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Office: Phone, Fax, Email

Youngtae Cho, Ph.D.

March 2013

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School of Public HealthPhone: +82-2-880-2718 (office)

Seoul National University+82-10-7135-4610(cell)

Daehak-dong, Kwanak-guFax: +82-2-762-9105

Seoul, KoreaEmail:


Associate Professor (October, 2009 - present)

School of Public Health


Assistant Professor (October, 2005 – September, 2009)

School of Public Health


Full-time Lecturer (August, 2004 – August, 2005)

School of Public Health


Assistant Professor (August, 2002 - June, 2004)

Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology


Ad-hoc Positions (current only)

Director (February, 2013-present)

Center for Smart Technology and Public Health

School of Public Health

Seoul National University

Research Affiliate (February, 2013-present)

Big Data Center

Seoul National University

Coordinator, International Organizing Committee/National Organizing Committee

2013 IUSSP (International Union for Scientific Study of Population)International Population Conference in Busan (November, 2010 – present)

Consultant(March, 2012 - Present)

SAMSUNG Electronics, Digital, Media, and Communication research center

Consultant (Octobor, 2012 - present)

Korea Planned Parenthood Federation

Vice Chair, Healthy City Committee (July, 2011 - present)

Dongjack-gu, Seoul (Self-governing regional government in Seoul)

Member, Healthy City Committee (July, 2012 - present)

Seocho-gu, Seoul (Self-governing regional government in Seoul)

Secretary/Treasurer (January, 2011 - present)

Population Association of Korea



The University of Texas at Austin, August 2002.

Dissertation Title: “The Impact of Individual- and Contextual Characteristics on the Health of Metropolitan Seoul Adult Residents.”

(Dr. W. Parker Frisbie, Chair)


The University of Texas at Austin, May 1999.

Thesis Title: “The Urbanization Process in Metropolitan Seoul: An Ecological Point of View.” (Dr. W. Parker Frisbie, Chair)


KoreaUniversity, SeoulKorea. Feb 1997. (Sociology Major)


Health Demography

Influence of Information and Communication Technology on Population Processes

Health of Immigrant and Refugee Populations

Social Determinants and Health Inequality

Fertility Changes in Korea



Refereed-Journal Articles

(International Journals)

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(Academic Reports)

2011AP-HealthGAEN. "An Asia Pacific Spotlight on Health Inequity: Taking action to Address the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Inequity across Asia Pacific." Report of the Asia Pacific hub of Global Action for Health Equity Network. (participated as a writing team member)

(Korean Journals)

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Book Chapters

2007Frisbie, W. Parker, Elizabeth Durden, Robert A. Hummer, Youngtae Cho. "Health

Patterns of Pacific Islanders and Asians Living in the United States."

Chapter 9, In Stanley Ulijaszek and Ryutaro Ohtsuka (eds.) Health Change in the

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in Ken Smith and Cathleen Zick (eds.) Utah at the Beginning of the New

Millennium - A Demographic Perspective. University of Utah Press.

Book Edits

2007Encyclopedia of Population. Kim TH, Jun KH, Lee YS, and Cho Y (eds.) National Statistical Office of Korea.