North Seattle College Office of Instruction

North Seattle College Office of Instruction



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

President’s Boardroom


Chair – Brian Palmer

Business, Engineering & Information Technologies – Honorio Todino

Health & Human Services – Trish Root, Marti Rickel

Credentials – Kiley Rundell

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences – Kennan Knudson, Brian Holt, Christy Scheuer

Basic and Transitional Studies –

Math and Science – Davene Eyres

Advising Center – Abby Muro

Counseling – Jenny Mao

Institutional Research –

Library –

Student representative – Katie Layman

Vice President for Instruction – Kristen Jones

Guest(s): Laura Hopkins, AJ Burgin, Mark Weber, Bill Holt, Jack Bautsch

Call to Order
The Chair, Brian Palmer, called the meeting order.

Accreditation Visit (Jack Bautsch)

Jack shared how to prepare for the upcoming visit April 18-20th. He also recommended reading the sections of the Self Study that mention CAS, as well as to read Chapter 4. Brian will forward a document to the committee regarding the Self Study.

HVAC/Sustainable Building Engineering Degree (Mark Weber)

A few typos will be corrected and one class listed in the program requirements will be added to the suggested course sequence. BUS 140 which is listed to fulfill Human Relations course requirement will be changed to BUS 236 as 140 no longer fills that requirement. The three credit ENGL& 230 will be replaced with the five credit ENGL& 235 class per a suggestion from Christy Scheuer. Trish Root moved to approve with edits. Seconded by Davene Eyres. Motion carried.

BUS 214 (Bill Holt)

Students in the retail Management Certificate program previously needed to take two classes at Skagit Valley CC. BUS 214, a new 5 credit course, will replace those two and allow students to complete the entire certificate at North. The number of required credits for the certificate will drop from 48 to 43. The certificate revision has already been approved by CAS. Abby Muro moved to approve, Davene Eyres seconded. Motion carried.

Avionics Technician Certificate (Tim Fiegenbaum)

Tim was absent from the meeting, so Laura Hopkins shared information on this certificate which can be taken by students who have received an Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate from SSC, as well as other schools. Laura and Tim will meet with credentials to discuss how the prereq credentials will be provided to North. Abby Muro moved to approve with this action item, Trish Root seconded. Motion carried.

MUSC 204 (Brian Palmer)

This revised course 5 credit course has an updated MCO to include ELOs and demonstrate how it meets the U.S. Cultures requirement. Davene Eyres moves to approve, Trish Root seconded. Motion carried.

Report on January Online Review

ART 166 has 7 votes to recommend it.

BIOL& 241 requires several edits. Also having three prereqs will be problematic due to limitations of HP that only allows for two prereqs to be listed for a class. Brian will follow up with Judy Learn. Abby Muro moved to approve, Trish Root seconded. Motion carried.

Minutes of January 12th


February Online Meeting

Four classes to review, please check agenda. There are some questions to be answered.


Discussion followed on the Math and English requirements for the AA degree and how best to track students’ progress and intervene when necessary.