should remain a word document.
  • Once complete, it will be included under Programming Recommended Resources section of CR.

Next Steps (Karen Stone, Angela Brutsche, April Schmaltz and Will Krieger)

  • By October 31, Angela, April and Will to review initial Awards Toolkit draft and provide feedback to Karen S.
  • By November 15, Karen S to provide guidance to Brooke and recommend January as a potential goal for completion of Awards Toolkit.

SIGsToolkit – Lori Janson

  • There is currently no national volunteer managing this project.
  • PCC Recommendations:
  • Don’t want it named “In a Box.”
  • There is some good content, but it needs to be taken out of PPT form.
  • Some of the content might need to be tweaked slightly as well.
  • Once complete, it will be included under a Recommended Resources section of CR.

Next Steps (Lori Janson, Megan Backes, All PCC)

  • By October 15, Megan to have Georgia Knapp to put this in a Word document form to send to Lori.
  • By October 31, Lori to reach out to Tom Dennis to share PCC appreciation for his workand inform him that we are using the content in the SIGs Toolkit.
  • By October 31, Lori to ask Paul Stark to serve as a national volunteer to review the SIGs Toolkit content and provide related sample documents.
  • By November 30, Lori to send updated SIGs Toolkit to PCC for review.
  • By January PCC Conference Call, PCC to provide feedback to Lori on updated SIGs Toolkit.

Leadership Skill Building Webcasts – Will Krieger

  • Plan is to record past Leadership Skill Building presentations as webcasts using ReadyTalk soon. There won’t be a live audience.
  • Chapter leaders will only be able to access the webcasts from the Chapter Resources site, which keeps this a chapter leader benefit.
  • If presenters are interested in in-person chapter speaking opportunities, their contact info can be listed next to the webcastson the Chapter Resources site:
  • Once Leadership Skill Building presentations are recorded, then PCC can begin identifying Ted Talks to add to the chapter leader webcast resource bank.

Next Steps (Will Krieger, Megan Backes)

  • By Leadership Summit, Will and Megan to record and post all Leadership Skill Building webcasts on CR.

Leadership Summit– Colleen Chappell, Kim Verros


  • Should we create a survey that goes in the market earlier to guide programming decisions? Or could past pre-surveys be aggregated to give us the information we want instead of doing another survey?
  • Note: see additional notes and next steps under Survey Fatigue section.


  • PPT template and email template are complete.
  • Will be working on the Website, social media and opening video.
  • Developing an infographic on the value of Leadership Summit and a pre-Summit teaser video.


  • Confirmed sponsors are Capstrat, ChappellRoberts, Chicago Marriott O’Hare, Pepper Group, Prince Market Research, Southwest Print and Promotion
  • Still pursuing sponsorships for photography and cash.


  • Created an audience persona to help speakers know who is in the room – emerging leaders (60%) and established leaders (40%) each have different needs.
  • Pre-Conference – Capstrat presenting Analytics – Measuring What Matters
  • C-suite Panel w/Dennis – possible panelists include:
  • Larry Light, Chief Brand Officer of InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Doug Reifschneider, VP Marketing, Firehouse Subs
  • Keynote – Al Callier, VP Strategic Innovation at NBC Universal Studios, presenting What Harry Potter Can Teach Marketers About the Value of Innovation. Speaking for free. Al is a former AMA member, so would be nice to give him a free AMA membership.
  • Closing Session – Simon T Bailey,is speaking for free.


  • Friday:
  • Pre-conference – only doing one session instead of two this year. Need to hold it in a larger room than last year.
  • AMA Global Update – will focus on high-level findings of Chapter Growth Initiative research during the.
  • Afternoon Membership session covers both fundamentals/accelerators.
  • Saturday:
  • 7:30-8:30a – Optional AMA Global Session on Website tutorial with focus on CR.
  • 8:30-9:00a – new additionalAMA Global Update session focus on how Chapter Growth Initiative findings impact chapters (same room as LoudTables).
  • 9:00-10:30a – LoudTables
  • 11:00a-12:30p– Breakouts
  • 2:00-3:00p – Membership & Programming session content is combined.
  • Strat Planning – Attendees will be reminded to bring last year’s Strat Plan with them, and they will receive a folder packet of resources during the session.
  • Sunday
  • Leadership Skill Building topics:
  • Building Your Personal Influence – author Stacy Armijo, presenter Angela Brutsche
  • Brand YOU: Building your Leadership Brand – author and presenter Karen Albritton
  • Presentation Skills – author and presenter Brian Woods

