Our Brand Purpose and Promise

Our Brand Purpose and Promise


Our Brand Purpose and Promise

Building healthier communities

“Trusted to connect with and care for people, to improve

the health and wellbeing of the community”

Our Values and Practices


• Putting the client first

• Demonstrating trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

• Re investing for wider social value

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• Delivering best in class standards of excellence

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• Having a shared purpose

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  1. Post Details

Job Title / Registered General Nurse
Band / Band 5
Primary Location / Base / Aspect House
Reports To / District Nurse Team Leader
Operational Managers
Accountable to / Assistant Director Adult Services
Version Number and Date / September 2015
  1. Job Purpose

  • This is an innovative joint post working with the Nottinghamshire Hospice, designed to promote integrated end of life care for the people of Nottingham City
  • Provide holistic and individualised care to patients and carers as delegated by the District Nurse Team Leader (DNTL) or deputy.
  • The successful post holder will work jointly between the night community nursing service, providing rapid response support for patients approaching the end of their lives and also provide hospice at home nursing for patients in the last six months of their lives.

  1. Dimensions

  • Practice(s) population:
  • Caseload number:
  • Number of staff in team:

  1. Organisational Chart

Chief Operating Officer of Service Provision

Assistant Director of Adult Services

Integrated Health and Social Care Manager

Operational / Team Manager

District Nurse Team Leader/Specialist Practitioner

Registered General Nurse

Healthcare Assistant
  1. Key Responsibilities

  • Plan, deliver and evaluate programmes of care to address people’s health and wellbeing needs.
  • Implement the provision of evidence-based/ best practice.
  • Actively encourages patient and carer feedback about the DN service and end of life services in Nottingham.
  • Maintain a high standard of care to patients and carers.
  • Contribute to the continual improvement of the District Nursing (DN) and end of life care services.
  • Maintain a professional image as outlined in NMC code of conduct.
  • Contribute to the Clinical Governance agenda and applies risk management systems
  • Participate in relevant research and audit activity
  • Regularly takes responsibility for the appropriate delegation of nursing care to team members.
  • Occasionally, in the absence of DNTL or deputy takes responsibility for the appropriate delegation and supervision of work according to the skills and abilities of team members
  • Promote and maintain good practice in record keeping by self and the team to ensure Organisation and Professional standards are met.
  • Establish and maintain communication with individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings and situations in the Primary Health Care Team.
  • Liaise and interact with other agencies and disciplines
  • To be responsible for the communication and effective feedback to the DNTL or deputy and Nottinghamshire Hospice Nurse Coordinator.
  • Support effective team working both in the DN team and the Primary Health Care Team and Nottinghamshire Hospice.
  • To be responsible for the development of own knowledge and clinical practice and recognises one’s own limitations.
  • Participate in the development of other team members.
  • Participate in the supervision framework as a supervisee and supervisor.
  • Maintain a portfolio to demonstrate continuing professional development
  • Contribute to the implementation of service developments.
  • Participate in the PRD process and take responsibility for reaching agreed development objectives
  • Attend required mandatory training
  • Utilise enhanced knowledge and skills to promote continuous service improvements
  • Promote and maintain best practice that ensures the health safety and security of self, patients and colleagues in accordance with the policies procedures and guidelines of the organisation.
  • Ensure that confidentiality is protected at all times
  • Practice in accordance with procedures and guidelines for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection

  1. Communications & Relationships

  • Establish and maintain communication with people about routine and daily activities, modifying communication to overcome any difficulties with the people involved.
  • Provide the nursing team with accurate and timely feedback on intervention
  • Liaise and interact with other agencies and disciplines appropriate to role.
  • Actively encourage patient and carer feedback about the DN service.
  • Represent the PCT DN service on multi-professional developments which support interprofessional working.

  1. Others

Physical Effort
  • Needs dexterity to handle drawing up of injections etc. Needs to be accurate with drug doses. Using specific equipment e.g. syringe drivers, glucometers. PEG feeds.
  • Needs to be computer literate and able to access Internet.
  • Drives around all night, often in stressful situations due to time pressure, bad weather, and traffic.
  • Is involved in providing terminal care which includes manual handling of patients often in difficult and awkward circumstances i.e. double beds, low beds, cramped conditions with minimal aids and adaptations.
Mental Effort
  • Needs to concentrate at all the times when with patients to ensure effective communication and provision of care needs.
  • Workload can be unpredictable due to changing needs of patients.
  • Workload delegated by team leader.
Emotional Effort
  • Exposure to distressing and emotional circumstance. Deals with death and dying regularly.
  • Dealing with emotions relating to illness and people with unrealistic expectations.
  • Deals with verbal aggression on occasions.
Working Conditions
  • Frequent exposure to bodily fluids.
  • Regular exposure to dirty houses and difficult working conditions i.e. cramped spaces.
May need to drive in hazardous weather

This job description is subject to periodic revision following discussion with the job holder.

The duties and responsibilities of the post will be undertaken in accordance with the policies, procedures and practices of Nottingham CityCare Partnership CIC that may be amended from time to time.

It is a condition of your employment that you must remain in date with your essential training and the CityCare appraisal process, in line with policies and procedures.

CityCare is committed to the protection of all patients in our care and will employ only appropriately qualified, trained and screened members of staff.


Nottingham CityCare Partnership is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people, vulnerable adults and people experiencing domestic abuse, both as service users and visitors to CityCare premises. All staff have an absolute responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults. The post-holder, in conjunction with their line manager, will be responsible for ensuring they undertake the appropriate level of training relevant to their individual role and responsibilities. They must be aware of their obligation to work within and do nothing to prejudice the safeguarding policies of CityCare.

All staff are required to maintain a clean, safe environment ensuring adherence to CityCare standards of cleanliness, hygiene and infection control in order to reduce the risks to patients from acquiring a healthcare associated infection.

CityCare is a smoke free employer.