Objective: to Help Other Chiropractors

Objective: to Help Other Chiropractors

Objective: To help other chiropractors:

~Pay off student loans faster

~Pay off taxes faster

~Profit larger and sooner

~Utilize your “built in market” to improve health AND increase revenue

Health Product: Enagic Alkaline Water Machine. Licensed as “Medical Equipment” in Japan, this 40 year old company is now marketing this product in the United States and all over the world. More and more chiropractors are implementing them into their practices to help their patients improve their health by minimizing their acid levels while increasing their profit.

How To: If you decide to join CBO, you would buy a machine for your office. Your alkaline water machine will produce thousands of gallons of FREE water for your patients. Your staff can make the water available. Your patients take home their free water and when they like how it makes them feel, you make the sale. Ordering their own machine takes a few minutes.

Sales: Review SALES page now.

Cost: The cost of the Enagic SD501 is $3,980. Total with taxes and shipping is $4300.

You can put it on your own credit card or we have financing that offers 0% interest for a year. Payments are as little as $150/month.

Strategy: It is a good idea to give your staff a “bonus” on each sale sold to patients. This helps keep everyone motivated and on the same page. Once you have made your first several sales, you should consider eventually buying another machine for your own home. THEN… every new sale will run through the SECOND purchased ID number, and YOU will be paid double. Using this strategy, it is possible to eventually earn as much as $3,420 per every sale YOU make and EVERY sale anyone on your team makes. This can add up quickly!

Who will you market to?

  1. Your patients! The health benefits are phenomenal and something you can be proud of. All disease and illnesses thrive in an acidic environment. You are helping them minimize that acid. They will feel the difference. You offer it free till they want their own!
  2. Your other chiropractic friends. EVERY chiropractor deserves more! The marketing plan is designed so YOU will profit from EVERY sale anyone you enroll sells. This is a win/win for everybody. Share with those you care about. Many chiropractors are drowning in overhead and student loans. Those that are not drowning in these expenses will welcome such a health beneficial product addition to their office (and their own families) and I am confident they will not shy away from the extra income.

Your Next Step:

  1. Review this information and do your own research. We encourage watching the videos on on the “Alkaline Water” tab. Also, as you look at the financial side, click on the “E”. The password is daypay.
  2. I will call in a few days to follow up.

Follow Up Process: On the designated follow up day, I will call your CA or receptionist and you can have told him/her what to tell me. Which number are you?

  1. No thank you
  2. I still have questions and want to research more. I will contact you when I’m ready.
  3. Yes I am interested, let’s get my machine ordered.

Getting set up/The process:

The point is to minimize your headaches, NOT add to it.

WE WILL: WE will train your staff. We have everything ready for you to market the alkaline water. On the marketing materials, we will just change our office name to yours. Simple!

YOU WILL: Your job as the doctor will be to encourage your patients to try their FREE water and explain the health benefits of alkalinity.

Thank You

Thank you for allowing me the time to share this program with you. It may or may not be for you. Either way is fine. We are committed to reaching out to other chiropractors and helping them be rewarded financially for the journey we have all endured to get where we are today. It often feels like student loans and the amount of overhead becomes a life-long punishment. We are very excited to share this with other chiropractors. Let’s speed up our financial goals! We plan to involve hundreds of chiropractors in this program. Whether you want to be one of them or not is totally up to you. We will help you do it right should you choose to implement this into your practice. Please have your “Decision Number” ready on our scheduled call day!

Enagic Alkaline Water Compensation Plan

NOTE: You will be paid on both DIRECT and INDIRECT sales. EACH of your “personal sales” opens up a NEW sales team. If anyone you sell a machine to, either wants to sign up a family member or a neighbor for their own machine, YOU will earn that commission again. For example, if you signed up someone and they loved it and shared with 10 friends, YOU would make 10X that commission. Find a person who wants to do this as a business and they may sell 100 machines. YOU would make 100 X that commission amount...and so will they! This is how our income grows fast because it is NOT only off of your personal direct sales. The company rewards you for introducing their product to someone else. We are their marketing advertising!

SALES / YOUR COMMISSION PER unit sold in that sales team
1st Personal Sale (opens a $285 sales team) / $285
2nd Personal Sale
(opens a $285 sales team) / $285
3rd Personal Sale (Team sales 3-10)
(opens a $570 sales team) / $570
4th Personal Sale (Team sales 11-20)
(opens a $850 sales team) / $850
5th Personal Sale (Team sales 21-50)
(opens a $1,140 sales team) / $1,140
6th Personal Sale (Team sales 51-100)
(opens a $1,410 sales team) / $1,410
7th Personal Sale (100+)
(opens a $1,710 sales team) / $1,710

For a deeper understanding of the business model, go to: and click on the “E” tab. The password is: daypay