Next Steps (Colleen Chappell, Kim Verros,Karen Stone,Megan Backes,Kelly Moran, All PCC)

  • By October 15, LS14 Chairs to finalize attendance goals.
  • By October 31, LS14 Chairs to ask Prince Market Research to aggregate research from previous years.
  • By October 31, Karen S to reach out to Stacy Armijo to request usage of her presentation forLeadership Skill Building session on Building Your Personal Influence.
  • By October 31, All PCC to send recommendations for guest speakers and social media volunteers to LS14 chairs
  • By November 30, LS14 Chairs to work with Kelly Moran to finalizebarter agreements for confirmed sponsors and free speakers.
  • By November 30, Megan to ask Chicago Chapter and AMA staff for potential photographers who will photograph Summit for free in return for portfolio experience.

Regional Retreats– Brian Woods, Karen Stone

  • The Goal of Regional Retreats is to energize chapter leaders to finish their year strong.
  • VOY and Leadership Summit, and CEAs will be promoted with a slide for each.

Retreat Logistics

  • PCC and staff assignments have been made. Board assignments will be made starting soon.
  • Host communications will start this week.
  • AV: Does AMA Global need provide host chapters with a stipend to help offset costs?
  • Do we want to ask hosts to purchase wi-fi or not? Will want this for theAMA Global Update section on the new Website, but can be expensive. AMA staff might be able to bring a wireless hotspot device to each Retreat to provide internet access.
  • Retreat hosts will need to order speakers for playing the video in the Engagement Soft Skills Presentation.


  • AMA Global Update (30 min):
  • Growth Initiative research will be sprinkled throughout all presentations, not just part of the AMA Global Update.
  • Would be nice if Growth Initiative Chapter Task Force members were able be at Regional Retreats, but don’t think any are from host cities.
  • New AMA Website
  • Information must be positioned as a collaboration
  • Membership (90 min):
  • Should chapters be work-shopping how to show the value of AMA Global?
  • Should they create an elevator pitch on AMA membership?
  • Communications (60 min):
  • Focus on relevancy of the message, developing a communication timeline, and coordinating messages with AMA Global. The amount of AMA Global communications have been decreased and will be posted on CR by then.
  • Sponsorships (30 min):
  • Best to share a case study from a chapter like British Columbia that has successfully obtained sponsorships.
  • Programming (0 min - no dedicated session):
  • Chapters really value sharing programming ideas with one another and collaborating with neighboring chapters, but can do this by having chapters add ideas to a large board/paper on breaks instead of doing a dedicated session with discussion.
  • Engagement Leadership Skill Building(60 min) – PCC recommendations to update the presentation:
  • Add brevity, levity and repetition.
  • Note up front that this presentation applies not only to AMA chapters but also to attendee’s work.
  • Want to add more questions throughout the presentation for chapters to participate.
  • Let attendees know that Karen Stone developed this research.
  • It might not be clear what the pie-chart related to AMA’s volunteer survey results is representing.
  • Could emphasize that even one negative or disengaged person on the board can really have a damaging effect. A workshop related to this could be discussing what to do when there is someone like this on the Board.
  • During Twelve Keys slide, could emphasize that chapters can choose one of these to focus on for now.Cultural change doesn’t happen overnight, but behaviors can change more quickly, and this is something that can be accomplished by the chapter board in the next few months.
  • Could create a handout that includes the Twelve Keys.
  • Is there any content that should be cut to insure that the presentation won’t be too long?
  • Final Sharing/Key Takeaways (remaining min)

Next Steps (Brian Woods, Karen Stone, April Schmaltz, Carol Arnold, PCC Regional Retreat Reps)