Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

SHaW 2005-12


[The Company] is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health, safety and security of its employees and the environment in which we all work and live. We see the promotion of safety and health as an important corporate responsibility, and fully support corporate compliance with all legislation governing occupational Health, Safety and Welfare, especially the provisions of the Safety & Health at Work Act 2005-12 as amended. This commitment extends to promoting positive safety and health practices among the wider community, especially to our customers and any visitors to the Company’s premises or events.

The owners and management of the company are also committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Providing adequate control of health, safety and security risks associated with our work activities;
  • Consulting with our employees on all matters affecting their health, safety security and welfare at work;
  • Ensuring that all employees are provided with the necessary instruction, training and supervision to perform their work in a manner that is safe and promotes health;
  • Taking all reasonably practicable steps to prevent accidents or ill health as a result of work activities;
  • Ensuring the safe handling and use of substances;
  • Promoting and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions; and
  • Reviewing and revising our policies and activities as necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Organizational Aims & Objectives

These S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time bound) objectives and should be developed & reviewed after risk assessments, changes in management, or accidents/dangerous occurrences) e.g;

  • To reduce the number of days away from work due to occupational injury or illness to less than 10% of total working days by (Specific Date)
  • To implement a health surveillance system focused on LTIs (Life Threatening Illnesses) by (Specific Date)



The Directors and other members of the Executive Management of the company are responsible for;

  1. Ensuring that the company allocates on a consistent and regular basis sufficient funds to ensure the maintenance and promotion of good safety, health and welfare practices in the workplace.
  2. Ensuring the company has the necessary specialist expertise available to adequately advise and where necessary manage activities related to safety and health in the workplace.
  3. Ensuring that the policies and procedures related to promoting safety and health in the workplace are compliant with all statutory obligations and reflect known best practices.
  4. Ensuring the availability of a system by which reports about concerns specific to safety and health can be professionally assessed and appropriately responded to in a timely manner


The departmental management team is committed to ensuring that the company’s stated policies are followed in such a manner as to ensure compliance with local legislation and as far as is reasonably practicable to promote and maintain Occupational safety and health best practices, specifically;

  1. To ensure the provision of adequate information, training and supervision to all employees who work within their department so as to promote safe and healthy work activities;
  2. To ensure that their department is compliant with all statutory obligations identified in the relevant legislation and regulations;
  3. To promote and maintain company policy and known best practices in the management of occupational safety and health (OSH) as far as is reasonable and practical;
  4. To provide, as required, written reports related to the health, safety and welfare of the persons/departments which they manage;
  5. To periodically review and where appropriate make recommendations to alter the department’s OSH procedures and or policies so as to improve and or maintain the health and safety of the company’s employees, clients and any visitors to their premises.


As a term and condition of employment all employees are required to:

  1. At all times take reasonable care of their own safety and health;
  2. Co-operate with supervisors and managers on health and safety matters;
  3. Not interfere or tamper with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety;
  4. To immediately report all safety and health concerns to a member of management or the Safety and Health delegate or committee.


This Section is specific to each workplace and should be developed after;

  1. An appropriate assessment of the risks present in the workplace; with input from staff and a competent person or persons, capable of providing appropriate expertise in the area of safety and health management; and
  2. Should cover the following:
  • Hazard identification and communication
  • Substance management; including purchasing, storage, training, use and disposal
  • Equipment management; including purchasing, installation, training, operation and maintenance
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Health & Welfare provisions and practices; first aid training, advise and recommendations for maintain health and welfare, health surveillance where necessary
  • Arrangements for person with Life threatening Illnesses (LTI) including HIV/AIDS, Chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD) such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer
  • Emergency management
  • Accident Procedures
  1. Should include a provision for regular review and revision.