Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck s1


Mrs. Reesbeck

English 9

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Chapter 3

1. What was the mood of Ch. 2? Scary, sad, angry, tension, anxious, unpleasant, awkward

2. What is a theme of the novel so far? Protecting each other, Confidence in one’s ability, Use of power over others, friendship, Intimidation, Loss of ability and value and being disposed of, Picking on the weak

3. There are a number of conflicts in the story. What are they?

General types of conflict Specific examples from story


Man vs. Man Lennie vs. Curley

Carlson vs. Candy

George vs. Curley

Curley vs. his wife

Man vs. Nature Carlson vs. old dog

Candy vs. old age

Man vs. Society Lennie vs. Weed

Georg and Lennie vs. what people expect (about being friends and traveling together


Man vs. Himself Lennie vs. petting animals/can’t figure things out/can’t remember

Candy vs. should he let Carlson kill the dog

George vs. stay with Lennie or leave him behind

4. What is George and Slim talking about when they first come into the bunkhouse?

Lennie and the new puppy

5. Slim calls Lennie “a cuckoo.” How does George respond? (details from text)

He’s not a cuckoo, he’s just not smart. He’s a good worker. If you tell him what to do, he will do it.

What does this say about George? He’s kind, he’s proud of Lennie, protective, stand’s up for him.

6. George says if he was really smart he would be doing what? Have his own place and bringing in his own crop. (their dream)

7. George used to play jokes on Lennie. What happened that made George stop? Made Lennie jump into the lake and Lennie couldn’t swim. He almost drowned. When George pulled him out Lennie thanked him, not remembering that G. told him to jump in. This made G. feel quitly.

8. What really happened in Weed? Lennie wanted to feel a girl’s dress and when she screamed he held on tighter and wouldn’t let go. G. had to beat him off. The girl claimed he raped her and they had to run out of town. L. was going to be lynched.

9. Why would George confide in Slim? He knew he could trust him. G. felt he was trustworthy b/c Slim respected others and others looked up to him.

10. What sneaky thing does Lennie try to do and what happens? L. tries to bring the puppy into the bunkhouse with him and sleep with it. G. knows it and takes it away. He has Lennie put it back b/c it could die.

11. Slim keeps saying that Lennie isn’t mean and doesn’t have any harm in him. Why do you think that Steinbeck keeps emphasizing this? Do you think this may be foreshadowing? How?

That L. is nice, but doesn’t think about the things he does, which gets him in trouble.

He doesn’t know his own strength, and kills the animals b/c of it. He doesn’t mean to.

12. What is Carlson’s issue with Candy’s dog? What reasons does he give? What does he want Candy to do? The dog smells too much, he’s useless, he’s blind, has no teeth and Candy has to feed him. The dog is no good to himself anymore/he’s not useful.

Wants Candy to shot the dog.

13. What is the atmosphere (mood) in the bunkhouse after Carlson takes the dog outside?

Depressed, unforgiving, eerie, disbelief, sorrow, reassuring, pity

14. How does Candy feel about what happened to his dog? Sad, depressed- can’t replace his friend, he was very close to the dog.

How do you know? Stays quiet, didn’t look at the dog when he gave him to Carlson, faced the wall when he laid down,

15. What is the stable buck’s name? Crooks

16. What did he say Lennie was doing in the barn? Laying down with the dogs and playing with them. Too dangerous

17. What does Whit say about Curley’s wife? She’s trouble, she flirts with the guys, trampy, always in the bunkhouse.

18. What is George concerned about? Curley’s wife- That she’s going to cause trouble

What might this foreshadow? Maybe George will cause trouble; Lennie might get in trouble;

19. Who is Curley looking for? His wife and Slim What does he think Slim is doing in the barn?

Talking to his wife- having an affair with his wife.

What is Slim really doing in the barn? Putting tar on a mule’s hoof.

20. While George is telling Lennie about the ranch, Candy interrupts. What does he ask and offer? Asks about the farm and can he go with them. He offers to give them money to help buy it. Leave it in a will that his share will go to them.

21. How did Candy get $250? He lost his hand on the ranch and they paid him this money. Gave him another job.

22. What does Candy fear will happen to him soon? He’s going to get tossed b/c he’s too old.

He’s going to be homeless.

23. How does this connect with his dog? They killed the dog b/c he was old and no good, he couldn’t do anything anymore and Candy will be thrown out like the dog. He would rather get shot b/c its quicker than suffering.

24. What does Candy tell George he wishes he had done? Why do you think he didn’t do it? Shoot his dog himself- b/c he was too sad; didn’t have the guts- he would be alone and be discarded like his dog.

25. What is going on between Slim and Curley? Curley is apologizing to Slim for accusing him of being with his wife. Slim is angry and yells at him Who has the upper hand? Slim-

26. Why does Curley get angry at Carlson and how does he respond? B/c he tells Curley the truth- to take control of his wife. Curley gets angry and Carlson says he’ll knock his head off.

27. What is Curley feeling at this point? Feeling weak, powerless, humiliated.

28. Why does he turn on Lennie and explode with rage? Lennie was laughing about tending the rabbits, and Curley thought he was laughing at him- which added to his rage and feeling of embarrassment about his wife

29. How does Lennie react? He’s scared and confused

30. What makes Lennie defend himself and what happens? George tells him to and he crushes Curley’s hand. Lennie was beaten up pretty bad.

31. What does Slim tell Curley so that George and Lennie don’t get fired? To tell everyone that his hand got caught in a machine. Slim was going to tell everyone what happened and humiliate Curley.

32. Why didn’t Lennie let go of Curley’s hand? He was overwhelmed with fear and paralyzed, can’t think

33. How does this chapter end? Curley agrees not to say anything; take Curley to the hospital; George tells Lennie to clean up and it’s not his fault and he can still tend the rabbits.