Name: Answer Key__ Pretest Score: ______/48

Name: Answer Key__ Pretest Score: ______/48

Name: _Answer Key__ Pretest score: ______/48

Posttest score:______/48

Ch 13 Pretest: RNA and Protein Synthesis

Matching: Place the letter of the word that best answers the question on the blank.

Letters may be used once, more than once or not at all

1. ___V___ matches amino acids to the A. amino acid

growing polypeptide B. anticodon

2. ___X___ process of rewriting DNA into RNA, C. codon

takes place inside the nucleusD. chromosome mutation

3. __AA__ nitrogen base that binds with adenine E. deletion

in RNAF. frameshift mutation

4. ___J___ any error in the DNA sequence, or G. inversion

gene expressionH. mRNA

5. ___B___ 3-nucleotide sequence on the tRNAI. mutagen

that matches mRNAJ. mutation

6. ___H___ coded message copied from DNA that K. nondisjunction

leaves the nucleusL. peptide bond

7. ___A___ building blocks of proteinsM. point mutation N. polypeptide

8. ___Q___ five carbon sugar found in RNAO. promoter P. protein synthesis

9. ___I___ cause of a mutationQ. ribose


10. ___E___ frameshift mutation where a nucleotideS. RNA

has been removedT. RNA polymerase

11. ___P___ process of making proteins out of RNAU. substitution

(in general) V. tRNA

12. ___L___ forms between two amino acids to make W. termination signal

a proteinX. transcription

13. ___G___ chromosome mutation where segment Y. translation

breaks off, flips around and reattachesZ. translocation

14. ___C___ three nitrogen bases on mRNA, acts as AA. uracil

a code

15. ___Y___ process of mRNA being decoded into a protein, done by ribosomes

16. ___N___ chain of amino acids

17. ___R___ material that makes up ribosomes

18. _M/F_ general term for any change in a DNA or RNA sequence

19. ___T___ enzyme responsible for copying DNA onto mRNA

20. ___S___ single strand of ribose + phosphate + nitrogen base

21. ___O___ region of DNA where RNA polymerase binds to start copying a gene

22. ___D___ general name for any change to a number of genes

23. ___W___ sequence of DNA that tells RNA polymerase to stop copying DNA

24. ___K___ mutation where homologs fail to separate during metaphase I of meiosis

25. _M/F_ general name for a change to a single base, or a few bases

26. ___E___ when a piece of genetic material is not equally exchanged during

crossing over of meiosis

27. __U___ mutation where 1 base is used instead of another

There are three types of RNA listed below. Name each one and tell its function in

transcription/translation (protein synthesis)

28. mRNA(transcription & translation) takes info from DNA out of nucleus to be decoded

29. rRNA(translation) makes up ribosome that decode mRNA using tRNA to make proteins

30. tRNA(translation) brings amino acids to the ribosome, anticodon matches with codon on mRNA, peptide bond forms

33. Where in the cell does transcription take place?


There are three steps in translation, the second step of protein synthesis.

Draw/describe each below the number.


37. Where in the cell does translation take place?

Cytoplasm using ribosomes(could also say ER)

Here is a DNA strand: T A C G T C A T A C G C A T A

38. The matching DNA strand is:A T G C A G T A T G C G T A T

39. The matching RNA strand is: A U G C A G U A U G C G U A U

40. The amino acids would be:

(use ½ sheet provided)met - glu - tyr - ala - tyr

Here is a list of point mutations. Describe each:

41. Substitution: one letter put in in place of another

42. Insertion: new letter put in, (new letter added)

43. Deletion: one letter left out

Here is a list of chromosomal mutations. Describe each:

44. Deletion: one or more genes left out

45. Duplication: extra copies ofone or more genes

46. Inversion: gene put in backwards, or order switched

47. Translocation:one or more genes moved for one chromosome to another

48. Nondisjunction: homologs don’t separate correctly during anaphase I