Parent Meeting Minutes from 12/14/2016

Parent Meeting Minutes from 12/14/2016

Parent Meeting Minutes from 12/14/2016

Upcoming Schedule for Winter Break:

  • Thursday 12/15 Field or Classroom work at CVHS 3:15
  • Friday 12/16 GameDay 6-8pm
  • Saturday 12/17 GameDay 11am-1pm
  • Tuesday 12/20 GameDay 6-8pm
  • Thursday 12/22 GameDay 6-8pm
  • Tuesday 12/27 GameDay 6-8pm
  • Thursday 12/29 GameDay 6-8pm

This week should be the last of the schedule changes for GameDay practices. The Monday and Friday practices at CVHS will resume when school resumes. If the outside temperature is above 35, they will practice outside. If the temperature is below, the coaches and players will find a classroom in the school to work on their baseball IQs. Coach Diaz and the coaching staff are working extremely hard to be a defensive team!

Coupon Books:

Please have your player continue to sell as many books as they can. Coach Diaz has extended the due date to Tuesday 12/20. Have your player bring their money in to the GameDay practice. The SaberCat Booster Club makes 50% of the sales on every coupon book.

Winter Workouts Program:

Payments are due immediately!


Please go to

This site has huge discounts on bats, cleats, bags, etc. Also buy your fan gear for the upcoming season! The first order deadline is Wednesday, December 21st!

A link has been put on the main page of the SaberCat Diamond Club website,

Social Media:

There was an incident were a couple of players tweeted about the CVHS Cheer squad winning their 3rd straight State Title. The tweets were passed on to Coach Diaz from the Cheer Coach at 1 am on a Saturday. Coach Diaz and the Cheer Coach have decided to have the baseball players go through a cheer practice. This will be MANDATORY for every player.

Coach Diaz will continue to talk to the players about their use of social media and how it could affect them, the program and their future.

Team Managers:

Please welcome Skyla (senior) and Alyssa (freshman) as the team’s managers this upcoming season. These young women have already been working hard with the coaches and players during the outdoor practices. If you see them please introduce yourself and welcome them!

Position Changes:

You may have heard from your son that the coaching staff has asked your son to start practicing a new position, specifically pitching. A good baseball program needs 20-25 pitchers. There were also some rule changes to the CHSAA pitching guidelines for this upcoming season that will require the need for more pitchers. So, if the coaches see something in your player, they will work with him.

Coach Diaz has hired Benny Puig to the program. Coach Puig will be the Assistant coach for the Sophomore team, and also work with the pitchers. Manny Corpas will be returning to help coach the Varsity team and continue his work with the pitching squad.

Spring Season 2017:

The CVHS Baseball program will have 4 teams, Varsity, JV, Sophomore and Freshman.

The schedules are out and the coaches are continuing to schedule the maximum amount of games possible. The Freshman team may have to play a few teams more than once. Many of the schools in our league do not have 4 teams. Due to safety concerns, CHSAA will not let a “C team” that may have older players on it compete against a Freshman team.

Varsity team will be playing in the Pride Classic tournament in Arizona March 20-25. The booster club and Coach Diaz are working on the most cost effective travel expenses. The team will travel together. Parents are not allowed to travel with the team, or stay in the same hotel.

The JV team may have a tournament to play in over Spring Break, the details are still being worked out.

Summer Season 2017:

There will be 4 teams for CVHS this coming summer! Coach Diaz will oversee the 18U and 17U, Coach Callahan will oversee the 16U and 15U.

15U will play in a league at the GameDay facility. It will be a CV team with CV uniforms and CV coaches. All games and practices will be at the GameDay/Double Angels fields. There will also be 2 tournaments scheduled.

16U will play in the Connie Mac league. Coach Diaz feels the competition in this league is phenomenal, much better than last year. There will be at least one local tournament.

17U—Connie Mac league and the travel tournament to Omaha. The local tournaments are still being scheduled, unsure as to how many.

18U—Connie Mac league, California, Panama City, and Omaha. The winner of the Connie Mac league for 18U will travel to Oklahoma for the Connie Mac World Series.

The 18, 17 & 16U teams will practice and host home games at CVHS.

The price for the season will be dependent on which team your player makes. Payments will be due June 1, 2017, NO EXCEPTIONS! Coach Diaz will be letting players and parents know ahead of time which team they made. How your player conducts himself and performs will be their tryout.

Your player does not have to play for the CV Summer season to make a team in the Spring!


Coach Diaz and the SaberCat Diamond Club have decided on 5 fundraisers that we feel benefit us the most. The more we fundraise through the booster club, the more the program receives.

Coupon Books:

Due date for money due is now Tuesday 12/20. We make 50% of every book sold! KEEP SELLING!!

Legacy Bricks:

Your current or past CVHS player can have a brick with his/her name and the sport they played displayed in the CV logo on the grass below the announcers booth. We are opening this fundraiser up to other sports and club programs at CV. Please go to the link We are very excited about what this could bring for the entire school community, not just our baseball program! There is also a link on our webpage for the Legacy Brick fundraiser.

Rockies Tickets:

We are continuing the Rockies ticket sales program again this year. At this time it will be the same as last year. Each player will buy 36 discounted tickets (9 tickets for each of the 4 games). You are buying 2 premium games and another non premium game is free (buy one get one). The tickets have a face value on them, and therefore are easy to post on StubHub. For example, my husband was able to sell all of the 36 tickets on StubHub or Craigslist.

In agreeing to buy 2400 discounted tickets from the Rockies organization, the Varsity team is allowed to play a league game at Coors Field. The game will be March 18th at 4pm. This is a Saturday game and is FREE to parents, family and friends who want to come and cheer CV on! The Rockies Organization made a few changes to the rules this upcoming season, and only a set number of players will be able to use the facilities and be on the field.


We are going to be participating in SnapRaise again this year. This program allows players and families to reach out to family and friends beyond our community. This helps in fundraising efforts because we aren’t continually asking the same people for donations or to buy stuff! after the teams have been established and cuts have been made, a representative from SnapRaise will meet with the team to set up the page with a custom video from our players. There will be a follow up meeting with the players to ensure that everyone has enrolled. Those dates are March 6th and 8th.


If you know of anyone that would be interested in a banner to advertise their business, please go to our website for the Petition Letter and Contract that can be printed off. There is also a spreadsheet that has those businesses that have already purchased a banner.

If you have someone that is interested please contact Mike Kelly, President of the SaberCat Diamond Club