Northwest Studies

Northwest Studies

Northwest Studies

Unit 1 Celebration of Learning

  1. What was the Puget Sound called by the natives?
    A. Nisqually Bay
    B. The Whulge
    C. The Pacific Ocean
    D. The Cut
  1. What did Congress decide was the boundary to split Oregon and Washington territory in 1853?
    A. Cascade Mountain
    B. Columbia River
    C. Rocky Mountains
    D. 49th parallel
  1. How do Leschi and Quiemuth know each other?
  1. What language is used by the whites during the negotiations?
  1. Chinook Jargon
  2. Salish
  3. Nisqually
  4. Walla Walla
  1. What is the trade of the main white character?
    A. Missionary
    B. Gold Prospector
    C. Salon Bar Tender
    D. Fur trapper
  1. What name did the Native Americans give to Mt. Rainier?
    A. Mt. Hood
    B. Mt. Tacoma
    C. Mt. Tahoma
    D. Mt. Seattle
  1. What Native led the attack that killed nine men, women and children on the White River?
  1. Explain why the above attack had a huge impact on the war.
  1. How many attempts at peace did Chief Leschi vow to make?
  1. Why didn’t the whites attack Chief Leschi when he was on Fox Island?
  1. How did the natives ensure that Gov. Stevens was not killed on his trip back to Olympia?
  1. Whose approval is Governor Stevens trying to gain in the dream that he has?
  1. Where does Governor Stevens invite Chief Patkanim to join him for dinner?
  1. Why does Governor Stevens invite Chief Patkanim to dinner?
  1. How does Chief Pantkanim find out the location of Chief Leschi’s camp on Lake Washington?
  1. Which side wins the battle on Lake Washington? Explain
  1. Chief Leschi moves his camp to the ______River Canyon.
  1. Who saved Sam’s life after he was shot in the head?
  1. With what group did Chief Leschi sign a peace agreement first?
  1. Why did this peace agreement not end the war?
  1. Under what charges were the Muck Creek farmers arrested? Were they found guilty or innocent?
  1. Who captures Chief Leschi and brings him to jail?
  1. How many times is Chief Leschi put on trial?
  1. By what method is Chief Leschi sentenced to die? Why is this important?
  1. Who does Wahoolet kill in the final chapter?
  1. What news does Governor Stevens get from President Pierce in the final chapter that makes him so upset?
  1. At the end of the book, what blocks the way of Governor Stevens’ carriage?
  1. The first inhabitants in the Pacific Northwest came from Asia across the
  1. Vancouver Strait
  2. Bering Strait
  3. Strait of Juan de Fuca
  4. Strait of Puget Sound
  1. All of the following are classifications of Northwest Indians EXCEPT
  1. Coastal
  2. Great Basin
  3. Plateau
  4. Cleveland
  1. Due to an abundance of resources, this classification of Northwest Indians had the most relaxed life.
  1. Coastal
  2. Great Basin
  3. Plateau
  4. Cleveland
  1. Due to a lack of resources, this classification of Northwest Indians had the most difficult life.
  1. Coastal
  2. Great Basin
  3. Plateau
  4. Cleveland

32. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Coastal PNW Indians?

a. Thanks to the region they lived in, most of their tribes had an overabundance of food and natural resources.

b. The economics of their society were mainly based around farming and other crafts.

c. They traded heavily and proved to be good businessmen when the Europeans arrived.

d. They mostly lived in small but structured family units in wooden longhouses.

33. Which country did NOT ever take a strong interest in colonizing the Pacific Northwest?

a. The United States.

b. France.

c. Great Britain.

d. Russia.

  1. In 1596, Juan de Fuca claimed to have sailed the ______. (1 point)
  1. What three countries laid claim to the most land in the Pacific Northwest? (3 points)
  1. Name three explorers who had a geographical location (strait, city, island, harbor) named after them. (3 points)
  1. The trade of this item “restructured Native economies”. (1 point)
  1. The ______Convention of 1790 settled the land dispute between Spain and Great Britain. (1 point)
  1. In 1792, American Captain Robert Gray became the first non-Indian to navigate and map the ______. (1 point)
  1. This state borders Washington to the east. ______
  1. Name three major bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest. (3 points)
  1. Name the two mountain ranges located in Washington. (2 points)
  1. This city is the capital of Washington.