Opportunity Never Tasted Sogood

Opportunity Never Tasted Sogood

Opportunity never tasted sogood.

Yooralla Catering.High quality, fresh food for every event.





Gourmet sandwiches $7.00 per serve Gourmet wraps (half wrap) $4.00 per serve Gourmet wraps (full wrap) $8.00 per serve

Recommend 1 - 1.5 serves per person

Minimum 12 serves Gluten free sandwiches and wraps available on request (extra $3.00)

Fillings may include:

Gourmet paninis $8.00 per serve Mini rolls $4.00 per serve Mini bagels $4.00 per serve

• Ham, cheese, tomato, Dijon mustard and tomato chutney

• Bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado

• Salami, cheese, sundried tomato, rocket and olive paste

• Chicken mix – chicken, mayonnaise, celery and spring onion

• Tandoori chicken, tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce and minted yoghurt

• Tuna mix – tuna, spring onion, corn, red capsicum, celery, dill and mixed lettuce

• Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onion and rocket

• Salad – Tomato, cheese, cucumber, red onion, carrot, spinach, alfalfa, avocado and mayonnaise (v)

• Falafel, hummus, tomato, cucumber, spinach and minted yoghurt (v)

• Roasted pumpkin, zucchini, capsicum, pesto and fetta (v)

GourmetsaladsMinimum 12serves

Tandoori chicken salad – tandoori chicken, tomato, cucumber,

red onion and spinach w/ minted yoghurt $8.00 per serve Caesar salad – chicken, bacon, parmesan, egg, cos lettuce (gf) w/ croutons $8.00 per serve Classic nicoise salad – tuna, egg, olives, tomato, cucumber and lettuce (gf) $8.00 per serve Vegetarian salad – roasted pumpkin, chickpea, capsicum, red onion,

kale and cumin w/ coriander yoghurt (v) (gf) $8.00 per serve

Seasonal garden salad – mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum,

radishand extra seasonal selections w/ sesame dressing or vinaigrette $8.00 per serve

Thai beef salad – marinated beef, lombbok, red cabbage, cucumber,carrot,

coriander, mint and bean shoots w/ Thai dressing $10.00 per serve

FingerfoodMinimum 10 serves

Mini pies $3.00 per serve Tomato, onion and spinach or egg and bacon $3.00 per serve Classic homemade sausage rolls (1 piece) $3.00 per serve Silverbeet, spinach and feta pastries (1 piece) (v) $3.00 per serve Pork and fennel sausage roll w/ capsicum relish (1 piece) $3.50 per serve Tandoori chicken skewer w/ minted yoghurt (1 piece) (gf) $3.50 per serve Arancini balls (pumpkin or mushroom) w/ aioli (v) $3.50 per serve Crumbed chicken strips w/ basil aioli $3.50 per serve

Mini pasties $3.50 per serve Seasonal vegetable tart w/ crumbled fetta $3.50 per serve Zucchini and haloumi fritter w/ tomato tapenade $3.50 per serve Mini chicken sandwiches w/ delicious homemade mayonnaise $3.50 per serve Assorted sushi w/ ginger, soy and wasabi $4.00 per serve (min. 20) Rice paper rolls – vegetarian, chicken and prawn (gf)

(minimum48 hours notice) $4.00 per serve (min. 20)


Minimum 12 serves


Two pieces per serve

Recommend one serve per person

Caramel slice $3.50 per serve Chocolate brownie $3.50 per serve Hedgehog $3.50 per serve Citrus slice $3.50 per serve Healthy muesli slice $4.00 per serve


One scone per serve

Recommend one serve per person

Traditional sconeswith jam and cream

$3.50 per serve


Two biscuits per serve

Recommendone serve per person

Mini gourmet biscuits$3.50 per serve

A delicious selection of jam shortbreads, melting moments, chocolate dipped vanilla, chocolate chip and more.


One muffin per serve

Medium sized muffin$3.50 per serve

Select from mixed berry, white chocolate and raspberry, chocolate, apple and cinnamon, banana and walnut, and carrot cake muffins.


Individual small cakes$6.00 per serve

Select from flourless orange (*gf), flourless chocolate (gf), raspberry almondine, lamingtons, mini cheesecakes and more.

Large cakes are available on request


Minimum 12 serves

Finger food platter

3 varieties – $ 8.00

5 varieties – $14.00

7 varieties – $17.00

A delicious range of savoury items from our selection below

Antipasto platter

$7.00 per serve

A selection of cured meats, chargrilled vegetables, frittata, grissini and artisan breads.


$5.50 per serve

A selection of seasonal fruit (5 varieties).

Assorted Dip Platter

$6.00 per serve

Includes a selection of three dips served with fresh seasonal vegetables, pita and biscuits.

Select from hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, sweet potato and cashew, spiced beetroot or baba ganoush.

Cheese platter

$6.50 per serve

A selection of hard, soft and blue cheeses, dried fruits, quince paste, biscuits and fruit bread.

Assorted sweet pastries platter

$3.50 per serve

A selection of mini fruit danishes, croissants and escargot pastries.

CateringpackagesMinimum 12 serves. Ask about our Gluten Free options.

Traditional meeting$13.00 per person

Traditional point sandwiches, fresh fruit platter plus a sweet selections biscuit platter.

Gourmet conference$15.00 per person

Gourmet paninis, wraps and sandwiches, fresh fruit platter plus a sweet selections slice platter.

Boardroom Luncheon$18.00 per person

2x finger food selections, gourmet wraps and sandwiches, fresh fruit platter plus a sweet selections slice platter.

All Day Catering Package $30.00 per person

(min20 serves)

Morning: tea/coffee plus assorted pastries and seasonal fruit platter.

Lunch: assorted gourmet sandwiches, rolls and wraps.

Afternoon: assorted cakes and slices plus seasonal fruit platter.

Premium All Day$38.00 per person

Catering Package (min 20 serves)

Morning: tea/coffee plus assorted pastries/tarts and seasonal fruit platter.

Lunch: assorted gourmet sandwiches, rollsand wraps, plus a selection of two (hot or cold)

savoury items and individual small salads.

Afternoon: assorted cheese platter and seasonal fruit platter.

Breakfast Deluxe$14.00 per person

Assorted danishes, ham and cheese croissants, mini quiches mini muffins and a seasonal fruit platter

Morning or afternoon tea packages

Slices and muffins $6.00 per person Fresh scones and biscuits $6.00 per person Fresh scones and fresh fruit $7.00 per person

Finger food packages

5x finger food selections$14.00 per person

7x finger food selections$17.00 per person


Juices 2L$6.00

Sparkling water 1.25L$6.00

Still water 1.25L$6.00

Soft drink varieties 1.25L$6.00

Please provide 48 hours’ notice for all orders. We’ll happily deliver your order free of charge if you are located within 10kms of the Melbourne CBD and your order is above $150.00. Tailored menus, servingwareand service staff can be provided for larger events.

Please contact us to discuss Yooralla Catering options for your next meeting, event or conference.


Telephone: 0477 386 886



For specific dietary requirements, please contactthe Yooralla Catering team directly.