OYSA Risk Management

OYSA Risk Management

OYSA Risk Management

Procedure 801-1Risk Management

Article I. Purpose and Responsibilities

Section 1.01 This procedure is to establish a Risk Management Program for Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA).

Section 1.02 The Vice President of OYSA shall be the board liaison for and have general oversight of the Risk Management Program

Section 1.03 The Executive Director of OYSA shall be responsible for the direct supervision of the Risk Manager and the Risk Management Program.

Section 1.04 The Risk Manager (RM), whom shall be appointed by the Vice President, shall administer the daily functions of the Risk Management Program

Section 1.05 The Vice President shall chair the Risk Management Committee (RMC) for hearings and investigations regarding implementation and appeals of this policy.

Section 1.06 The Executive Board of OYSA shall review the Risk Management Program annually and report to the full board any issues, concerns or changes.

Article II. Definitions

Section 2.01 Risk - The possibility of suffering a loss from actions or inactions of an individual, group of individuals, or a situation that may result in a loss.

Section 2.02 Risk Management - The process of managing risk, including:

a) Continuous assessment of risks to determine the potential of suffering a undesired occurrence or loss;
b) Prioritization of risks (i.e.: determining which risks must be dealt with, and which create the greatest exposure to loss)
c) Implementing controls or strategies to minimize or eliminate the exposure and potential for loss.

Article III. Background

Section 3.01 Oregon Youth Soccer by its nature is an organization that faces many exposures that create the potential for suffering a loss or other form of legal action detrimental to the objectives and functions of the organization. It uses staff and adult volunteers to guide the activities of youth players, member clubs, conduct training of coaches and players, organize tournaments and meetings that involve youth soccer players, coaches and the public at various locations and functions. The participants encounter vigorous athletic activity which has its own inherent risks.

Section 3.02 OYSA faces a number of exposures including but not limited to: acts of nature, human acts (intentional or unintentional), legal action that may result from personal injury or death, property damage, theft, or mismanagement of funds. The Risk Management Program is implemented to help manage exposures associated with these risks.

Section 3.03 Whereas OYSA is a service organization to the member clubs and participants. These organizations and members are valuable assets and deserve reasonable protection, consistent with available funds, from unnecessary or anticipated loss.

Article IV. Goals

Section 4.01 The long term goal is to minimize harm to human, physical, and fiscal resources of OYSA, the affiliated member clubs, administrations, participants, and parent organizations. Minimizing losses by controlling exposures will aid in containing expenses for the organization.

Section 4.02 To accomplish this goal, OYSA may:

a) Attempt to routinely identify significant and known exposures and risks to which the organization is exposed.
b) Avoid unnecessary or unreasonable exposures to the extent possible.
c) Take reasonable and appropriate steps to prevent losses.
d) Initiate reasonable and appropriate loss control techniques to control frequency and severity of the losses that occur.
e) Use "risk transfer" methods by maintaining insurance coverage for risks and exposures that pose a large potential for loss or cannot be eliminated.

Article V. Processes

Section 5.01 Utilize the USYSA Kidsafe Program as a guideline for conducting background checks on staff and volunteers used by OYSA and member clubs.

Section 5.02 Conduct site inspections of venues for unsafe conditions. Review plans to administer safety and security for the venue and functions that support the venue.

Article I. Risk Manager

Section 1.01 Is a resource during the review of physical sites, and operations for actual and potential loss exposures associated with OYSA administered events.

Section 1.02 Review results of staff and volunteer criminal and background checks for convictions that jeopardize, or may jeopardize the safety and solvency of the association, participant, or member organization.

Section 1.03 Promote the active participation in the "Kid Safe" Program by the affiliated clubs and organizations.

Section 1.04 Review results of criminal and background checks that jeopardize or may jeopardize the safety and well being of youth or adult participants in OYSA, it's member clubs, or organizations.

Section 1.05 Collaborate as needed to recommend action to remove persons who pose a threat to children from association with children under the OYSA umbrella.

Section 1.06 Take appropriate action as determined necessary to reduce the potential for an injury or loss to occur.

Section 1.07 Make physical modifications to reduce an exposure consistent with available funds.

Article I. Risk Management Committee

Section 1.01 The Risk Management Committee shall assist in the investigation of losses or potential losses, make determinations and recommendations to the Risk Manager on policy for dealing with and handling exposures.

Section 1.02 Determine a guide for evaluating background checks which trigger further investigation by the member club, or action by OYSA.

Procedure 801.1 - Risk Management 1