Online Passout Procedure

Online Passout Procedure

Online Passout Procedure

NB: Currently only brand assistants and product managers have access to generate a pass out. If additional access is required, this needs to be requested via a URD

Corporate Intranet

-Online processing / Passouts / New Passout

  1. Select recipient type from drop down list

  1. Complete the recipient name
  2. Complete the “Reason” field. Provide concise information as to why the individual is removing the items from the premises. This will be used for reporting purposes.

  1. Confirm if the person removing the goods from the premises is staff or non staff
  2. If Staff is selected, search for staff members name from the pre-populated list. If non-staff is selected, make use of free type to complete the person’s name

  1. Select if you wish to search for the product by number or description, alternatively select non product if the item is not an ELC stock item

  1. If the product is a stock item, select relevant brand and product from drop down lists. Enter the quantity and click next – price will default. Select add the item if everything is correct (alternatively select change if you require to edit information)

  1. If the product is a non-stock item, free type the product description – please provide as much accurate detail as possible. Complete the qty and price excl vat. Click next and then add to list if detail is correct.
  2. Enter as many lines as is required
  1. Once all the products have been entered, select “Action this document” to send it for approval. Select the relevant approver from the drop down list. Please note that neither the originator nor the person removing the item will be authorised to approve the passout.
  1. Once the passout is approved, the originator will receive an email confirmation. Click on the link to print the approved passout. N.B. – prior to printing the passout, please click on “Printable” to change the format to the printable format (i.e. no pricing information reflected)
  1. The person removing the items from the premises needs to have a copy of the printable version of the passout. The passout is to be handed to security at the gate. Security will mark the passout as complete once the goods leave the premises
  1. Please note the below T&C’s of passouts:

Terms and Conditions

1. / It is the responsibility of the person leaving the premises with the goods to hand the approved passout to ELC gate security prior to exiting the premises.
2. / The goods authorised to leave ELC premises are not for resale.
3. / The policy, procedure and related passouts are subject to audit and persons found to contravene the policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
4. / The policy and procedure around passouts is subject to change.