New Sonaflex Zoneampis Companion to Audio Authority Matrix Preamps

New Sonaflex Zoneampis Companion to Audio Authority Matrix Preamps


EMBARGO FOR RELEASE:September3, 2012

New SonaFlex™ ZoneAmpis Companion to Audio Authority® Matrix Preamps

At CEDIA Expo 2012, Audio Authority is introducing the second member of the SonaFlex family, the SF-16B, a “basic” version of their flagship 16-channel SF-16M Matrix Amplifier.The SF-16B sports all the sonic innovations and musical power of its big brother, yet without switchable matrix inputs or FlexPort Transmitter inputs. It is designed to complement ADX matrix preamps, HLX modular matrix systems, or for use in other distributed audio systems. Each of its 16 inputs is dedicated to one of 16 outputs. Installation is a snap with the included DB-15 quick-connect cable, for use with ADX and HLX units.

The SonaFlex series brings analog warmth and musicality,plusclean power to distributed audio systems. It uses multiple design conventions to eliminate distortion and maximize dynamic response. SonaFlex ampsemploy acustom linear power supply with dual toroidal transformers rather than a switching power supply oftenfound in digital amp designs. This allows dynamic flexibility of the power rails for extraordinary headroom without the noisy artifacts associated with fixed voltage rail designs that typically clip during dynamic musical passages. SonaFlex amps are beefy on power with a minimum output of 45 watts @ 8 ohms, all channels driven. With ultra-low distortion and very linear frequency response, SonaFlex amps render every musical detail even at high volume.Each amplifier comes with its own unique Performance Test Report in the box that details the actual performance of each amp built.

The ADX Matrix Preamp provides a unique front end to the new SonaFlex SF-16B amplifier. Its digital signal processing features allow the installer to fine-tune each stereo output individually, adjusting for speaker type, placement, and room acoustics. Its 10-band parametric EQ provides detailed adjustment; tone and balance controls are available for more general adjustments. High-pass and low-pass Butterworth filters and adjustable crossovers are convenient for sub/satellite zone configurations. The ADX provides separate volume settings for each output, and has a zone grouping feature allowing the integrator to create 2.1 channel zone groups that respond together to volume and mute commands.

Audio Authority systems serve a wide range of capacities.The ADX-0808 matrix preamp in tandem with a SF-16B amp creates an ideal stereo 8x8 distributed music solution for homes, restaurants, clubs, and offices. The ADX-1616 with two SF-16B amplifiers creates a system with 16 stereo inputs and 16 stereo zones. The HLX modular matrix system has volume control and advanced DSP features built into its audio zone cards, similar to ADX features. HLX configurations with up to 16 stereo inputs and up to 80 stereo zone outputs can be used with multiple SF-16B amplifiers for large applications such as casinos, hotels, conference centers, and large homes.

Audio Authority has produced audio products in Lexington, Kentucky since 1976. The ADX, HLX, and SonaFlex series products are all designed and assembled in the Audio Authority facility.Each product in the line is carefully engineered to streamline installation, yet withmany logical options and adjustments that addresseveryday installation challenges. Integrators benefit from the company’s factory-directapproach, knowledgeable sales staff, helpful support, and straightforward dealer terms.

The SF-16Bwill be available in Q4, 2012. The SF-16M, ADX series and HLX system are currentlyshipping.

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